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My Jewell Family History


The earliest known ancestry of my Jewell family is named Thomas Jewell. There is documentation that Thomas was bound out August 9, 1779 when he was about 14 years old to John McFarling in Loudon Co., VA. It states "ordered that the church warden of Shelbourne Parish bind John Philips, Thomas Jewell, and Winfred Jewell to John McFarling according to law." The Episcopal Church handled many matters of law during Colonial times.

Family tradition says that Thomas was orphaned when his father was killed. Below is the account by Thomas' great-granddaughter, Iva Jewel Geary.

"The family story is that Thomas's father was killed as he returned from Norfolk where he had gone to collect money from property there. He was shot and killed as he was nearly home but the murderer was never known. The mother did not live much longer. Thomas' father was said to have stopped at the home of his brother John, who kept a tavern, and to have said that it was time he was getting home as he was paying for his dinner with the last of his money."

Thomas Jewell was married in Botetourt Co., VA to Elizabeth Graham on May 18, 1796. Their children are listed below:

Robert Jewell, b: abt. 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA
Sarah "Sallie" Jewell, b: abt. 1799 in Montgomery Co., VA
William Jewell, b: 25, Jan 1800 in Montgomery Co., VA
Thomas Jewell, b:
James T. Jewell, b: 1802 in Montgomery Co., VA
John Jewell, b: abt. 1803 in Montgomery Co., VA
Mary Jewell, b: abt. 1805
Martha Patsey Jewell, b: abt. 1807
Winney Jewell, b: 1810 in Montgomery Co., VA
Elizabeth Jewell, b. 1813 in Montgomery Co., VA
Jane Jewell, b: 1816 in Montgomery Co., VA

Thomas Jewell's name is listed in the census records from 1810-1850 in Montgomery Co., VA. There is a deed of sale dated 7 Oct 1800 from Asa Hall to Thomas Jewell in the Montgomery Co. deed book C. (Thomas' son John married Asa Hall's daughter Christina.) The land sold was 89 acres on the head of Keeneys run, a branch of North Fork of Roanoke River. Another deed shows Archibald and Lucinda Graham selling to Thomas and Elizabeth 20 acres on the North Fork Roanoke River adjacent to "Hall" property.

The death of Thomas Jewel is recorded in Montgomery County. Cause of death was shown as "cansor" and age was 89 years 5 months. Occupation listed was farmer and death was reported by John Jewell.


Thomas' son John was born about 1803 in Virginia. John married Christina Hall, daughter of Asa Hall and Mary Vanover Hall on 21 May 1823. They had the following children:

Margaret Jewell, b: abt. 1825 in Montgomery Co., VA
Elizabeth Jane Jewell, b: 1827 in Montgomery Co., VA
Isaac A. Jewell, b: abt. 1828 in Montgomery Co., VA
William Hamilton Jewell, b: abt. 1830 in Montgomery Co., VA
Thomas Wesley Jewell, b: Dec 13, 1831 in Montgomery Co., VA
Mary Jewell, b: abt. 1832
James David Jewell, b: Dec 15, 1833 in Montgomery Co., VA
Asa H. Jewell, b: 1835 in Montgomery Co., VA
Martha A. Jewell, b: abt. 1837 in Montgomery Co., VA
Christina Jewell, b: abt. 1838
John Green Jewell, b: June 18, 1842 in Montgomery Co., VA
Charles White Jewell, b: abt 1846 in Montgomery Co., VA
George W. Jewell, b: abt. 1847 in Montgomery Co., VA

He is shown in the 1850 census living with his wife Christina and 10 children. His age is 52, he is a farmer and the value of his real estate is $1,500.00. In 1860 his real estate is valued at $6,250.00 and personal property at $910.00. He is living in Shawsville, Montgomery Co.

John died in 1868 at about 65 years of age. His will was probated in 1870. Everything went to his wife, Christina during her natural life. John's sons had to pay into the estate to inherit upon his wife's death. Following is a list of the sale of John Jewell's estate:

1 horse, $60.00, 1 horse, $90.00, 1 yoke oxen, $65.00, two pair gears, $4.00, 1 cutting box, $1.00, 1 milk cow, $25.00, 1 milk cow, $20.00, 1-1/2 bushel, 25 cents, 12 head of sheep, $18.00, 1 kittle, $1.75, 1 baker, $1.25, 1 log chain, $2.50, 1 loom, $2.00, 1 kittle, $3.50, partof a set of black smith tools, $30.00, a lot of plows, $1.50, 2 siths & cradle, $4.00, 1 wheel bare, $3.50, 1 pot led, $1.50, 1 oven, $1.00, 2 hiling hoes, $1.50, 1 grine stone, 50 cents, 1 cook stove, $30.00, 1 big spinning wheel, $1.00, 3 orgers (augers, I assume), 1 drawing knife, 2 buckets & table, $1.00, 1 shovel, tongs, fire irons, $1.29, 1 cupboard, 1 baker & lid, $1.50, 1 smoothing iron and coffee mill, 50 cents, 1 looking glass, 50 cents, 1 pot & pan, 75 cents, 1 bureau, $5.00, 1 round table, $5.00, 1 fallen leef table, $5.00, 1 chist, $3.00, 1 tin bucket & table, $1.00, 1 rifle & shot gun, $6.00, 1 bed stid, $20.00, 1 bed stid, $15.00, 1 watch, $10.00, 1 spinning wheel, $1.00, 1 hillside plow, $3.00, 1 crobare (crow bar), $1.50, 1 drill, $1.00, 16 geese, $8.00.


My next ancestor is John Green Jewell, son of John Jewell. He was born in 1842 in Montgomery County, VA. He was married to Mary Dooley 6 Oct 1862, also in Montgomery Co., VA. He was 21, she was 23.

John Green served in the Civil War on the Confederate side. He was in the 25 Virginia Cavalry, Company F. No other information has been found concerning his time in the war. According to the "Virginia Regimental Histories Series (Va. Roster C)" published in 1987, three of John's brothers also served in the Confederacy. George Washington Jewell enlisted as a private in Virginia Regiment, Infantry, Company C. No date of enlistment was given. Charles W. Jewell enlisted as a private on January 1, 1864 in Narrows, VA. He was in 60th Virginia Regiment, Infantry, Company H. He was listed as sick on February 15, 1864 at White Sulpher Springs, WV. Also noted as sick on April 15, 1864 (through final roll). James D. Jewell enlisted October 13, 1863 as a private in 60th Virginia Regiment, Infantry, Company H.

John and Mary had nine children. They are listed below.

William A. Jewell, b: May 10, 1865 in Montgomery County, VA
John Stephen Jewell, b: August 12, 1867 in Montgomery County, VA
Nancy C. Jewell, b: March 21, 1869 in Montgomery County, VA
Ellen J. Jewell, b: January 3, 1871 in Montgomery County, VA
Milbern P. Jewell, b: May 26, 1873 in Montgomery County, VA
Rosetta A. Jewell, b: February 3, 1875 in Montgomery County, VA
Margaret I. Jewell, b: August 27, 1876 in Montgomery County, VA
James Thomas Jewell, b: March 27, 1876 in Montgomery County, VA
George Madison Jewell, b: March 4, 1880 in Raleigh County, WV

A deed found in the deed records of Montgomery County, VA shows a bill of sale from John G. Jewell to Spindle & Bro. for a crop of tobacco. It reads as follows:

Know all men by these presents that I have this day sold unto Spindle Bro. my entire crop of tobacco and all interest I have in any crop of tobacco in Montgomery County, Va. I am to prepare for market said tobacco and am to deliver it to Spindle & Bro. in Christiansburg on the Big Spring in good shipping order on or before the first day of March 1874, the price to be paid to be agreed upon when the tobacco is delivered but if we cannot then agree, on a price the Spindle & Bro. are to ship the tobacco to market and to settle with me by the (illegible) less the (illegible) of my indebtedness to them at time of settlement. Given under my hand and seal this 15th October 1873

John and Mary are shown in the 1870 census of Montgomery County with 3 children. His occupation is shown as "works on farm". They live in Shawsville. By 1880 they are living in Raleigh County, West Virginia in Slab Fork District with nine children. His occupation is "farmer". In 1900 they are living in Mercer County, Jumping Branch District, West Virginia.

John Green died June 22, 1924 at the age of 81. He is buried in the Eads Road Cemetery in Mercer County, WV, near Camp Creek. His marker indicates his service in the Civil War.


George Madison was born March 4, 1880. His birth certificate from Mercer County, WV shows he was born in Raleigh County, WV. His name is recorded as George M. Jewell. In the 1880 census for Raleigh County, WV he is shown living there as a 2 month old baby.

George married Minnie May Moye in Mercer County, WV on April 3, 1903. His marriage certificate shows his name as G. Madison Jewell. Minnie's parents were Newton H. Moye and Barbara Farley. They had eight children. They are:

Willie Carl Jewell, b: Oct. 20, 1903 in Mercer County, WV
Rosella Mae Jewell, b: abt. 1907 in WV
Georgia Jewell, b: 1909 in WV
Ruby Jewell, b: Dec. 7, 1910 in WV
John Newton Jewell, b: Jan. 20, 1912 in Dunns, Mercer Co., WV
Rowena Marie Jewell, b: Mar. 26, 1914 in WV
Chester Thurmond Jewell, b: Dec. 26, 1915 in Mercer Co., WV
Elmer Jewell, b: Jan. 4, 1920 in WV

In the 1920 census records of Mercer County, WV, George is shown as "Matson" Jewell. He is widowed with 7 children listed. His wife Minnie had died in childbirth earlier in the year when Elmer was born, according to Elmer's wife Helen. Elmer is not listed in the 1920 census.

George married Stacy Elva Hylton on July 4, 1922 at the bride's residence in Ghent, Raleigh Co., WV. The marriage certificate shows her age as being 16 and he is 41. They had two sons.

George M. and Stacy divorced not long after the second son was born. George moved to Lima, OH where he died in May 1965 at 85 years of age.


John Newton Jewell was born on January 20, 1912 in Dunns, Mercer County, WV. He is listed in the 1920 census of Mercer County in the Jumping Branch District.

John Newton or Johnie as he was called, was married to Nina Mae Hale on December 24, 1934 in Fayetteville, Fayette County, WV. She was the daughter of George Edgar Hale and Minnie Epperly Hale. They lived many years on Maple Fork Road, Raleight County, WV. They had nine children, one being a stilborn birth.

Johnie's application for Social Security was signed on November 28, 1936. It shows that he worked for Lillybrook Coal Company in Killarney, WV. It gives Coal City, WV as his place of residence.

After moving to Jacksonville, Florida in 1958 after their house burned down on Maple Fork Road, Johnie and family moved to Illinois. There he found work with the city of Glencoe, Illinois. In 1971, Johnie retired and returned to Jacksonville, Florida where several of his children lived. He died on March 29, 1975 of cancer at the age of 63 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery on March 31, 1975.

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