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North Carolina

Business Directory

For 1867-68


Branson & Jones, Publishers, Raleigh, N.C.



Population in 1860 Ė 10,546

County Seat Ė Concord



Attorney, Rufus Barringer

Clerk County Court, J. O. Wallace

Clerk Superior Court, K. P. Harriss

Chairman County Court, ----

Clerk and Master in Equity, ----

Coroner, Chas. F. Harriss

Register, Ramon Winecoff

Sheriff, Nelson Slough

Surveyor, ----

Standard Keeper, ----

Trustee, Nelson Slough



Classical School, Concord, Daníl R. Coleman, Principal

Classical School, Poplar Tent, Stephen Frontis, Principal

North Carolina College, Mt. Pleasant, A. Bikle, Principal



Brethpage [Bethpage], Presbyterian, Coddle Creek, Wm. Pharr, Pastor

Concord, Presbyterian, Concord, E. H. Harding, Pastor

Poplar Tent, Presbyterian, Poplar Tent, D. A. Pinnick, Jr., Pastor

Rocky River, Presbyterian, Pioneer Mills, D. A. Pinnick, Pastor

Concord Methodist, Concord, M. C. Davis, Pastor

St. Jamesí Church, Lutheran, Concord, D. J. Dreher, Pastor

N. C. College, Lutheran, Mt. Pleasant, A. Bikle, Pastor

St. Johnís Lutheran, Mt. Pleasant, Grosedose, pastor



Concord Hotel, L. F. Whitaker, Proprietor



V. C. Barringer, Concord

R. Barringer, Concord

D. & W. M. Coleman

J. & N. Long, Concord



Blacksmithing, Concord, D. L. Heathcock, Proprietor

Blacksmithing, Concord, P. J. Brown, Proprietor

Boot and Shoe Shop, Concord, J. C. Benson, Proprietor

Boot and Shoe Shop, Concord, Stephen G. Man, Proprietor

Cotton Factory, (steam) Concord, John McDonald & Son, Proprietors

Cotton Factory, Rocky River, Phifer & Niceler, Proprietors

Carriage Factory, Concord, M. B. Leslie, Proprietor

Carpentering and Blacksmithing, Concord, C. A. Caldwell & Bro., Proprietors

Carriage Factory, Concord, W. C. Boyd, Proprietor

Cabinet Making, Concord, P. S. Deaton & Co., Proprietors

Merchant Flour Mill, Concord, Niceler & Sloop, Proprietors

Saddle and Harness Manufacturing, Concord, Wallace & Heel, Props.

Tin and Sheet Iron Manufacturing, Concord, Josiah W. Rogers, Proprietor

Tannery, Concord, Geo. Brown, Proprietor

Tin Manufacturing, Willis Elkins, Proprietor



R. W. Allison, Dry Goods, Concord

F. A. Archibald, Dry Goods, Concord

J. M. Alexander, Tailor, Concord

W. D. Anthony, Dry Goods, Concord

Barnhardt & Flaw, Dry Goods, Pioneer Mills

David L. Bostian, Tailor, Concord

Cook & Kinley, Dry Goods, Mt. Pleasant

W. C. H. Davis, Jeweler, Concord

W. Elkin, Dry Goods, Concord

File & Harkey, Dry Goods, Mt. Pleasant

(R. W.) Foard & Son, Dry Goods, Concord

Fisher & Blackwelder, Livery Stables, Concord

J. S. Fisher, Dry Goods, Concord

Gorman & Kistler, Confectioners, Concord

(J. P.) Gibson & Bro., Druggist, Concord

Mesenheimer, Cox & Co., Dry Goods, Mt. Pleasant

McDonald & Son, Dry Goods, Concord

Joel Reed, Druggist, Concord

Smith & White, Dry Goods, Concord

Phifer & Cannon, Dry Goods, Concord

Wallace & Reece, Dry Goods, Concord

W. A. Williford, Confectioner, Concord

York & Fitzgerald, Dry Goods, Concord



Luke Dorland, Presbyterian, Concord

E. H. Harding, Presbyterian, Concord

D. A. Pennick, sr., Presbyterian, Pioneer Mills

D. A. Pennick, jr., Presbyterian, Concord

Wm. Pharr, Presbyterian, Coddle Creek

M. C. Davis, Methodist, Concord

W. H. Cone, Lutheran, Mt. Pleasant

A.Bikle, Lutheran, Mt. Pleasant

G. D. Bernheim, Lutheran, Mt. Pleasant

Daniel I. Dreher, Lutheran, Concord

L. C. Groseclose, Lutheran, Mt. Pleasant



Artzís Grist Mill, Buffalo Creek, Wm. Artz, Proprietor

Barrierís Grist and Saw Mill, Mt. Pleasant, M. Barrier, Proprietor

Bostís Grist and Saw Mill, Rocky River, S. & M. L. Bost, Proprietors

Bostís Grist Mill, Buffalo Creek, Bost & Blackwelder, Proprietors

Blackwelderís Grist & Saw Mill, Cold Water Creek, A. J. & R. Blackwelder, Proprietors

Cressí Grist Mill, Wolf Creek, Mrs. Crept, Proprietor

Cox & Harrissí Grist & Saw Mill, Rocky River

Foard & Smithís Grist Mill, Coddle Creek

Gormanís Grist Mill, Rocky River, M. Gorman, Proprietor

Gillespie & Dotsonís Grist Mill, Buffalo Creek

Hauseís Grist and Saw Mill, Mt. Pleasant, J. Hause, Proprietor

Hilemanís Grist and Saw Mill, Cold Water Creek, John Hileman, Proprietor

Litakerís Grist and Saw Mill, Buffalo Creek, Moses Litaker, Proprietor

Lipeís Grist Mill, Cold Water Creek, M. Lipe, Proprietor

Millerís Grist Mill, Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Miller, Proprietor

Pharr & Bro.ís Grist Mill, Coddle Creek

Smithís Grist Mill, Rocky River, B.N. Smith, Proprietor

Stirewaltís Grist and Saw Mill, Aston Run, Jacob Stirewalt, Proprietor

Uryís Grist Mill, Adamís Creek, M. A. Ury, Proprietor

Tallerís Grist Mill and Cording Machine, Harrisburg, Joshua Tetter, Proprietor



L. S. Bingham, Concord

Solomon Farr, County

D. W. Flow, Pioneer Mills

John Fink, Concord

E. R. Gibson, Concord

John A. Gibson, County

Samuel J. Gilmore, County

F. M. Henderson, Concord

John S. Henderson, Mt. Pleasant

Jas. E. McEachern, County

L. R. Rose, Mt. Pleasant

  1. H. Scott, Concord



Concord, John Fink

Harrisburg, N. A. Kirkpatrick

Mt. Pleasant, Miss Lefler



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