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 1 Jan 1882 - 30 Aug 1973

Dora was born New Years Day 1882 to David and Nancy Misner in Hastings, Nebraska. Big brother Wilbur was already two and in 1885 she would have another brother, Ira.    It wasn't long after the birth of Ira that the Misners headed for Kansas, settling in Thomas Co.

In 1890 sister Blanche was born,  then two brothers: Loy in 1892 and Jay in 1894.  In May 1897 Dora's life, at the age 15, was turned upside down when her mother died.  She soon became the housekeeper and mother to her brothers and sisters.  Though her father married again in 1898 the brothers and sisters looked to Dora as their mother in times of trouble.

As story goes:  she was in town, Colby, one day when the most handsome cowboy she had ever seen came riding up on his horse in front of one of the establishments, six guns on his side.  She made up her mind then she would marry this man.  And  come June 21, 1901 she did just that.

His name was Christian Jasperson,   the son of Christen Jesperson from Denmark.  From that time on Dora's life was never dull. They had three children. Frances Evaline (my grandmother) born 11 June 1903, Orvil Ira Jasperson born 6 May 1905, and Cora born 16 March 1908. All born in Colby and lived there from the time they were born until they married and went their separate ways.

At some time after her and Chris were married her sister Blanche came to live with them after her step mother burned her hand to punish her.  In 1908 Blanche married Chris' brother, Nalce.  They kept a close relationship with each other all their lives.

Chris supported his family as a teamster and owner of his own team.  I believe that he hauled and delivered coal for a while.  Many evenings were spent with Dora playing the piano and Chris playing his fiddle.  Frances and Blanche both learned to play the piano as they got older.

Dora being strict about her beliefs and Chris doing his best to abide by her rules even though it was tough at times.  My mother told me a time when she was staying with them that Grandpa went out on the town and came home a little "tipsy".  Knowing that Grandma would not allow him in the house like that he spent the entire night outside walking until he could come in the house sober.  

Grandma's stories of her and Grandpa Chris and the funny things they got into were never ending.  I wish I could remember half of them.  I remember sitting at the foot of her chair and her telling the stories while she crochet, or taught us how to make the tiny stitches for quilting.  Grandpa died in 1959 leaving Grandma alone with only her memories of him. But, she never seemed to have any bad ones.

Grandma could crochet the most beautiful doilies.  She had them on every chair and couch she owned.  She also made quilts, at one time she had made one for each of her great grandchildren, me included.  None of her quilts ever saw a sewing machine as every stitch was made by hand.

I think my mother learned a lot of her attitude toward waste from Grandma Dora, as she never threw anything away.  It was at her house that I first heard the words "there are starving children in Africa" when I didn't want to finish my meal.

All of her grandchildren and great grandchildren loved to spend time with her.  A day at her house was a day of  story telling and searching through her memorabilia.  She had so many wonderful little things to get into.  I remember spending the nights in her little basement.  It had a wonderful musty smell to it that always made it seem a little mysterious and adventurous.

The last time I saw my Grandma Dora, was in 1970 on my way to North Carolina with my new husband.  We had dinner with her and Grandma Frances, who was staying with her at the time, and spent the night in a hotel in Colby as there was a terrible snow storm and we couldn't go anywhere.  She died three years later just 5 months after my first son was born.  I think many times how I wish my children could have known this wonderful lady of such an unforgettable character.  

I know I could never do her justice as far as writing about her with my limited knowledge and writing skills but, I want every one to know just a little about her and I miss her very very much.

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