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The Robbins Family

The Robbins Family

The Missing Link

The majority of the work on my Robbins family was complete when I began my genealogy research. Julius L. Robbins, son of Martin Van Burren Robbins and Delphinia Blair, was the missing link to connecting our family with what had already been researched. Julius, my gg-grandfather, was born 1875 in Randolph County, NC. Because he simply disappeared without a trace, no one seems to remember him, and no stories about him have passed down through the line. I sent off for my great-grandfather's social security application. The photocopy was very legible and it plainly stated that Julius L. Robbins was his father. Based on the 1880 Census, we knew that Martin Van Burren Robbins, had a five-year-old son named Julius L. In spite of his disappearance, as far as we know, Julius and his wife Carrie Alice Ownes never divorced.

The first child of Julius and Carrie was Ollie Robbins. He was born in 1902, which would put their marriage date to around 1901. Therefore, they missed the 1900 NC Census. By the 1910 NC Census, Julius had already disappeared. Carrie was listed as head of household with four small children. In the NC 1920 Census, Ollie and his first wife are living with Carrie. Also, Carrie has had another son named Mason born in 1913. Even though she never married, Mason was accepted by the family and treated the same as the other boys.

In 1926 Carrie developed pneumonia and died, leaving Mason to fend for himself at the tender age of fourteen. His older brother, William Taft Robbins, took him in and finished raising him. William was only twenty-one at the time. Maybe it was an omen, because when William married his wife, Trulla Stockton, they were never able to conceive children.

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Ollie Robbins Family

Ollie Carson Robbins, eldest child of Julius Robbins and Carrie Owens, was my great-grandfather. His second wife was my great-grandmother, Etta Morgan (b. 1906). They were both very young when they married. When Ollie was only twenty-one, he contracted tuberculosis and lost a lung. During this time they had two small children. He survived and they had several more children. Late in their marriage they faced losing their home to a fire. It was difficult to rebuild their life at middle-age, but the two of them managed. In 1965, like both of his brothers, Ollie died of a massive heart attack.

Ollie Robbins and Etta Morgan

From left to right: Charles Robbins, Billy Jean Robbins, Dora Robbins, Etta Morgan, Richard Robbins, Carrie Mae Robbins, Peggy Robbins

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