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My goal in genealogy is to record the path of the past resulting in the present. Evey ancestor contributes a little of themselves to who we are today.

My maternal side is mostly in North Carolina and Georgia. My dead end is ELiza Ivey. See my Ivey page
My paternal side is a bit more scattered around the south.

The secrets of tomorrow are hidden of the seeds of yesterday.

Here are my genealogy tree's and some helpful links for these surname researchers.:

My page of family photo's after my son's birth. 2003 and up.

My Young genealogy page.

My Patton genealogy page.
My Craig Page
My Bason genealogy page.
My Bason/Patton picture page.
My foust page, need your help!
My Albright page.

My Ivey family history page.
My Isley genealogy page.
My Ivey and Isley Picture Page.
My Graves page.
My Shoffner of NC page
My Apple family
More on Apple genealogy
My cook family from NC
My Isley genealogy, completed by my cousin Sandra. She has tons of Isley information and on other Alamance County families.

My Heaths of Georgia.
My Heath Picture Page.
My Griffin's of Georgia
A good Griffin resource page
My Starr's of Georgia
My Ogletree Page

My Davidson genealogy page
My Davidson and Jarboe Pictures.
A page dedicated to ALL Davidson families. Census, BMD records, Cemetery records, etc.
My Echols page, visit and help if you can.
My Chambliss genealogy page
Chambliss slave records
My Pennington page
My Bailey Page

Paulson's from Nebraska and first from Germany
Havekost from Nebraska and then Germany
Tompkins from NE and Iowa

Green genealogy
Rudd's from Caswell County, North Carolina
Minor's from Caswell County, North Carolina
Massy surename in North Carolina
Pinson's from Caswell County, North Carolina

A well researched southern Young page. Not my Youngs
A good Lloyd page. Some are my Lloyds from NC
A Pennington web page that has information on about all the US Pennington's
Griffin genealogy link (not mine)
Isley family info. by Rex Isley about my NC Isleys
One of the best genealogy pages ever. The author's page is a Murray in NC page, but she has links to lots of genealogys
a link to the US gen web page on Alamance County, NC
The TRUTH about THe Southern War for Independance "The Civil War"

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