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I am connected to the Moye Family through my grandfather's mother. His mother was Minnie M. Moye, daughter of Newton Moye. I feel sure my grandfather's middle name comes from his maternal grandfather, Newton.


The first spelling of Moye was Moy. John Moy left Ireland and went to London, England to establish a new life. He married Dorothy Wheeler and in 1637 sailed to the New World. John bought 300 acres on May 5, 1638. He died in 1645 at the age of 35, leaving 2 sons, Richard and John. This information is found in the Mercer County History Book, in an article by Willia Moye Maddy. From the internet, it is said that John Moy was an innkeeper in England and he left there in 1628. He married Dorothy Wheeler in Virginia. Both John and Dorothy were killed in 1644 in an Indian uprising. I'm not sure which source of information is correct.


John II was born in 1639 and died January 1722 at about 83 years of age. He was a tobacco farmer in Princess Ann County, VA. This information is from the Mercer County History Book.


George Moy, son of John Moy II, settled in Pitt County, North Carolina. He had three children. This information is also from the Mercer County History Book. Information on the internet says that he was born in 1695 in Princess Anne County, VA and died about 1750 in Pitt County, NC.


The third John Moye married Ruth Jones and settled on the Neuse River. His will, dated September 18, 1811, names his children and a wife, Elizabeth. Below is a transcript of his will.

Sept 18th 1811. In the name of God, Amen, I John Moye, being low and weak of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form followith that is to say first of all I give andbequeth my soul into the hands of my Creator, and my body to the dust to be buried at du discretion of my Executors but as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and dispose of the same in thefollowing manner and form first, I give and bequeth to my wife, Elizabeth Moye, all that she possessed when I married her, also one coffee mill, one bedstand, all tin earthenware? all the meat and corn and all the hogs, one washing tub, one largechest one pot, then I lend to my wife Elizabeth Moye, her lifetime if she chooses to ? the house garden and orchard supposed to be six acres if she does not see cause to live ? at her decease to belong to my son George Moye, she is to have liberty of firewood and ? timbers, then I give to my son George Moye all my lands and after all my just debts being paid out of the rest of my property then to be sold and divided between my children, Elijah Moye, Marmaduke, Shadrack, and Gracie Smith save twenty shillings I give to Wm Watsoms four first children viz Needham, John, William, Issac Watson and by then presents I the said John Moye do declare and affirm this to be my last will and testament utterly disallowing all other former wills and testaments, I make and ? Marmaduke, Shadrack and George Moye Executors of this my last will and testament. Proved 3/1812


Marmaduke Moye, John's son, was born in 1772 in Craven County, NC. He married Polly Carlton December 3, 1823 in Craven Co., NC. They bought 500 acres of land there on Mosley's Creek. The will below shows that he was a slaveholder. Marmaduke and his family are shown in the 1840 census of Craven County, NC. He died in February, 1843 at 71 years of age.

State of NC, Craven Co. In the name of God Amen! I Marmaduke Moye of the county of Craven and state of North Carolina do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows: I commend my soul into the hands of myCreator that gave it and my body to the land to be buried in Christian like manner, being weak in body but in sound and perfect memory, I do make and ordain this my last will and testament. First, I wish all my just debts to be paid. I loan tomy beloved wife, Mary Moye, one featherbed, bedstand and furniture for her use, also I leave the sum of seven hundred dollars to my wife to be supported from the interest of the sum during her natural life or widowhood. Thus I give and bequeath to my beloved son, Edmond Moye, and to his heirs lawfully begotten by his body two Negroes boys by the name of Jim and Alfred, also I give the sum of fifty dollars cash. Thus, give and bequeath to Mary Morris heirs the sum of two dollars. Thus,I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter, Mathus and her heirs the sum of two dollars. Thus, I give and bequeath to my three other children to be equally divided amongst them except the seven hundred dollars that I have loaned to my wife, thatis to be divided between Catherine Phillips and Elijah Moye and Elizabeth White. Thus and lastly after my beloved wife decease Mary Moye or her widowhood I leave that seven hundred dollars to be equally divided between four of my children to wit:Edmond Moye and Catherine Phillips, Elijah Moye and Elizabeth White, after the decease of my beloved wife, Moye, I give and bequeath to my granddaughter, Eliza Phillips the featherbed, bedstand and furniture that I loaned to my wife Mary Moye. Mylands and the balance of my property to be sold agreeable to law in and for a fair division amongst whoever this last will of mine has named, whereof I have hereto set my hand and affix my seal this 17th of January 1843. Marmaduke Moye. Test:George Moye, Eliza Philips. I Marmaduke Moye do also leave John T. Law, executor to this my last will and testament. Marmaduke Moye. Test: George Moye, Eliza Philips (note next to codicil: "In minutes Dec 1851, page 17"). Craven Co Court,February Term A.D. 1843. This was the forgoing last will of Marmaduke Moye, proved in open court, and in due form of law, by the oath of George Moye, and to the subscribing witnesses thereto, John T. Law, qualifies executor, order that said willbe registered and that letters testamentary issued. Attest J.G. Stuart. Cco.


Elijah Moye was born about 1799 in North Carolina, according to the 1850 census record. He married Mary Harvey and they had eleven children.

Craven Marmaduke Moye
Margurite Moye
William James Moye, b: November 29, 1826
Mary Polly Moye, b: July 13, 1828
Jacob Robert Moye
Minerva Moye
John Wesley Moye, b: January 4,1835
Louisa Moye
Nancy Moye
Newton Moye
Caroline Moye

Elijah is shown in Guilford Co., NC in the 1840 census. Mary died young and Elijah married Sarah Bish on July 15, 1848. In 1850 he is living with his wife, Sarah, his children and her two children. They are in Giles County, Va in 1850 and 1860. Elijah is listed in the Giles County Land Taxes of 1851. In 1860, Elijah shows the value of his real estate is $3,600.00 The value of his personal property is $1,232.00.

After fourteen years, Sarah died. Elijah came to Mercer County and settled on Wolf Creek. At the age of 64, Elijah married Eliza Holstine Tabor on October 4, 1964. In November 1864, he rode horseback to Giles County to settle his estate. He was murdered for his money. In February 1865, a man saw a red sock protruding from a brush heap on the bank of the Bluestone River in Summers County, and investigating, he found the body of Elijah Moye. He was 65 years old. This information provided by the Mercer County History Book and the research of another Moye descendant.


John Wesley Moye, son of Elijah Moye, was born on January 4, 1835 in North Carolina. He married Julia Ann Ellison on August 23, 1858 or 1859 in Mercer County, VA. She was the daughter of Isaac James Ellison and Mary Elizabeth Lily. They had thirteen children together.

Evermont Ward "Jud" Moye b: June 24, 1860 in Virginia
Mary Moye
Newton H. Moye, b: March 1863 in Mercer Co, WV
Martha Jane Moye, b: October 19, 1866 in Mercer Co, WV
Unnamed Boy Moye, b: October 5, 1867 in Mercer Co, WV
Drucilla Alice Moye, b: December 12, 1867 in Mercer Co, WV
Sarah Eliza Moye, b: December 28, 1869 in Mercer Co, WV
Anna Laura Moye, b: Abt. 1872 in Summers Co, WV
Charlotte Macy Moye, b: Abt. 1875 in WV
Robert Moye, b: March 10, 1878 in Summers Co, WV
Stella Moye, b: May 1881 in WV
Lola Dell Moye, b: May 1883 in WV
Isaac Vaughn "Ike" Moye, b: July 1885 in WV

On August 5, 1861, John enlisted in the 23rd Virginia Battalion, Company B, to fight for the Confederacy. He was enlisted in Mercer County by J. R. Dunlap at the age of twenty six. It is said that he volunteered for his father-in-law, Isaac Ellison. John got several promotions while in the army. When he left, he was a first Lieutenant. His name appeared on a weekly report of sick and wounded on June 21, 1864, in General Hospital No. 1 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Later he was sent to General Hospital in Winchester, Virginia, suffering from fatigue. He was stationed for a time at an army camp near Waynesboro, Virginia. His name appears on an inspection report of Wharton Division, Army of Valley District commanded by Brigadier General G.C. Wharton and Colonel George S. Patton's Brigade led by Captain Edmund S. Read. He was discharged May 16, 1865 at age thirty-one. He was six feet tall and had fair complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes. His occupation was given as farmer.

While John was serving the Confederacy, his wife Julia Ann and son, Jud returned to Julia's father's home. While they were there, Union soldiers came and burned down the house and took with them hay and livestock. Willa Moye Maddy, daughter of Isaac Moye, writes about it in the 1987 Mercer County History Book. "The Ellisons were prosperous farmers. One day they were notified that the Yankees were coming to raid the farm. They knew everything would be taken. They hid the bed clothes, buried the silverware, and even hid the new cut tobacco crop in the mountains. Then Grandpap (Isaac) Ellison took to the woods. If he had been there when the enemy came, they would have shot him down. Grandmother (Julia Ann) said as far as you could see the Yankees were coming with wagons loaded and driving cattle where they had raided and burned out others. Grandpap had cut almost all of his hay. They loaded it and even finished cutting the rest and loaded it on Grandpap's wagons. They took all the horses and cattle. Small "Jud" was sitting on the floor. They told my grandmother if she didn't want him burned up, she had better take him outside. They burned the house and then went to the cellar or milk house as it was sometimes called and started to drink the crocks of milk. She went right in with her pitchfork and said, "You sons --- --- ---, don't you drink my mother's milk." She used an expression she had never said in her whole life. Then she took the pitch fork and turned the rest over. The Yankees told her to hold her temper. They told the woman folk they would be back after the rest and they didn't want to find them there. Grandmother took small "Jud" to the woods that night and slept beside a log. The next morning when she awakened, there was a panther lying on the other side of the log."

The 1870 census shows John and his wife Julia in Mercer Co., Jumping Branch District, Flat Top Post Office, with their children, Evermont, Newton, Martha, Drucilla and Sarah. His occupation is farmer, the value of his real estate is $600.00 and the value of his personal estate is $145.00. In 1880 the census shows him again in the Jumping Branch District. He is 45 years old and living with his wife Julia Ann and children, Newton H. 15, Martha J. 13, Drusilla A. 11, Sarah E. 9, Anna L. 8, Charlotte 5, Robert 2. In the 1900 census, John, age 65 and Julia, aage 56 are still in the Jumping Branch District with their children Stella 19, Lola Dell 17, Isaac V. 14 and grandson Oscar, born in April of 1900. The census shows that John and Julia have been married for 40 years and they had 13 children, with 11 still living. It also shows Stella as being single and having one child.

John lived to be eighty-four years old and died April 15, 1919. His granddaughter, Willa Moye Maddy remembers when he died. "The night before he died he said he would be dead by morning. He sat up in bed and sang "How Firm a Foundation." By seven the next morning he sat up on the side of the bed to wash. I was a small lass but I can remember it well. As I handed him the towel, he pitched out of the bed almost at my feet. He is buried on the Moye Homestead on the Head Waters of Mountain Creek near Flat Top, WV."


Newton Moye, son of John W. and Julia Ann Ellison Moye, was born in March 1863 in West Virginia. He was married to Barbara A. Farley on December 27, 1883. They had seven children.

Thurmond Moye, b: March 1885 in Summers County, WV
Minnie May Moye, b: February 1887 in Summers County, WV
Lundy Moye, b: July 1890 in WV
Jennings B. Moye, b: August 24, 1897 in WV
Obie Moye
Dale Moye
Murrell Moye

Newton is listed with his parents in the 1880 census. He is 15 years old and he is working on the farm. The 1900 census shows Newton 37, his wife Barbara 32, and children Thurmond 15, Minnie 13, Lundy 9 and Jennings 2. He is a farmer and has been married 16 years. The 1910 census shows Newton living in Mercer Co., WV with his wife Barbara. In 1920, Newton and Barbara are listed in the Jumping Branch District of Mercer Co., WV with their son Obie 16 and Dale 8. Newton is a farmer.

Newton died about 1929. He was about 66 years old. His list of heirs reads: Lundy, son; Obie, son; Dale, son; Murrell, son; Paul, grandson; Willie Jewell, grandson; Mae Jewell, granddau; Georgia Jewell, granddau; Ruby Jewell, granddau; Johnny Jewell, grandson; Chester Jewell,grandson; Elmore Jewell, grandson.


Minnie Moye was born in February 1887 in Summers County, WV. She married George Madison Jewell April 3, 1903 in Mercer County, WV. Together they had eight children.

Willie Jewell, b: October 20, 1903 in Mercer Co., WV
Rozella Mae Jewell, b: Abt. 1907 in Mercer Co., WV
Georgia Jewell, b: 1909 in Mercer Co., WV
Ruby Jewell, b: Abt. 1910 in Mercer Co., WV
John Newton Jewell, b: January 20, 1912 in Dunns, Mercer Co., WV
Rowena Maria Jewell, b: March 26, 1914 in Mercer Co., WV
Chester Jewell, b: December 26, 1915 in Mercer Co., WV
Elmer Jewell, b: January 4, 1920 in Mercer Co., WV

Minnie Moye Jewell died giving birth to her son Elmer. She was 33 years old. It is not known where she is buried.

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