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The Ellison Family ties into my Jewell family by way of Julia Ann Ellison, daughter of Isaac James Ellison. Julia married John Wesley Moye around 1858. Julia and John's greatgrandson was my grandfather, Johnie Jewell.


James Ellison was born in New Jersey about 1735. His father was John Ellison and his mother was Susannah Boude. John's grandfather, Lawrence Ellison, probably came to the United States from England in the early 1600's. James married Anne English on February 11, 1757. Together they had the following children.

Mary Eleanor Ellison, b: September 21, 1755, Mansfield, NJ
James Ellison II, b: September 20, 1757
Joseph Ellison, b: January 11, 1758 in Burlington Co., NJ
John Ellison, b: December 7, 1761
Asa Ellison, b: September 1762
Mary Ellison, b: October 6, 1766 in Burlington Co., NJ
Anne Ellison, b:1768 in Burlington Co., NJ
Ruth Ellison, b: 1770 in Burlington Co., NJ

James and Anne moved to August County, VA, then to Greenbrier County, VA around 1771. There they cleared land for farming and in 1774 received a land patent for 82 acres on New River. His log cabin stood on the southwest side of Hans Creek below the mouth of Blue Lick, in what is now Monroe County, WV.

James Ellison was about 56 when he died December 27, 1791. His will, dated August 12, 1788 gives to his children: "James 5 shillings, Joseph 5 pounds sterling, John that part of plantation (laying in Hans Creek) that contains all the improvements (including bottom cleared and fenced) on East side of Creek, Asa 5 shillings, Ann Hayns the upper part of plantation laying on Hans Creek all that lays above the third fording in the fork of the creek, Ruth 5 shillings, Mary Paul that part of my plantation laying on Hans Creek that towards the sun setting or west side of said creek extending from the (illegible) line to the end of the Hickery Bottom including the bottom field all which peace or parcel of land. Wife Ann all that the law allows and the rest of my personal estate to be equally divided among my children."


James Ellison II was born in Mansfield, NJ on September 20, 1757. He married Nancy Elizabeth Farley in 1777. Nancy was born in Ft. Farley, VA in 1758. She was the daughter of Francis Farley Jr. and Nancy Blankenship. Their children are listed below:

Elizabeth Ellison, b: 1782 in VA
Matthew Ellison, b: 1784
Joseph Ellison, b: 1786 in Ft. Farley, Greenbrier Co., VA
Jonathan Francis Ellison, b: 1792
Ruth Ellison, b:1794 in Ft. Farley, Greenbrier Co., VA
Mary "Polly" Ellison, b: 1796 in Ft. Farley, Greenbrier Co., VA
Marcey Massey Ellison, b: October 20, 1816 in Ft. Farley, Monroe Co., VA

James registered to pay taxes in Greenbrier Co., VA in 1783 and also on June 18, 1793.

According to "Virginia's Colonial Soldiers" by Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck, James Ellison was listed as a member of Capt. John Lewis' company in a document dated September 1774. It is said that James was an Indian scout during the Revolutionary War. The book, "History of Summers County, West Virginia" tells about his capture by Indians. "He was captured by Indians on Crump's Bottom, after being shot in the shoulder. The Indians chewed dogwood bark and spit in the wound, and carried him on the trail to Ellison's Ridge, in Jumping Branch District. He lagged behind when darkness overtook them, when he ran over a bank and hid under a cliff, being pursued and passed in his hiding place, they passing on below. His hands being tied with thongs of rawhide, he rubbed them against the stones until they were freed, and the thongs cut loose by the rubbing, and thus he made his escape, and made his way back to the settlement. This capture was on the last raid on the Indians on the trails by the Lower Bluestone and west of New River, in this region of the county. There is a field on Crump's Bottom now owned by Mr. G.W. Harmon, known as 'Fort Field', because it was in this field there was in aboriginal times a fort constructed and maintained for the protection of the first settlers. It was in this crude fort that James Ellison was captured."

Other information I have received indicates he is a minister. His service records during the Revolutionary War list him as Rev. James Ellison Jr.. It gives the following information: June 1774 as Indian spy under Capt. John Henderson and Samuel Lewis, June 1, 1776, 5 months under Capt. John Henderson, 1778, 5 months under John Henderson and Samuel Lewis. James Ellison, Francis Farley (another of my ancestors), and Richard Blankenship are all listed as participants in the first battle of the American Revolution--the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Will of James Ellison
Dated December 22, 1838
Presented at Court February 18, 1839
Recorded at Monroe County, VA
Will Book 3, page 411.

He mentions his wife, Elizabeth Ellison, and gives her "the whole of my estate both real and personal during her natural lifetime..."

He gave his two servant girls Jeanny and Barsheba "their freedom together with the use and sole control of the dwelling house I now live in including two acres of land which is to include the garden spring and as much of the best ground near the house as can be included in a respectable form..." Also "the privilege of firewood and pasture for a cow on the place that I live on forever...provided they continue to live on it but no power to sell or convey to any person or any way." He also gave them, after the death of his wife "one featherbed, bedstead and furniture and one yearling heifer and heifer calf, one ewe and lamb to each and to Barsheba I give my loom and weaving utensils; to each I give a trunk now called their own."

He gave "my son Francis," after the death of his mother, all the land he owned in "the old survey supposed to be two hundred and twenty acres..." [except the privileges granted to the servants and 3 acres sold to Johnson McPherson].

He gave "my grandson" Abraham Ellison land "supposed to contain one hundred and eight acres joining the old survey..."

Gave "my daughter" Massy Cantly twenty dollars; "my daughter Nancy Halsted" twenty dollars; "one dollar to my daughter Elizabeth Shumate;" "one dollar to my son Joseph Ellison;" "one dollar to my daughter Ruth Smith;" "one dollar to my daughter Polly Wilson;" "one dollar to my son Francis Ellison."

Appointed "my son Francis Ellison and Abraham Ellison to be executors..."

Signed "this 22nd day of December 1838."
Test. Benjamin B. Peck, James Harvey
Presented in court 18th February 1839; James Ellison was "dec'd;" proven by the oaths of Benj. B. Peck and James Harvey.

James Ellison died in 1838 in Monroe County, WV at 80 years of age.


Jonathan Francis was born in Hans Creek, Greenbrier Co., VA in 1792. He married Mary Elizabeth Smith on February 16, 1813. Mary was born in Greenbrier Co., VA in 1794. Jonathan and Mary had the following children:

Abraham Ellison, b: 1815 in Monroe Co., VA
Massey Ellison, b: 1816 in Monroe Co., VA
Nancy Ellison, b: 1817 in Monroe Co. VA
Elizabeth Ellison, b: 1819 in Monroe Co., VA
Mary Ellison, b: 1821 in Monroe Co., VA
Isaac James Ellison, b: 1822
Sarah Ellison, b: 1828 in Monroe Co., VA
Jonathan Francis Ellison, b: Decembe 26, 1832
Louise Ellison, b: 1833 in Monroe Co., VA
Naomi Ellison, b: 1835 in VA

Jonathan died December 16, 1879 at the age of 87.


Isaac James Ellison was born in 1822 in Monroe Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Lilly. Elizabeth was born in 1824. Together they had eight children.

Julia Ann Ellison, b: August 1844 in Monroe Co., VA
Rebecca R. Ellison, b: abt. 1845
Elizabeth Ellison, b: abt. 1848
Millard F. Ellison, b: abt. 1850
Robert F. Ellison, b: abt. 1853
Mary E. Ellison, b: abt. 1856
Sarah E. Ellison, b: abt. 1859
Isaac J. Ellison, b: abt. 1862

Isaac Ellison is in the 1850 census for Monroe County. He is 28 years old and occupation is farmer. He and Elizabeth have four children. In 1860, Isaac and Elizabeth are in Mercer Co. with five children. Their two oldest daughters are apparently married, and three more children have been born. Julia Ann, the eldest, married John W. Moye. Isaac is listed in 1860 as a farmer and the value of his real estate is $1,500.00 and the value of personal property is $636.00.

Isaac J. Ellison is shown on the muster rolls of the 151st Virginia Militia as a private. He was in Co. F. under Capt. Richard B. Foley. Companies A-F in sevice from August through October 13, 1861, when discharged. Co. F mustered on August 2, 1861 at farm of Allen Fleshman. Only man missing was Pvt. Isaac Ellison having been sick when the initial call went out. He joined the company on October 2. By time of deactivation on Oct. 13, 1861, company F had lost 22 men.

In the 1870 Mercer Co. census, Isaac is 48 years old and occupation is farmer. His real estate value is $2,000.00 and personal property value is $585.00. He is living in the Jumping Branch District. Living with him are his wife Elizabeth 46, Robert F. 17, Mary A. 14, Sarah E. 10, and Isaac J. 8. Also living with him is his son Millard F. 20, his wife Martha J. 18 and Elizabeth Basham 36. Millard and Martha are shown as teaching school.

Isaac and Elizabeth are shown in 1800 in Mercer Co., WV, Jumping Branch District. He is 58 and Elizabeth is 56. Their daughter Sarah E. is 20 and son Isaac J. is 18. Also living with them is Henry Shrewsbury 19. He is listed as a servant under relation and occupation is farm labor. Also living with them is a granddaughter whose name is possibly Macy Anna (last name illegible).

Isaac died sometime after 1880.

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