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Confederate Pension Application of

Aaron Perry, Former Slave




State of North Carolina        *

County of Union                    * Application for Pension. Sec.5168(j), C.S.

                                                * Class B Soldier


Be it remembered that on this the 4th day of February, 1929, personally appeared before me, O. L. RICHARDSON, C.S.C. in and for said County and State, Aaron PERRY, colored, aged 89 years, and personally known to me as a resident of said County and State, and whose post-office address is Wingate, N.C., RFD; and who being by me duly sworn, makes the following declaration in order to obtain a pension under the provisions of the Pension laws of North Carolina as enacted in Sec. 5168(j), Class B, Ch. 92 C.S.; that he is the identical Aaron PERRY who was born a slave in Union County, North Carolina, property of Col. John B. ASHCRAFT; that he accompanied his master, Col. John B. ASHCRAFT into the service of the Confederacy, Col. ASHCRAFT having been commissioned in the 37th N.C. Regt. Of North Carolina Troops; that as such body-servant he well and faithfully discharged all and singular such duties as were imposed upon him by the master aforesaid in accordance with the usages of war and the customs of the time;  that on one occasion he was engaged upon building fortifications at Fort Fisher, N.C.; affiant further deposes and says that he is a negro and holds no political office and enjoys no emoluments or charity or fees from any governmental agency nor from any organized charity; affiant is not an inmate of any charitable institution but earns a living from his own labor; that he does not now own property in his own right nor the right of his wife in excess of $500.00; nor has he disposed of such amount by gift or voluntary conveyance since March 11, 1885; that affiant is now aged and infirm and incapable of earning a competent living.


                                                                        Aaron {x his mark] PERRY

                                                                        Aaron PERRY, applicant


Sworn to and subscribed before me Feb. 4, 1929


Clerk Superior Court of Union County



State of North Carolina        *

County of Union        * Certificate of County Pension Board




            We, the undersigned, the County Board of Pensions, in and for said County and State, do hereby certify that we have carefully  the foregoing application of Aaron PERRY, colored, for a pension under the provisions of Sec. 5168(j), Cl. B., Ch. 92 C.S., and the proofs submitted by applicant, both oral and written, by competent witnesses; and that we are satisfied that the said Aaron PERRY is the identical person who served during the Civil War as body-servant to Col. John B. ASHCRAFT of the 37th Reg’t. N.C.S. Troops, CSA; and we further certify that we find the allegations made in his application as to property owned and disposed of to be correct; we further certify that he is not receiving aid nor charity from any other source from the State of North Carolina; and we, therefore, believe that his application is just, correct, and meritorious under the act.


                                                                        O. L. RICHARDSON, C.S.C.

W. M PERRY                          Chmn.

J. R. {x his mark} LATHAN   .

W. C. HEATH                          .

      County Pension Board




Pension Bureau: Act of 1901 Pension Applications

NC State Archives Call #5.22.333.27







Aaron Perry died March 14, 1930 in Union County of “old age” and was buried at Philadelphia Cemetery.


Cohabitation Record

Aaron Perry to Charlotte Perry (both black),

Cohabitation commenced about April 1859,

Cohabitation acknowledged Aug. 12, 1866 by C. A. Ashcraft, JP,

Recorded in Union Co. Marriage Book Number II.


Public Laws of North Carolina, session of 1866, …In all cases where men and women, both or one of them were lately slaves and are now emancipated, now cohabit together in the relation of husband and wife, the parties shall be deemed to have been lawfully married as man and wife at the time of the commencement of such cohabitation, although they may not have been married in due form of law. And all persons whose cohabitation is hereby ratified into a state of marriage shall go before the clerk of the court of pleas and quarter sessions of the county in which they reside, at his office, or before some justice of the peace, and acknowledge the fact of such cohabitation, and the time of its commencement, and the clerk shall enter the same in a book kept for that purpose…





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