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Eddie's Family
Cheek, Craig, Lacy, Lamb, Mullins, Warren
Kathy's Family
Beckcom, Pitts, Smith

Welcome from our family. We are always looking for family additions and history. Let us know if you have anything to add or change. We love to hear from our cousins.

Poem by
James Eddie & Kathryn Warren
"Gardens of Stone"

Gardens of Stone

As I walk through these gardens of stone,
I see faces of those I've known.
For those who lived before my time
I have their pictures in my mind.

I am not sad and I am not blue
for they are the same as I knew.
They will never change to me
throughout all of eternity.

There are great-grandparents I never knew:
some aunts, uncles, and cousins, too.
I know the stories of their lives;
In my memory they will survive.

Their lives had many long hard days;
They made it through in their special ways.
I know they're at a better place
Because they ran a faithful race.

Even though their earthly days are o'er
I'll cherish memories forevermore
For now I keep them in my heart
Until the day we never part.

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