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Taylor Family

Generation Seven

39. Col. James7 Taylor II (James6, John5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Rowland2, John1); born 14 Mar 1674 at King & Queen Co., VA;12,13 married Martha Thompson, daughter of Col. James William Thompson, 23 Feb 1699 at St. Peter's Parish, King & Queen Co., VA;14 died 26 Jun 1729 at Bloomsburg, Orange Co., VA, at age 55.15,16,17

His home was called Monte Bello., he was a member of the House of Burgesses 1702. He was a surveyor and was given 16000 lbs of tobacco for his services. Home was "Greenfields". Justice Knight of the Golden Horseshoe. Built Bloomsbury for son. Grandfather of two Presidents, Zachary Taylor and James Madison.

"Americans of Gentle Birth and their Ancestor," page 272: James Taylor II, born 1673 and died June 23rd, 1729. James Taylor II, Justice 1702-14 married Margaret Thompson, born 1679, a descendent of Sir Roger Thompson, of English birth. They had nine children.

"Old New Kent County, Virginia," page 439/40: James Taylor, the younger, spent his early years in St. Stephen's Parish where he was born in 1675. In 1699 he married Martha, daughter of Col. Roger Thompson, of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County. James Taylor was recommended to the Govenor to be justice of the county court, but was too young to serve. Later, when of age, he became justice, sheriff, and was elected Burgess in 1702.

He was surveyor for the counties of King and Queen and King William, and ran the lines dividing the two counties. He exploreed the back country and took out patents to many acres in the counties of Caroline, Spottsylvania and Orange, which built up for him a large estate.

In June 1725, he moved from King and Queen where he had lived all his life, to Caroline County and established his second home in Drysdale Parish, where he died in 1729.

Ibid, page 441: James Taylor, the second, in 1704 was charged with 4,000 acres in St. Stephen's Parish.

The home of the Taylors was located in this general area, proably near the present village of Stevensville. He had moved on to Caroline County sometime before his death which occurred on 23 January 1730.

"Land Patent Book #3," pages 399, 504, 528, 548.

"Executive Journals of Council of Colonial Virginia," Vol 1, page 412, Vol 3,pages 322, 340

King & Queen Petitions VSL

"VA Colonial Abstracts," Vol 14, page 20, King & Queen County, VA; Land mentioned in will of Richard Gregory dated 2/17/1700-01, Essex Co., VA. Land said to be on Matapony River and in this case was adjoining land Richard Gregory willed his daughter Sarah Gregory (Borne). Taylor is named as Capt. James Taylor.

"Old Rough and Ready," McKinley, refer to father's notes.

"President's," Burke, Zachary Taylor and James Madison entries

"James Madison," Ketchum: he established his family in Orange Co., VA by patenting 13,500 acres there in 1722. He had acquired this estate after traveling through Virginia with the 'Knights of the Golden Horseshoe' in the late summer of 1716.

"The Fourth President," Brant: In 1723, James Taylor deeded to his sons-in-laws 4,475 acres of land.

"Presidential Families of the US," Burke: Of Caroline, King and Queen and Orange Counties, Virginia. Colonel of the Militia, member of Virginia House of Burgesses, Surveyor-General of the Colony

"President's," Burke: Of Hare Forest, Orange Co., VA

"Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia," Douglas, page 98: James, son of James of Carlisle, took up lands in Orange and was a first settler. He was the father of Frances, wife of Ambrose Madison and grandmother of the President. He had four sons, James, George, Zachary, and Erasmus.

"The Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America," Vol 7, page 26: Memebr of Burgesses, King and Queen County, VA, 1702-14; Surveyor of Virginia; Colonel, Orange County, VA, Miltia:

"Colonial Families of the Southern States of America," page 506-7: Of Orange Co., Va, b 1670; d. 26 Jun 1729; an influential citizen of affairs of both Church and State;

"Genealogies of Virginia Families," Vol III, page 558.

Martha Thompson was born in 1679 at Orange Co., VA.18 She died on 19 Nov 1762 at Greenville, Orange Co., VA.19 From this Thompson family line came 5 US Presidents: James Madison, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Benjamin Harrison.

20 She was a burgess for King and Queen county in 1702 to supply the place of William Gough, who died before the opening of the session.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume I - IV--Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons.

The 10 known children of Col. James7 Taylor II and Martha Thompson were as follows:

40. Sarah7 Taylor (James6, John5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Rowland2, John1); born 30 Jun 1676; married Robert Powell circa 1691 at VA;24 died circa 1750.

The seven known children of Sarah7 Taylor and Robert Powell were as follows:

42. Ann7 Taylor (James6, John5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Rowland2, John1); born 12 Jan 1683 at Caroline Co., VA; married Edward Eastham Jr. 1701;25 married John Lea; died 1731.

Edward Eastham Jr. was born circa 1660 at Old Rappahannock, VA.26 He died in 1725.27

There were no known children of Ann7 Taylor and Edward Eastham Jr..

John Lea was born in 1677 at New Kent Co., VA. He died in 1727 at Kings & Queen Co., VA.

The only known child of Ann7 Taylor and John Lea was:

43. Edmund7 Taylor (James6, John5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Rowland2, John1); born 5 Jul 1690 at Orange Co., VA;28 married Sarah Brookings.

Sarah Brookings was born circa 1695 at New Kent Co., VA.

The only known child of Edmund7 Taylor and Sarah Brookings was:

44. John7 Taylor (James6, John5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Rowland2, John1); born 18 Nov 1696 at VA;29 married Catherine Pendleton;30 died 22 Mar 1780 at Granville, NC, at age 83.31

Catherine Pendleton was born on 8 Dec 1699.32 She died on 26 Jul 1774 at age 74.33

The 11 known children of John7 Taylor and Catherine Pendleton were as follows:

45. Mary Bishop7 Taylor (James6, John5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Rowland2, John1); born 29 Jun 1688 at Caroline Co., VA;45 married Henry Pendleton, son of Philip Pendleton and Isabella Hart, 6 Aug 1701 at Caroline Co., VA; died 10 Jun 1770 at King & Queen Co., VA, at age 81.

Henry Pendleton was born on 15 May 1683 at Rappahannock Co., VA. He died on 4 Mar 1721 at King & Queen Co., VA, at age 37.

The seven known children of Mary Bishop7 Taylor and Henry Pendleton were as follows:

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