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Old Antioch (Belk Family) Cemetery

Buford Township, Union County, North Carolina

Located on Trinity Church Road off Hwy 207

Original site of Antioch Church

Copied Feb 5, 1979 by Frances Small & Mary Tyson Starnes

Updated Feb 11, 2009 by Bill & Ann Price

From the cemetery files of Ann Medlin Price

Belk, Agnes N. [1]

Died Mar 18, 1878-Age 78 yrs

 W/o James Belk

Belk, Brittain




 S/o John & M.A. Belk

Belk, Christina A.V.

May 27, 1850-Aug 8, 1899

 W/o A.H. V. Belk

Belk, Darling

Died June 30, 1835-Age 72 yrs

 S/o John & Mary Muckle Belk

Belk, Infant

Dec 5 1903-Dec 5, 1903

 D/o A.W. & M.J. Belk

Belk, James M. [2]

Died Mar 18, 1878-Age 88 yrs

 S/o Darling Belk

Belk, James P. Esq. [3] Aged 111 years

Feb 22, 1765-Feb 23, 1876

 S/o Brittain Belk & Mary Baker

Belk, John Born In England


Belk, Josephine

Aug 4 1856-Mar 24, 1916

 W/o Sam Belk

Belk, Mary

Mar 2, 1846-Jan 23, 1903

 W/o P. (Phredd) R. Belk

Belk, Maude L.

1883-Only Date

 D/o P.R. & Mary Belk

Dickerson, Calvin



Doster, Doctor F. (Frank) [4]

Nov 14, 1851-Jan 27, 1904

Doster, Robert Oscar

Dec 5, 1898-Apr 24, 1909

 S/o D.F. & Alice Doster

Funderburk, Frankey Jane

Dec 1876-June 3, 1910

Funderburk, H.B.


Funderburk, John


Funderburk, Louise

Died June 9, 1933-Age 86 yrs

 W/o Green Funderburk

Hanc, W.A.

Sept 17, 1856-Feb 14, 1858 [5]

 S/o G. & M. Hance

Hand, W.A.

Field Stone-Dates Illegible

Hayes, Absolem



Wounded at or near Cold Harbor VA

June 3, 1864-Died on or about June 8, 1864

Hayes, Elizabeth

Mar 27, 1881-Sept 22, 1905

 D/o F. & Frances Hayes

Hayes, Shelton


 S/o William & Sarah Plyler Hayes


Wounded at Gettysburg July 1, 1863

Died at Jordan's Springs VA July 19, 1863

Buried at Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester, VA

Laney, M.M. (Melissa) [6]

Dec 1, 1836-Aug 19, 1904

 D/o James & Agnes N. Belk

 W/o W.A. ( William Adam) Laney

 Married Apr 6, 1857

 (W.A. Laney is buried at Laney Family


Melton, Lucy Belk

Died Ca 1862-1870

 W/o Jesse B. Melton

 D/o James P. & Margaret Leggett Belk

 G/d of Brittain Belk & Mary Baker

 GG/d of John Belk & Mary Ann Muckle

Plyler, Elizabeth

May 13, 1789-Oct 17, 1853

 W/o Frederick Plyler Sr.

Plyler, Evan Rufus

Aug 29, 1869-Oct 10, 1872

Plyler, Frederick

Mar 15, 1784-May 23, 1853

Plyler, Mary

Feb 16, 1855-1856

Plyler, M.E.

Jan 2, 1857-Oct 11, 1858

Rape, Catholie

Apr 29, 1901-Aug 11, 1901

 D/o Robert & Ammie Rape

Rape, Frank

Apr 27, 1907-July 29, 1907

 S/o Robert & Ammie Rape

Starnes, Harmon

Diec May 19, 1899-Age 90 yrs

Starnes, Lydia

Died May 30, 1904-Age 82 yrs

 W/o Harmon Starnes

Strawn, Azilee

Mar 25, 1903-Jan 18, 1908

 D/o T.W. & Ida Strawn





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[1] -Monday, March 25, 1878, MONROE ENQUIRER (Union County, NC)

-Mr. J. M. BELK was an aged citizen of Lancaster county, SC, and lived in the vicinity of Taxahaw. We are informed by a gentleman from that county, who visited Mr. BELK’S residence on Tuesday last, that he found the family weeping over the dead bodies of the old gentleman and his aged wife. Mr. BELK having died late on Monday evening last, and his wife early the following morning. They both died of pneumonia, and were buried in the same grave Wednesday morning... had been married seventy one years. Mr. BELK... had attained the extreme age of 95 years...


[2] -See above death notice.


[3] -Thursday, April 22, 1875, N.C. ARGUS  (Wadesboro’, Anson County, NC)

-Mr. James BELK, who is now living in Union county, is 106 years old, and was for 37 years a Justice of the peace.  He has had 24 children, 93 grandchildren, 200 great grandchildren, 250 great-great-grand-children, and there are also children of the fifth generation, but the number is not known.  The whole number of children, grandchildren, &c., as above is 567.  Who else in North Carolina can show a family as large as this?  Mr. BELK, having lost a leg some forty or fifty years ago, can do no active labor, but can work a good deal at a bench, and two years ago he put up as good a chair as he ever could, is still hale and hearty, and remembers very distinctly several incidents in the Revolutionary War. – Monroe Enquirer.


Thursday, May 27, 1875,  N.C. ARGUS (Wadesboro’, Anson County, NC)

-Mecklenburg Centennial An Immense Success – Charlotte, May 20, 1875. [lengthy article] …At the conclusion of Mr. BRIGHT’S oration, Mr. BELK, of Union co., was presented on the platform as the last living testimony of the truth of our Declaration.  He is more than a centenarian, having been twelve years old at that time, and preserving a distinct recollection of the event.  His appearance produced a profound sensation….


[4] -Tuesday, February 9, 1904, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mr. Frank DOSTER, who lived near Altan, died on the 27th of January.  His death was caused by rheumatism of the heart, a disease which he contracted while serving in the United States army about twenty years ago, and on account of which he was honorably discharged from the army.  He leaves a wife and six small children.


[5] -This is a field stone and it reads "Barn Sep 17, 1856-Parted Feb 14, 1858"


[6] - Tuesday, August 23, 1904, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mrs. Melissa M. LANEY, widow of Capt. William LANEY, of Buford township, died last Friday.  She was the last of the large BELK family of which the late Rev. Julius BELK and John W. BELK belonged.  Mrs. LANEY, though 69 years of age at the time of her death, died at a younger age than any of the other children.  The father was a well known centenarian, James BELK, who was known to have been 110 years old.  He was the conspicuous figure in Charlotte at the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, the 20th of May, 1875, by reason of the fact that he had as a boy attended the meeting in Charlotte when the Declaration was signed in 1775.  Mr. BELK was made much of by Governor VANCE.  Mrs. LANEY leaves seven children: Mrs. W. A. EUBANKS, Mrs. D. C. MONTGOMERY, Mrs. A. W. FUNDERBURK, Messrs. Robert C., J. F. and Henry LANEY, and Miss Lula LANEY.  The remains were buried at Antioch on Saturday.  Mrs. BELK was a member of the Antioch church.