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KARR Family History

By Clarence E Karr

Census records shows that John Henry Karr was born in So Carolina, but I’ve not been able to find the family there. The first recorded evidence has him in Arkansas. Tax records shows he owned land in Ouachita County before 1859 and Land records shows he acquired land in Nevada County in 1860. It is believed while in Quachita Co , he met and married Nancy Stokes, and their oldest son, William Edward Karr, was born there.
Children of John Henry and Nancy:
William Edward
David ‘Dee"
Mary A "Molly"
Dolly A.
Joshua Allen
Lucy Ollie

John Henry’s Civil War records shows he moved to Parker County in the spring of 1861. Shortly afterward he joined the Confederate Army with other men from Parker Co. (See John Henry Karr - Civil War). After the war records shows him paying tax’s on a farm in Parker Co. I found a book written by W R Turner on Parker Co history. Mr Turner was one of John Henrys oficers in the Cicil War. There is a story about some men chasing a band of renegade Indians into a cave an killing them. This story was also handed down to me through the family involving John Henry Karr and his son William Edward.

Sometime between 1877 and 1880, John Henry moved his family to Beaugard Parish, La. Between 1861 and 1877 the only records found are in Parker Co, it could be surmised that all of John Henry and Nancy’s children, except for William Edward, were born in Parker Co.. The 1880 Census shows John Henry and family in Louisiana, William Edward, and Mary Elizabeth in Kirbyville, Texas. No children at that time.

In 1890 both John Henry and William Edward, and families, lived in Kirbyville. Lucy Ollie lived with John Henry and Nancy.
Children of William Edward and Mary Elizabeth:
John Edward
Thomas J
Martha Omelia
Laurna Ethel
Eller Eva
Arancie Lee
Sarah (baby)
Mary Elizabeth died in 1895 giving birth to baby Sarah, both are buried in the same grave.

In 1896 William Edward married Frances Callie O Neal. Their first son John Lynton was born in Newton Co. before William Edward moved the family to Grimes Co. John Edward and Thomas J did not move and stayed with relatives.
Children of William Edward and Frances Callie:
John Lynton
Jimmye Fay
Ellen Ada
Allen (Baby 2 mo)
Frances Callie died giving birth to Allen.

Sometime between 1900 and 1904 William Edward moved his family to Johnson Co, Texas. He married Martha Jane Ledbetter Strother Smith in 1904. They lived on a farm near Grandview where Gladys Lorine and Joe Bailey was born. They then moved to the next farm south which was in Hill Co. That’s where Melvin Clarence was born. Sometime after they moved to Grandview, Arancie Lee moved back to Newton Co.

In 1929 Melvin Married Georgia Agnes Hulen. They had the following children:
Clarence Earl
Agnes Claudette
Wanda Jane
Ronald Lee