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Ogletree Genealogy

Thanks to Daryl Coleman and all his research.

John Ogletree was born between 1702 and 1710 in Scotland. He had two children, Thomas Ogletree and John Ogletree.

John Ogletree (11) was born in Hanover County, Virginia. He died Aug. 7, 1822 in Wikes County, Georgia. John Ogletree's will was witnessed by Nathaniel G. Rice and John Rice 5/5/1820 Wilkes Co., Ga. John furnished Revolutionary troops during the war and was entitled to same privileges as the Vets. Received several land grants in Ga. John Ogletree, Sr., died 7 August 1822 and was buried in Ogletree family cemetery on Little River, Wilkes Co., Georgia, near the Phillips Mill Site.

John Ogletree children were:
David OGLETREE b: ABT. 1760 in Virginia
William OGLETREE b: 18 JAN 1765 in Virginia
John OGLETREE b: ABT. 1766 in Caswell Co., N.C.
Littleton OGLETREE b: ABT. 1767 in Virginia
Claiborn OGLETREE b: ABT. 1768 in Virginia
James Thomas OGLETREE b: 1773 in Virginia
Wiley OGLETREE b: 1775 in Virginia
Absalom OGLETREE b: 9 JUL 1778 in North Carolina
Nancy OGLETREE b: ABT. 1785
Edmond H. OGLETREE b: 11 SEP 1796 in Wilkes Co., GA
Patsy Brantley OGLETREE b: 1798

Absalom Ogletree born, 9 JUL 1778 in North Carolina Died, 1 DEC 1846 in Fayette (now Spalding) Co., GA Buried, DEC 1846 County Line Meth. Ch. Cemetery, Spalding Co., GA
Married Elender\Eleanor GRAY (born 1780 in Ireland.died 1850 in Fayette Co., Georgia)
John G. OGLETREE b: 20 JAN 1799 in Wilkes Co., GA
Hope Hull OGLETREE b: 3 NOV 1803 in Wilkes Co., GA
Samuel OGLETREE b: 16 MAY 1804 in Wilkes Co., GA
Francis H. OGLETREE b: 16 OCT 1805 in Georgia
William OGLETREE b: 29 JAN 1807 in Wilkes Co., GA
Thomas OGLETREE b: 20 AUG 1809 in Wilkes Co., GA
Lovic Pierce OGLETREE b: 27 AUG 1811 in Wilkes Co., GA
Eleanor L. OGLETREE b: 28 NOV 1813 in Wilkes Co., GA
David OGLETREE b: ABT. 1815 in South Carolina
Absalom J. OGLETREE b: 25 OCT 1817 in Wilkes Co., GA
Benjamin Abednego OGLETREE b: 1818
Edmund OGLETREE b: 24 SEP 1820 in Wilkes Co., GA
Joshua OGLETREE b: 11 JAN 1823 in Wilkes Co., GA

Thomas OGLETREE was born 20 AUG 1809 in Wilkes Co., GA and died AFT. 1880 in Griffin, Spalding Co., GA. An 1875 Deed, Bk B, p439. Thomas OGLETREE, father, to Charlotte Nimecus MAHLE as her separate property during her natural life and then to her children, 50 acres, southeast fifty of LL 175 bound by Thomas on north, cornering at corner of H. T. and O. Ogletree, running east in the old hedge, now cornering into the road at my house, running between my house and lot in the lane to the land line of Benjamin STARR, deceased. Bordered on the east by said land thence south to the corner of B. A. and A. OGLETREE and bounded on the south by the land of B. A. and A. OGLETREE, then west to the corner of Mary T. CHENEY, A. OGLETREE and A. O. GRAY and bounded by the land of said A. O. OGLETREE, then north to the beginning corner and bounded on the west by A. OGLETREE and A. O. GRAY.
Thomas married Nemesis F. BENNETT.
Thomas and Nemesis had:
John C. OGLETREE b: ABT. 1832 in Fayette Co., GA
Absalom H. OGLETREE b: ABT. 1833 in Fayette Co., GA
Frances J. OGLETREE b: ABT. 1835
James A. OGLETREE b: ABT. 1837 in Fayette Co., GA
Hope H. OGLETREE b: 1839 in Fayette Co., GA
Eleanor "Ellen" Athay OGLETREE b: 7 AUG 1840 in Georgia
Martha P. OGLETREE b: ABT. 1843 in Fayette Co., GA
Charlotte Nemesis OGLETREE b: 9 SEP 1844 in Fayette Co

Eleanor "Ellen" Athay OGLETREE was born 7 AUG 1840 in Georgia and died 23 JAN 1888 in Spalding Co., GA. She married John Henry STARR.
They had:
James William STARR b: 22 AUG 1867 in Spalding Co., GA
Joseph Tenth STARR b: 25 DEC 1869 in Spalding Co., GA
Elijah Eleventh STARR b: 1 JAN 1872 in Spalding Co., GA
Rachel Rebecca STARR b: 20 AUG 1874 in Spalding Co., GA

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