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Saginaw County Death Records

Saturday, May 26, 2001 09:48 PM

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Records Taken from Saginaw County Death Records (Thanks Jim!)

Updated 5/26/01, Please come back as more records will be posted shortly.

Jessmore, Louis

Died:  April 15, 1893

Origin:  Canada

Age: 72

Occupation:  Laborer

COD:  Asthma

County:  Saginaw

Death Book C, Page 266, Record 740

Father: Unknown

Mother:  Unknown

Jessmore, Mary

Died:  December 26, 1913

Origin: Michigan

Age: 88

COD:  Senile Debility

County: Saginaw

Death Book: F, Page 220, Record 4826

Father: Joseph Field

Mother: Margaret Arusliley

Jessmore, Clara

Died:  November 22, 1893

Origin:  Michigan

Age: 4 yrs, 14 days

COD:  Spasms

County: Saginaw

Death Book C, Page 266, Record, 741

Father: Napoleon Jessmore

Mother:  Anna Jessmore

Jesmore, Eliza

Died: November 23, 1886

Location: E. Saginaw

Age:  1 year, 2 momths

COD: unknown

County: Saginaw

Death Book D, Page 292, Record 881

Father: Joseph Jesmore

Mother: Eliza Jesmore

Jessmore, Frankie M.

Died: July 8, 1883

Origin:  East Saginaw

Age:  16 days

COD: Not listed

County:  Saginaw

Death Book B, Page 166, Record 397

Father:  Frank Jessmore

Mother:  Neter Jessmore ? (possibly Jeanette)

Jesmore, Victoria

Died:  May 28, 1903

Location:  Saginaw

Origin:  New York

Age:  87 yrs, 6 months, 12 days

COD:  Old Age

County:  Saginaw

Death Book J, Page 385, Record 431

Father:  Louis Delamme

Mother:  Josephine LeLaruch