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Song:  My Mothers Arms
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Dora Darlene Hofenstine Gutzman 

May 18, 1923 - 27 May 2000

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My Mother

by: Jean Gutzman Wallace

May will always be a month of great reminiscence on my part when it comes to my mother,  as it was a most eventful month in Mom's life.  She was born on the 19th, Mothers Day the second Sunday, I was born on the 3rd and she died on the 27th, buried the day after Memorial Day.  

This will be written so that our grandchildren will have the opportunity  to know their great grandmother as we did.  She touched so many lives, not just her family but, anyone that she met.  
There were very few people that mom didn't like.  She believed that there was good in everyone,  you just had to look harder to find it in some than others and if  she thought  you needed her last dime worse than she did, she would give it in a heart beat.

She had an uncanny way of making you laugh till your side hurt  with a wit that could stand up to anyone's. She could tell a story like no one else.  And she had hundreds to tell.  

Unfortunately, as for all of us, not all of her stories were funny.  Many would bring the hardest of hearts to tears, but Mom always came through a little bit stronger from each experience.  

Whether happy or sad, her experiences in life are what made her the person she was.  She could be, at times, a little intimidating with a sharp tongue and harsh exterior.  But, it only took a few minutes with her to realize that it really was just on the outside.  Inside, Mom had a heart of gold and one that was easily broke.

It is here that I would like to begin the telling of my mothers story.  It's not an easy thing to do as she lived so much of her life before I came into the picture.  So many chapters to be written from childhood to death, and so many adventures to tell about. One of the things Mom loved most to tell was about her many job experiences, as she did so many different things in her life time. I hope there will be others out there to help me see this endeaver to it's end. What you see below is how I would like to have this story written.
Beware of constant change until it is finished (which will be never, I'm sure).

Chapter 1:  Childhood-Life in Kansas
Chapter 2: The Single Life-Life as Darlene Hofenstine
Chapter 3: Life from 1952 -1990: Darlene Gutzman, life with my Dad
Chapter 4: Alone again- not quiet the way she pictured it
Chapter 5:  Dec 1999 - May 2000: Her untimely death and the events leading up to it.
    Part 1:  Benkleman
    Part 2:  Denver and back home
    Part 3:  Her final days
Photo albums:  Hers and Ours


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