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Surnames with their Mother Colony

 This information came from Dr. Igor Pleve in 1997. These are the family names found in the records for this village along with the name of their Mother Colony. Some are among the Original Settlers, however some families came to Friedenberg later.

Lorenz from Schwab
Bill from Schwab
Schwab from Schwab
Herdt from Schwab
Streich from Schwab
Friedenberger from Schwab
Eichmann from Schwab
Lehning frmo Schwab
Meier from Schwab
Stuckert from Schwab
Leonhardt from Schwab
Bill from Schwab
Schneider from Schwab
Urich from Schwab
Guenter from Schwab
Erhardt from Schwab
Seifeld from Schwab
Diel from Schwab
Eurich from Schwab
Voelker from Schwab
Ruppel from Stephan
Meier from Stephan
Schaefer from Stephan
Goetze from Stephan
Doehring from Stephan
Friezler from Stephan
Ginnerhardt from Stephan
Goweiler from Stephan
Borger from Kraft
Schiender ? from Kraft - probably Schneider
Wuensch from Galka
Albrecht from Anton
Haas from Franzosen
Mihl from Franzosen
Birkheim from Franzosen
Vogel from Franzosen
Meier from Franzosen