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The Saferight Family

Our Saferight Family

The heritage of the Saferight family was very hard to trace due to all the spelling variations that have evolved through time. Our first known ancestor was Henry Saferight, born before 1743. There are documents referring to him as Henry Sigfret, Henry Sackfret, and Henerich Sigfried. Since Henry signed his name in German, we can assume he was of German descent and might not have known English.

For my sanity, I have elected to spell each individual's name as "Saferight". Also, I have boldfaced those ancestors in my direct line. If you believe your family is related, please contact me.

Henry Saferight

Currently, we do not know exactly where Henry was born. We believe he may have been a German Quaker as he lived among the Quakers of Guilford County, NC south of New Garden Friends. Due to his land transactions, we know he associated with many of the Quakers at New Garden Friends, especially the EDWARDS, DICKS, HODSON, and WILSON families. Furthermore, his children married into Quaker families from New Garden Friends and later moved to Centre Friends.

In 1764 Henry first purchased land in Rowan County, NC from George Hiatt on South Buffalo Creek. In 1765 he purchased another tract of land from Robert Thompson on the South fork of Buffalo Creek. This was one of thirty entries of the Nottingham Settlement. These land purchases were in an area of Rowan County that later became Guilford County, NC. His neighbors were David Edwards, and George Hiatt. In 1773 Henry sold a section of his land to Eleazer Hunt on waters of South Buffalo Creek. In this deed abstract it is stated that he signed his name in German and he is listed as Henry Sigfret for all three land transactions. The first two transactions are listed in the "Rowan County North Carolina Deed Abstracts" Vol. II 1762-1772. The last land transaction is listed in the "Guilford County Deed Book One".

Henry is listed as Henry Sackfret in the 1768 "Rowan County Tax List of Capt. Thos. Donnell". Again, it mentions that this is an area of Rowan County that later became Guilford County. He is also listed by this name on the Family Tree Maker Family Archive CD for the "Census Index:: Colonial America" 1607-1789.

He is Henerick Sigfried in the "North Carolina Will Abstracts". In this 1802 Will he names his son John and daughters Catherine, Mary, and Neomi. The executors are William and John Hodgson and the witnesses are Isaac Frazer and Rebeckah Frazer. In Vol. III of the 1802 Court Estate Records he is listed as Henry Saferight with executors William and John Hodson and witnesses Isaac Frazier and Rebecca Frazier. This links the name spellings to the same man. Also, in the "Index to Deceased Guilford Co., NC Court Records" August 1781 - February 1811, Henry is listed as Henry Saferight.

Descendants of Henry Saferight

In the "LDS" records Rebecca Fraizer's parents were Henry Saferight and Nancy Nannie. This is the only reference I've come across to Henry's wife. Both Rebecca and Henry are listed as Germans in the LDS records and one Family Tree Maker "World Family Tree" archive.

Diana Saferight was most likely another daughter of Henry's. She married William Hodson, who is probably the executor on Henry's Will.

John Saferight

John Saferight, son of Henry Saferight, most likely lived beside his father since Henry's 1802 Will states "to my son, John, my land along his line." John is the only Saferight listed in the NC 1800 census. He was most likely born before 1774 in Guilford County, NC. In 1833 John died without a Will, leaving his wife to petition against the heirs of John Saferight for her dowry land, including the mansion or dwelling house in which he lived before his death. His wife was Nancy Saferight, who I believe was born in 1772 and is listed in Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy" for New Garden Friends in Guilford County, NC.

John had several children, one of which was my gggg-grandfather, Henry Saferight. He was born before 1791 and he married Katherine Wilson, daughter of Elizabeth Saferight and Jeremiah Wilson. (Elizabeth might have been a sister to the first Henry Saferight since one of her children was born as early as 1772). Henry and Katherine married October 12, 1812 in Guilford County. Henry also made his first land purchase during this year from Joshua Hodson. Issaac Frazier was a witness. Henry lived until 1879 when he died without a Will, and the land was divided among his heirs.

John's other son was John Saferight Jr., who married Willmet Fields March 3, 1814 in Guilford County. They eventually moved to Hendricks County, IN. Their children in the 1850 IN census were Acenith, Eli, Asa, Irena. The 1870 Kansas census shows John Saferight and Eli Saferight in Woodson County, Neosho Falls Township of Kansas.

Zachariah Saferight was born January 2, 1794 in Guilford County. We have not found any concrete proof, but we believe he was the son of John Saferight. In the "Carroll/Grayson Marriages" for Virginia by John Perry Alderman, Zachariah married Martha Patsy Jones August 22, 1826. According to the "1860 Census of Carroll County, VA" compiled by Camilla Browder Dean, both Zachariah and Martha were born in NC. Since they were married here, it is possible that Martha's family moved to Carroll County, VA, thus is Zachariah's reason for moving there as well. If the census is correct, they might have met in NC. In 1833 John Saferight died and his land was divided among his heirs. By this time, Zachariah is already living in Virginia. An 1834 deed shows Zachariah Saferight selling a tract of land in Guilford County, NC to Henry Saferight, my gggg-grandfather, who I believe was Zachariah's brother.

Descendants of Henry Saferight and Catherine Wilson

Two of Henry's sons fought for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. In the "Roster of Confederate Soldiers" 1861-1865 Vol. XIII, Emsley Saferight was in the NC 6th Infantry of Company B, and his brother Calvin Saferight was in the NC 7th Sr. Res. of Boon's Co. To my knowledge Calvin never married and he never had any heirs. A 1908 deed record shows that he died that year and his land was divided among his siblings and their heirs. Emsley lived through the war and fathered several children. He eventually moved to Indiana. His sons Lorenzo Saferight and John Saferight moved back to Guilford County, NC. More information on the descendants of John Saferight and their service in WWI.

Jeremiah Saferight, son of Henry Saferight and Katherine Wilson, was born around 1827. He married Nancy Frazier April 3, 1856. The Fraziers were Quakers at Centre Friends Meeting in Guilford County, NC. In Hinshaw's "Enclyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy" Jeremiah was received by the church as requested in 1864 and his death was also recorded in 1871.

Abner Saferight, son of Henry Saferight and Katherine Wilson, married Frances Hall March 10, 1830 in Guilford County, NC. Abner is also buried at Centre Friends, but he is buried beside a Bracy Saferight. Frances lived longer than Abner. I have seen references where she was called "Fannie". Bracy's date of birth is 1808, which closely matches the census age for Frances Hall. Bracy might have been a middle name or a nickname that she went by, but we have no proof.

Descendants of Jeremiah Saferight and Nancy Fraizer

Jeremiah died around the age of 44. Nancy lived several years without him and we have no record that she ever remarried. Their son was William Wesley Saferight, my gg-grandfather, who was born at the start of the Civil War in 1861. William was a farmer. He married Sarah Esther Wall April 4, 1889. I have their marriage certificate from Guilford County, NC. They are both buried at Centre Friends Meeting. They had only three children. Their son J. Elmer Saferight, never married. Their other son Grady E. Saferight married Lena, but they never had any children of their own. They adopted a daughter. My great-grandmother, Flora Sarah Saferight, was their only daughter and she married William Andrew Wall January 7, 1915 in Guilford County, NC.

William Andrew Wall

Sarah Esther Wall

William Wesley Saferight (in the hat) & Sarah Esther Wall at their anniversary.

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