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Asa Hall was the grandfather of John Green Jewell. He lived to the age of about 82. Asa fought in the Revolutionary War, as did his brother Jesse Hall. According to his pension application, he enlisted in the army in Dutchess County, NY March 3, 1776, enlisted again July 1, 1777 and served until December 15, 1777.

Asa married Sarah Adams in New York and had ten children. He came to Montgomery County, VA about 1795, preceded by his brother Jesse. Sarah died in Virginia about 1800. Asa then married Mary Vanover, daughter of Henry Vanover. They had three daughters, Martha, Mary and Christina. Christina married John Jewel, son of Thomas Jewel.

Asa and his brother Jesse acquired land of North Fork of Roanoke by purchase and by grant. Three land grants found for Asa for service in the Revolutionary War were: December 18, 1786 277 acres in Monongalia County, VA; October 17, 1803 150 acres in Montgomery Co., VA; and April 1, 1815 25 acres Montgomery Co., VA. Asa Hall sold to Thomas Jewell 89 acres of land on October 7, 1800 as recorded in the Montgomery County, VA deed book. The land was located on the heads of Keeneys Run, a branch of North Fork of Roanoke River for $600.00.

On January 3, 1831 Asa Hall applied for his Revolutionary War pension. Asa was 72 years old. The following is taken from a declaration by Asa Hall, Sr. in Montgomery County on that date:

"…enlisted on the 3rd of March 1776 in the county of Dutchess and the state of New York and was commanded by Captain Nathan Pearce, who having shortly retired from service, he was put under the command of Captain Palding in the regiment commanded by Colonel Richmore….I served but nine months and five days up to the 8th of December…On the 1st of July 1777 enlisted under Captain Salisbury(sic) for three months in the regiment commanded by Colonel Forass (he thinks) When after the taking of Burgoyne he was discharged from a service of five rather than three months. that his discharge is lost and that he has a living brother Jesse Hall the only witness in his knowledge to corroborate his statement….Nor have I any income at all, but that is derived by my labor on a poor bit land on and amid steep mountains, which at sale, but for improvements of houses, fences…of my own labor as affording shelter, and inferior grassland enclosed, and would scarcely command more than fifty or seventy dollars, that my age and property is such that my services me to the provisions of the aforesaid Acts of Congress I shall add the following schedule of my personal property and throw myself on the justice of my country for my future support at this time altogether insufficient for my comfortable subsistence. Schedule of the personal estate of Asa Hall is as follows to wit: one mare and colt $55, 3 cows and 2 calfs $24, seven head of sheep $5, seven head of hogs $5, in the aggregate is $89."

Certified…said Asa Hall
It is the opion of the court
… amount of personal property
is $89.

After many affidavits, Asa Hall was awarded on June 17, 1833 a pension of $40.55 a year.

Asa and two other men of the neighborhood appear to have been the moving forces behind the establishment of Hall's Methodist Church, which is still in existence near Ironto as Hall's United Methodist Church. One of the men, Ewen Thomas Watterson, provided the land, along with a log cabin, for the church in 1817. However, it is believed there was a church organization in existence before that date. The third man was Henry Vanover, a former circuit- riding preacher out of Bedford, who settled in the area. Vanover was Asa's father-in-law. Henry is believed to have served Hall's church as its minister in the church's early days. Mary Hamlin writes in the Roanoke Times and World-News on Sept. 2, 1989 that "present day members of Hall's Church describe Asa Hall as a kind and generous man and say those traits were why the church was named for him." Asa Hall died March 6, 1841. He is buried in the cemetery of the church that bears his name. Following is an appraisement of the estate of Asa Hall.

Estate of Asa Hall, 1841 - Montgomery Co. VA

Will book 6, Pages 325 & 326

Asa Hall An appraisment of the estate of Asa Hall deceased
one cow appraised at $6
spade and syche at 2.00
one lot of old iron at .50
one little wheel at 3.50
auger chisle & bore at .50
examined one little kettle and frying pan at 1.50
one oven & lid and a little tea kettle one stone (----) flat iron 3.50
one big pot 3.50
one tub and holf bushel 1.00
one meat tub .50
one pair brace chains 1.00
one ax .75
one barrel and augar .50
one gun 6 .00
one cubbard 10 .00
? ? in the cubbard 4.00
one table 1.50
two books westey summond 2.00
one lot of books 2.00
one looking glass .50
one bedstead and cord 2.00
one clock 9.00
one bed and rigam & bedstead 3.00
one big wheal .25
two barrels and one box .50
one bed and bedstead and riggin 15.00
one clock 3.00
one trunk & table 7.00
one pair fire irons .75
one foot adz .50
one table 1.50
four chairs 1.00

one barrel at Benjamin Hall .75
do at Thomas Jewel .75
one calf 2.00 1.50
one pear of stilards .50
one side saddle .38
one trambling sac .50
We do hns sirtify that this property has been appraised to it full value to the best of our judgement as given from under our hand this the 6th day of March 1841
John Birchfield
William Sublet
Thomas Jewel
At Montgomery June Court 1841

The appraisment of the estate of Asa Hall deceased was returned court and ordered to be recorded
teste R. D. Montague

Mary Hall We the undersigned have laid off Mary Hall dower of land
Allotment the widow of Asa Hall deceased; Beginning at the line of James of Dower Grahams making a corner on two pices at said Graham lines on a ridge from there in a straight line to a walnut at the yard fence; from thence with the branch to John Jewels line from thence with the old line to the beginning
April 8th 1841

At Montgomery June court 1841
This allotment of dower to Mrs. Mary Hall in the lands of her deceased husband Asa Hall was returned to court, approved and ordered recorded
R. D. Montague C

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