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The Henderson Surname

The Hendersons orginated from the Clan Henderson of Scotland, through several regions of Glencoe, Caithness, the Shetlands, Liddesdale, Castle Fordell of Fife (shown above), and a few border Hendersons who migrated to Ulster, Ireland. For more information, visit Clan Henderson of the U.S..

Our Henderson Family of NC

Our Henderson family is on my husband's line and I've placed in bold his direct lineage. The earliest known ancestor that we've traced is James Henderson (b. abt. 1815). He first married Betsy Unknown. His second wife was Alphia Campbell. Their names are written on their son's death certificate and they are listed in the 1870 Census of Chatham County, NC.

The photo above is of the Charles Lettlow Henderson Family. Charles and his wife, Loda Dawson are sitting down. Their three sons standing in the back from left to right are: Oran (Aaron), Bynum and Jack. Their son Joseph is standing on the far left, and their daughter Annie is standing in the middle. Charles is holding my husband's grandmother, Charlie Ola "Nancy" Henderson, and Loda is holding the baby, Mary "Etta" May Henderson. Since we know that Nancy was born in 1910, and she appears to be around 4-5 years of age, we estimate the photo was taken around 1914.

Charles Lettlow Henderson was the son of James Henderson and Alphia Campbell. He was born August 6, 1870. He married Loda Dawson and she was born November 29, 1882.

Their daughter, Charlie Ola Nancy Henderson, married Charles Clarence Woodle and eventually settled in Greensboro, NC. My husband spent a lot of time with Nancy, his grandmother. I knew her before she passed away, but unfortunately, my daughter doesn't remember her. She was a sweet lady, who enjoyed her chocolate when she got a chance. My husband says she was always a hard worker and very independent.