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Hale Estate Settlement

January 18, 1936

The State Bank of Check
C.A. Hylton, Admr. et als.
This cause came on again this day to be finally heard on the papers formerly read, the decrees heretofore entered and the final report of J.E. Proffit and Kyle M. Weeks, Commissioners; and said cause was argued by counsel.

And it appears from said report that C.A. Hylton, Administrator of J.P. Hale, deceased, after making his settlement before the Commissioner of Account, and after having paid all costs of Administration, had in his hands a balance of $57.46, which he turned over to said Commissioners to be disbursed by them in discharging debts of the decedent in accordance with Commissioner Van Landingham's report filed in this cause, which sum of $57.46, added to the balance of $999.00 in said Commissioners hands at last report, made a total of $1056.46, which had been disbursed as follows: and for which proper vouchers wee returned, to-wit: Paid Writ tax and clerk's cost $16.87, J.H. Poff, G.A.L. $5.00, J.S. Harris, Surveyor, $9.00, W.H. VanLandingham, Jr., Commissioner, $21.48, taxed attorneys fee $15.00, J.R. Reed, Auctioneer, $5.00, 5% commission on $999.00, $49.95, reserved for tax on fund, $2.00, Printer for hand bills, $3.00, John Angle, chainmand in survey $1.05, fee for audit $1.00, Postage $1.50, Revenue stamp on deed, $1.00, fee for deed, $10.00, making a total disbursement for costs of suit and sale of $141.85, leaving the sum of $914.61 for disbursement to creditors and heirs, which has been disbursed as follows: Paid attorneys fee, subject to confirmation of Court, $25.00, paid Dr. E.C. Tinsley $35.00, Department of Agriculture, $71.52, State Bank of Check, $149.13, same $29.11, same $35.75 same $59.13, P.L. Angle, $67.72, Bank of Shawsville, $398.09, making a total disbsursement to creditors of $870.44, thus discharging all debts reported against the estate of J.P. Hale, and leaving a balance of $44.17 for distribution to heirs, which was disbursed as follows: Paid Hattie Hall, a daughter, $11.04, Minnie Willis, a daughter, $11.04, Audrey Burnet, a granddaughter, $3.69, Harold Vest, a grandson, $3.68, Clarence Vest, a grandson, $3.68, Leslie William Hale, a grandson, $2.76, Esther Ruth Hale Martin a granddaughter, $2.76, Elmer Roosevelt Hale, a grandson, $2.76, Nina May Hale Jewell, a granddaughter, $2.76, making a total disbursement to $44.17, thus accounting for the entire fund which came into the hands of said Commissioners, it being noted that C.H. Hale was excluded from the distribution to heirs because his indebtedness to the estate amounted to more than his inheritance, and that H.E. Hale was excluded from the distribution to heirs because his indebtedness to the estate was greater than his inheritance and the amount reported in his favor as a creditor of said estate, said amounts so reported in his favor as a creditor having been cast into the general fund and distributed as above set forth. And said report further showed that by deed dated October 24, 1935, the Commissioners in this cause conveyed the land sold herein to P.L. Angle, with special warranty of title, and there being no exceptions to said report it is Adjudged, Ordered and Decreed that same be and it hereby is confirmed.
The Court doth not overlook the fact that the small amounts due the infant defendants have been paid to them, but especially confirms and ratifys said payments, considering the smallness of same and the fact that the Court is satisfied that said infants are of sufficient age and discretion to use said fund judiciously.

And the object of this suit having been accomplished, it is ordered that same be stricken from the docket and that the Commissioners in this cause be released from any further liability on their bond.

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