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Gay Family Cemetery

Located near Alton off Highway 207, Buford Township, Union County, North Carolina

Submitted for publication in the Union County, North Carolina Family Cemeteries Book (1992),

by Verna Gay Richardson

Updated by Bill and Ann M. Price Oct 27, 2007

From the cemetery files of Ann Medlin Price

Burkett, Archie

1875-June 12, 1929

Burkett, Arlevia Gay

May 2, 1872-June 19, 1926

Culp, F.G.

No Information

Funderburk, Green A.

Jan 6, 1850-Jan 24, 1924

G.A.G. (Initials Only)

No Information

Gay, Alma Stack

Sept 8, 1900-Feb 11, 2003

  W/o Raymond R. Gay

Gay, Andrew Frank

Oct 13, 1884-May 22, 1935

Gay, Annie P.

Feb 20, 1918-Jan 28, 1979

  (Annie Elizabeth Pressley w/o William Barney Gay

  Married Oct 15, 1936)

Gay, Axie [1]

1859-July 5, 1903

Gay, Bethany

Died Feb 8, 1881-Aged 75 years

Gay, Cenie Outlaw

Nov 20, 1891-June 29, 1929

  W/o Andrew Frank Gay

Gay, Elizabeth Sims

May 10, 1849-Jan 12, 1924

Gay, Fanny B.

Mar 7, 1868-Dec 17, 1914

Gay, George C.

May 16, 1871-Aug 15, 1954

Gay, G.W.

Feb 3, 1869-Dec 13, 1869

Gay, I. Augusta


  W/o W. Murphy Gay

Gay, Isaac E.  [2]

Jan 19, 1835-Apr 30, 1904


  (PVT CO B 26TH REGIMENT-Born in Kershaw District

  S.C. Jan 21, 1834 (1835 on grave stone) lived in Union

  County where he enlisted June 5, 1861 at age 26. He

  was wounded at Malvern Hill VA July 1, 1862-returned

  to duty prior to Oct 17, 1862. Reported absent-wounded

  Jan-Feb 1864 until Dec 1, 1864 when he was retired to

  the Invalid Corps.)

Gay, John M. Sarg't

Aug 24, 1826-Feb 17, 1901


Gay, Mary

May 1, 1836-June 13, 1871

Gay, Mary A. Laney

Aug 4, 1867-Nov 30, 1929

  W/o Thomas N. Gay

Gay, Mary Lee

June 6, 1911-July 11, 1911

Gay, Mary W.

Jan 4, 1836-Feb 21, 1907

  W/o Thomas Gay

Gay, Nathaniel  (Twin to Thomas Gay)

June 3, 1838-Mar 23, 1902



  Born in Kershaw District S.C.  Enlisted Feb 18, 1862.

  Mustered in as Corporal and appointed Sergeant on

  Jan 16, 1863. Reduced to ranks Oct 18, 1864 by

  reason of neglect of duty. Paroled at Charlotte N.C.

  May 23, 1865. )

Gay, Raymond R.

Apr 14, 1889-Feb 25, 1936


  113th FIELD ART'Y  30TH DIV

Gay, Raymond R.

Oct 2, 1934-July 2, 1984

Gay, Steven Frank

Jan 7, 1884-Jan 21, 1962

Gay, Thomas

June 3, 1838-Nov 1, 1909



  Born in Kershaw District S.C. and was by occupation a

  laborer prior to enlistment in Union County NC Mar 25,

  1862. Paroled at Charlotte N.C. May 3 1865.)

Gay, Thomas N.

Apr 2, 1861-Sept 15, 1927

Gay, William Barney  (S/o J.B. Gay)

May 30, 1910-Sept 14, 1980


Gay W. Murphy

Feb 12, 1869-Dec 22, 1927

Griffin, Bethany E. Gay

Nov 23, 1876-May 11, 1909

  W/o Z.B. (Zeke)  Griffin

Hayes, Margaret Gay

May 19, 1833-Sept 1, 1895

  (Married Nelson Hayes Apr 17, 1852)

Ivey, Mrs. Dutch

No Information

J.F.B. (Initials Only)

No Information

Jenkins, Bertha C.

Mar 8, 1883-Oct 10, 1915

Jenkins, Rev Daniel C.  (TOMBSTONE PHOTO)

Dec 12, 1854-Mar 31, 1932

Jenkins, Hulda Angeline Gay

Feb 18, 1867-Oct 2, 1912

 D/o Thomas and Mary Gay

  Married Daniel C. Jenkins Apr 27, 1882

Jenkins, John H.

May 10, 1899-Dec 27, 1917

Jenkins, Raymond A.

Aug 21, 1889-Feb 24, 1943


Lackey, Julia Gay

Mar 28, 1874-May 11, 1931

Long, Charlie C.

Mar 8, 1896-Dec 2, 1897

Long, Nannie Gay

Sept 3, 1870-Aug 20, 1923

Mills, Sandra

No Information

Mills, Scott

No Information

Mills, Worawan

No Information

N.H.G. (Initials Only )

No Information

P.F.G. (Initials Only)

No Information

Parker, Alma Gay (d/o George C. Gay)

Apr 20, 1905-Sept 24, 1977

  (Married W.W. Parker May 14, 1922)

Parker, W.W. "Bill"

Jan 26, 1903-Mar 4, 1987

Sims, Sarah

Died May 15, 1900-Aged 78 years

Starnes, Annie R.

1875-July 29, 1949 Aged 74 years

Starnes, Billy Joe

Sept 23, 1944-Oct 21, 1998

Starnes, John

No Information (Mar 12, 1848-Nov 12, 1936)[3]

Starnes, Mrs. Michael Funderburk (“Micky”)

No Information

Tilley, Ed

No Information

Several graves marked unknown

The stones with no information and the ones marked

UNKNOWN are about 4 x 6 inch polished stone.

Civil War history from the Union County Heritage book 1842-1992





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[1] - Tuesday, July 7, 1903, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mrs. Isaac GAY of Buford township was found dead in bed this morning.  The cause of her death was heart trouble.  She had not been sick and her death was altogether unexpected.  Her husband says he was attracted to her bed by their child crying about 2 o’clock, when he found her dead.  The death being so sudden, Mr. GAY thought best to hold an investigation and sent for Coroner EUBANKS, who empanelled a jury, consisting of Col. H. G. HOTCHKISS, J. P. ROGERS, Rufus GRIFFIN, Frank DOSTER, Frank MANGUM, and N. W. BROOM.  After making an examination the jury decided that the death was due to natural causes.  The deceased lady was about 30 years old.


[2] - Tuesday, May 3, 1904, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mr. I. E. GAY, an old man, killed himself by blowing the top of his head off with a shotgun last Saturday afternoon.  The deed was the result of careful premeditation and preparation.  Indications suggest that he had been contemplating the act for some time.  The deed was committed about four o’clock in the afternoon, in a few feet of the little house in which he lived in his son-in-law’s yard, in Buford township.  The old man, who was about 70 years of age, had been married twice, the last time about twelve years ago.  This wife died a few months ago, leaving two little girls, one three years old and the other six.  Some time ago he sold the small amount of property which he had and sent these two children to Miss Mattie PERRY’S school at Marion.  Becoming dissatisfied with this place some time ago, he brought them back and last week took them to the Rescue Home in Charlotte, where they now are….  The four children of his first wife are all grown and live in different sections, but with one of them, Mrs. George GAY, he had been making his home for some time….. [lengthy article]


[3] -  Per Jim English: I have a copy of a South Carolina death certificate County of Lancaster for John Starnes married to Micky Funderburk.  His date of birth is March 12, 1848.  His date of death is 11/12/1936.  Burial in Gay Cemetery 11/14/36.  He was a farmer.  His mother was Becky Ivey of Union County and his father was Hughey Starnes of Union County.