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Harmony Community Church Cemetery

1984 Pulpwood Yard Road, Peachland, NC 28133 (at intersection of Old Goldmine Rd) (map)

Anson County, North Carolina, close to the Anson Co,/Union Co, NC county line,

Recorded by Julie Hampton Ganis Jan 1998

Updated by Charles Bivens Mar 2,  2001

Updated by Bill & Ann Medlin Price November 18, 2006

James Ricketts Duncan gave land for the church and

cemetery and it began as Harmony Methodist Episcopal Church.

The first congregation worshiped under a brush arbor filled with

benches made from planks nailed to logs. Harmony is now

a Full Gospel Church and has just built a new sanctuary.

The first burial in the cemetery was that of Elizabeth Duncan,

wife of the founder, who died May 2, 1894.

Allen, James H. [same stone as Martha D. Allen]

May 10, 1855-Aug 3, 1895

Allen, Martha D. (Duncan) [1] [same stone as James Allen]

Oct 17, 1865-June 15, 1922

  w/o James H. Allen

Allen, Vann P. [2]  s/o J.H. and M.A. Allen

Oct 24, 1884-Nov 20, 1904

Barber, Grace Gaddy d/o Will Jasper Gaddy


Baucom, Alexzenar Duncan 1st  w/o Henry M. Baucom (TOMBSTONE)

Mar 14, 1873-July 3, 1918

  [D/o Sarah E. Duncan]

Baucom, Graydon s/o H.M. and Alexzener Baucom

Aug 13, 1903-Mar 6, 1905

Baucom, Hattie Griffin 2nd w/o Henry M. Baucom

June 4, 1882-June 21, 1949

Baucom, Henry M. [s/o Josiah & Emeline Price Baucom] (TOMBSTONE)

July 17, 1868-Oct 29, 1942

Baucom, Infant child of H.M. and Alexzener Baucom

No Dates

Baucom, Infant s/o H.M. and Alexzener Baucom

Died June 25, 1905

Baucom, James Henry s/o H.M. and Alexzener Baucom

May 3, 1901-Sept 8, 1902

Baucome, Madge d/o H.M. & Alexzenar Duncan Baucom

Nov 26, 1896-Nov 29, 1975

  Spelled "Baucome" on her stone

Baucom, Twin Sister of James Henry Baucom

May 3, 1901-June 2, 1901

Craig, Lillian Phifer

Apr 13, 1918-Mar 16, 2004

Curlee, C.M. [Clement M. Curlee] [same stone as Ellen Duncan Curlee]

Mar 13, 1843-Sept 26, 1901

  [s/o Thomas Griffin Curlee & Jane Lotharp]

Griffin, Eliza A. Duncan (w/o Alvin Troy Griffin)

Feb 24, 1843-Mar 14, 1900

Curlee, Ellen Duncan [Frances Ellen, d/o James R. Duncan]

Nov 6, 1847-Jul 4, 1925

  [same stone as C.M. Curlee]

Davis, Grace Trull Newton

Aug 7, 1900-Mar 10, 1947

Duncan, Betsy [Elizabeth Wilkins, w/o James R. Duncan]

May 18, 1806-May 2, 1894


Duncan, Brady M.

Feb 28, 1902-Aug 3, 1975

Duncan, Fannie Mae

Sept 8, 1906-Aug 17, 1927

Duncan, Francis L. Carpenter

Aug 12, 1875-Aug 31, 1946

Duncan, James R. [middle name: Ricketts]

Sept 2, 1809-July 26, 1897

Duncan, John W.

May 8, 1910-Mar 3, 1992

Duncan, Martin P.

   [Martin Pickett Duncan, s/o James R. Duncan,

   wife: Martha Ellen Caudle Horn, b.Dec 31, 1840-d.Aug 5/6, 1917]

Dec 22, 1837-Oct 20, 1904



Duncan, May W.

Apr 15, 1868-Apr 15, 1920

Duncan, R. Lee

Sept 26, 1900-Aug 12, 1938

Duncan, Sarah E. [d/o James R. and Betsy Duncan]

June 10, 1850-June 11, 1925

Felmet, Floyd Ray

Mar 20, 1937-July 5, 2005

Felmet, Patsy Nance w/o Floyd Ray Felmet

Jan 6, 1940-No Date

Gaddy, Dora H. Phifer [same stone as W. Stanton Gaddy]

Mar 20, 1875-Jan 31, 1956

Gaddy, Helen V. Long [same stone as John H. Gaddy]

Aug 16, 1866-Apr 25, 1953

Gaddy, John H. [same stone as Helen V. Gaddy]

Aug 31, 1857-Nov 14, 1924

Gaddy, W. Stanton [same stone as Dora Gaddy]

Aug 14, 1873-Aug 1, 1934

Gaddy, Will Jasper  IN LOVING MEMORY

No Dates

  On stone with Grace Gaddy Barber

Gomm, Charles Albert III

Aug 29, 1986-Oct 17, 2003

Griffin, Dollie Mae

Oct 17, 1915-Oct 15, 2002

Griffin, Eliza A. [same stone as C. M. & Ellen Curlee]

Feb 24, 1843-Mar 14, 1900

  [Eliza Ann Duncan, d/o James R. Duncan, w/o Alvin Troy Griffin]

Hildreth, Anna Sanders [same stone as John Hildreth]

Jan 21, 1905-Nov 4, 1943

Hildreth, Jennie [Burgess] [funeral home marker]

  [adopted daughter of Hester Curlee & Lorenzo Merriman Little]

  [w/o Ed Hildreth (1890-1959) who’s buried at Union Grove Baptist Church

  Cemetery in Marshville]

1901-[Jan 20]1955



Hildreth, John [same stone as Anna Sanders Hildreth]

Sept 8, 1903-May 13, 1989

Horne, Lee s/o Lee and Wincie Horne

Sept 6, 1940-Mar 12, 1941

Horne, Lee George

Aug 6, 1908-May 5, 1970

Howell, A.D. (Alfred Dowd) [same stone as Colen A. Howell]

Mar 2, 1835-Mar 25, 1914

Howell, Colen A. [same stone as A.D, Howell]

Sept 21, 1848-Feb 17, 1901

Langston, Josephine S.

June 4, 1898-Dec 7, 1975

Little, Annie L. Duncan w/o W. Hampton Little [d/o A. J. Duncan]

Feb 23, 1859-July 23, 1925

Little, Hester Curlee w/o “L. Marmun Little”

    [husband’s name was Lorenzo Merriman Little, buried at Edmund Davis

    Cemetery, Olive Branch. d/o Thomas Griffin Curlee & Jane Lotharp]

1842-(Nov 5) 1925




Lewis, Jerry Darrell

Dec 9, 1942-Aug 2, 2004

Lewis, Linda Holmes w/o Jerry Darrell Lewis

Jan 17, 1940-No Date

Lowery, Bessie G.

June 25, 1910-Mar 6, 2000

McManus, Annie C. w/o Robert J. McManus

May 31, 1913-Feb 8, 1999

McManus, Robert H.

Died June 2, 1957-87 yr 6 mo 15 days

 [He had a funeral home marker in 1998 but it has been destroyed]

McManus, Robert J. [funeral home marker]

Mar 28, 1917-May 29, 1997

Mitchell, Terry "Mike"

Nov 14, 1959-July 9, 2009

Nance, Baby Boy s/o Clonnie and Geneva Nance

Mar 5, 1946-Mar 5, 1946

Nance, Clonnie

Dec 25, 1913-Jan 30, 2004

Nance, Geneva S. w/o Clonnie Nance

May 16, 1916-No Date

Parker, John A. s/o Mr and Mrs W.A. Parker

June 13, 1930-June 29, 1932

Phifer, A.F. [Allen Franklin Phifer, same stone as Ellen Stegall Phifer]

Feb 21, 1848-Aug 1, 1912

Phifer, Betty Ann  w/o William B. Phifer Jr.

Nov 18, 1925-Dec 6, 2006

Phifer, Ellen Stegall [Rebecca Ellen Stegall]  [same stone as A.F. Phifer] 

Mar 11, 1854-Aug 29, 1944

Phifer, Infant d/o W.B. and  Susie Phifer

June 30, 1916-June 30, 1916

Phifer, Frank - Infant s/o W.B. and Susie Phifer

Aug 25, 1912-Aug 3, 1915

Phifer, I. Malcom

Feb 18, 1873-Apr 6,  1937

Phifer, Susie Collins [same stone as William Braxton Phifer]

Dec 1, 1885-June 18, 1976

Phifer, William Braxton [same stone as Susie Phifer]

Aug 10, 1886-May 11, 1960

Preslar, Dora Lee 2nd w/o W.E. Preslar

  [2nd w/o William E. Preslar, buried @ Poplar Hill,

   d/o Coleman & Lucinda Ross Lee]

Oct 5, 1869-Aug 24, 1912



Preslar, Homer Matthew s/o W.E. & Dora Preslar

June 5, 1899-Oct 10, 1986

Preslar, Onnie L.  d/o W.E. and Dora Preslar

Feb 25, 1906-Sept 22, 1987

Sanders, Bennie Blair

Feb 18, 1917-Feb 5, 1922

Sanders, Minnie Lee

May 27, 1909-May 28, 1910

Sanders, Thomas A.

Feb 21, 1881-Aug 25, 1960

Smith, Doris Stegall

May 26, 1936-Mar 24, 1999

Smith, Julia E. w/o Roy Smith

Nov 24, 1937-No Date

  Children: Ronnie-Carol-Mike

Smith, Roy

Feb 7, 1940-July 28, 2006

Stegall, Erlie d/o M.L. and S.T. Stegall

Aug 18, 1902-Sept 10, 1902

Stegall, Floyd C. [same stone as Gracie P. Stegall]

June 26, 1900-Mar 29, 1972

Stegall, Gracie P. [same stone as Floyd C. Stegall]

Nov 15, 1901-Oct 11, 1987

Stegall, Infant of Mott and Sadie Stegall (TOMBSTONE)

Jan 19, 1939-Jan 19, 1939

Stegall, Lula Baucom [same stone as Marion L. Stegall]


Stegall, Marion L. [same stone as Lula Stegall]


Stegall, Mary J. w/o George L. Stegall

  [Mary Jane Duncan, d/o James R. Duncan]

Mar 29, 1840-Nov 21, 1900

Stegall, Mott B.  (TOMBSTONE)

  [same stone as Sadie B. & infant son Stegall]

Aug 25 1908-Jan 2, 1973

Stegall, Sadie B. w/o Mott B. Stegall  (TOMBSTONE)

  Married Mar 13, 1937  

Aug 15, 1906-July 21, 1977

Stegall, Twin sons of M.L. and S.T. Stegall

Jan 25, 1913-Jan 27, 1913

Swanner, Lessie A. Phifer w/o Felix M. Swanner

Apr 23, 1883-June 1, 1953

Swink, George T. Sr. [same stone as Nettie Swink]


Swink, Nettie Ann Duncan w/o George T. Swink


Tarlton, A. Dale

Feb 1, 1927-May 29, 2002

Tarlton, Jean E. w/o A. Dale Tarlton

Nov 26, 1931-No Date

Tarlton, Richard Ned s/o Mr and Mrs F.B. Tarlton

May 24, 1940-May 16, 1942

Traywick, Barmon Stacy  (Twin to Lester Asa Traywick) (TOMBSTONE)

July 30, 1882-Aug 19, 1964

Traywick, Daniel F. (Filmore) (TOMBSTONE)

  [same stone as Jane S. Traywick]

Sept 28, 1851-Dec 2, 1932

Traywick, Dora H. [same stone as Luther W. Traywick] (TOMBSTONE)


Traywick, Jane Stegall w/o Daniel F. Traywick (TOMBSTONE)

July 22, 1850-May 2, 1927

Traywick, Lester Asa  (TOMBSTONE)

July 30, 1882-Aug 22, 1963

  [Lester and Barmon were sons of Daniel F. & Jane Stegall Traywick]

Traywick, Luther W.  [same stone as Dora Traywick] (TOMBSTONE)

  [son of Daniel F. Traywick & Jane Stegall]


Trull, Henry Ellis [same stone as Rebecca Ann Trull]

Dec 25, 1873-Nov 28, 1937

Trull, Rebecca Ann Stegall [same stone as Henry Ellis Trull]

Aug 12 1877-May 29, 1957

Wilson, Donna Joan Cooper w/o Harold Wilson

Aug 28, 1934-Nov 18, 2006

Church history is from an article submitted to the Anson County

Heritage book by Mrs. Geneva Nance, great-granddaughter of

James Ricketts Duncan.






This page updated Oct. 12, 2012 by Julie Hampton Ganis







[1] -Martha Duncan Allen's death certificate gives her DOB as Oct 17, 1862, and DOD as Jun 15, 1922 in Mecklenburg Co. She was the daughter of Andrew Duncan and Rebecca Ross.  The 1862 date may be correct as her father died Nov. 25, 1862 and she was listed as 8 years old on the 1870 Census.


[2] -Tuesday, November 22, 1904, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-A very sad death of one of the young men students of Wingate occurred Sunday night. It was that of Mr. Vann ALLEN of STEELE’S Mills. Last Wednesday night he was taken violently ill, apparently with appendicitis. He was carried to St. Peter’s in Charlotte and died Sunday night. He was a bright young man and greatly liked by his fellow students.