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John D. Bailey - born 1802 in South Carolina. Died 1866 in Pearson, Van Buren (now Cleburne) county, Arkansas

Wife - Matilda (?) Born between 1800-1810. Died before 1860, place unknown.

Children (number taken from 1840 census of Chattooga county, GA)

1. William A. Bailey born 1824 in South Carolina. Married Melinda Whaley in Chattooga county, GA. Died in Cleburne county, AR, date unknown.

2. Male (name unknown) born between 1827 -30.

3. Female (name unknown) - born about 1832. Married Thomas C. Turpin in either White county or Van Buren county, AR. Death date unknown, but only lived short while after marriage, and only had one child with Mr. Turpin. (from Civil War records of Thomas Turpin).

4. Female (name unknown) born about 1834

5. Newton Bailey - born 1836. Married Delila Matthews on June 15, 1856 in Conway (now Faulkner) county, AR. Death dates unknown.

6. Mary E. Bailey - born 1837. Married February 24, 1853, in Conway county, AR to Robert Matthews. Died after 1880.

7. Male Bailey - born ca. 1838.

8. Alston Bailey - born ca. 1840

9. John Clark Bailey - born ca. 1844 in Georgia. Married ca. 1864, probably in Arkansas to Shortie Barbie Bailey. Died February 1, 1888, in Faulkner county, Arkansas.

10. Margaret Caroline Bailey - born 1846 in Georgia. Married ca. 1863 to Dr. Wesley Golden, in Arkansas (Dr. Golden was also from GA). Died August 19, 1978 in Holland, Faulkner county, Arkansas.

11. Manford D. Bailey - born ca. 1847, in Georgia. Married William T. Pennington, December 24, 1865 in Van Buren (now Cleburne) county Arkansas. Died before 1880. William Thomas Pennington and Manford D. Bailey had, Cordelia Matilda Pennington, Killip Pennington, Lysus Pennington, and Manfered Pennington.

From ages of children of 1840, census of Chattooga county, GA. and also from names and ages on 1860, census I have concluded that there had to be at least 11 children.

I am not certain about Newton Bailey. But that given name has been carried down to this day thru this family. There was a Newton Bailey and a Richard Bailey that both married in 1856 in what is now Faulkner county. I am almost certain that these were two children of John D. Also believe but unable to prove yet that Newton's wife was probably a sister to the husband of Mary E. Bailey.

From land patient records I know that this family was in the Arkansas area by 1860, but believe probably a few years earlier. There were no other Bailey families in this area this early. I have been able to locate the property that John D. lived on the last few years of his life.

If you can help me with this family please let me know. Thank you for visiting.

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