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July 2008
Nothing  new yet, but just want to let you know that I am back and am planning a revamping of this site.  Or at the very least finishing what I have started.  I have been gone way to long.  

Jan 12, 2005
Yes, another year has passed and though at times it seems that time is standing still it passing by way to fast.  The last year has been slow at times where family history is concerned but, as I look back there has been much accomplished.  However, I think I owe everyone an email or letter letting them know that I'm still alive and kiking and that I still love them each one but, time has been so tight I haven't been able to keep up.

The good news is that I have found some very interesting information on the Gutzman line.  I have managed to find Rosalia Stodolka's parents and siblings on the Family Search site and am now really sure that I am going to find Her and Daniel's marriage records and his files.  I am so excited and really hope to have some solid information to share soon.

Oct 15, 2004
Over the last few weeks I have added several new items to the Custer Co Home Page.
The scrap book page is full of wonderful articles and tidbits. The two letters from the homeland during written during WWII are a must read.  Also, Peter Vanbrabant's contributions have been added, with the promise of much more from this fellow who still lives in Belgium.
I have finished my NC Census pages of which can be found through the main Census Index.  I hope to have the SC Census finished soon.

August 27, 2004
After a very long dry spell I have finally been able to get a little added to Ambers Custer Co. family history.  Amber spent  3 weeks in Nebraska and upon her return was able to share an abundance of family information.  So, start looking for many new additions to this site.  Today I updated the French Table Cemetery Records with the addition of several headstone pictures, as well as adding an article from the Custer County Chief consisting of Jules Haumont's recollections of his early pioneer days.  A must read for any history buff.

JULY 2, 2004
Added photo's to Custer Co. Family Photo's:  thanks to Amber Thomas

JUNE 29, 2004
I realize I haven't been udating this as I should, but the months have been hectic.  That is not to say that there isn't a lot going on in the world of genealogy even though it is slow to get here.  Amber has shared her entire family history file with me, which includes many pictures, stories, and other wonderful family interests.  I have only managed to get a tidbit of it on the site.  You will find all information that I have linked to the Custer Co Home Page which is dedicated to her files with some of my research added.  But, keep looking because there is so much more to come.
You will also find a new Nebraska state page in it's beginning stages.  I hope to have a page like it for each of the main states that I have done research in.  Here you will find a link to the Nebraska Census that I have added as well as many wonderful site links.

If you are a Caulder researcher you will find some new Photo's sent in by Gwen Stewart, grand daughter of Lawrence Caulder.  I hope to see more from her in the very near future.

I will try to do better at keeping this page updated.  But, please be patient as time grows ever increasingly short.

Ship Manifest

APRIL 17, 2004

These have been most prosperous days in the eyes of this genealogist. So many wonderful things have happened.  With the addition of Amber to the ever growing list of new family members I have learned so much about the Govaerts and Haumont families, I will have much to add in the next few weeks so you may want to keep an eye out.
 Today is a red letter day for the Gutzman Family Genealogy.  I found the passenger list for Daniel and Rosa.  NOT the Liepzig, but, the SS Washington, arriving April 29, 1874.  And, on the same page with the Thomala's (as expected) as well as Mathias Karash.  

APRIL 13, 2004

I guess you're saying "about time, Jean".  But, I finally got something added.  Thanks to a brand new cousin, Amber Thomas,  I have been able to add the listing along with several photo's of the French Table Cemetery and  headstones within.
You can look forward to many more surprises from Amber in the near futue.

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NOV 7, 2003

I have added a rather odd page.  It is more or less to help me think through some of the questions I have about Daniel and Rosa's life before coming to America.  It also gives some explanation of the new information I have received from Keith Andrews.  You can get there by clicking on the the question marks on the left.  Hope you enjoy.

Nov 4, 2003

Have added articles sent to me by Keith Andrews, to the Sunny Hillside School Page.

Oct 23, 2003

I hate to admit that it has been so long since you have seen anything on here from me.  Since going back to work my research and computer time has come to near stop.  But, I have managed to get my Sunny Hillside School Records on line.  Thanks to an email from a neighbor, Keith Andrews, who ancestors were neighbors to Daniel Gutzman.  In fact, he has opened several new doors of research in the area of which Daniel and Rosa were born and married.  I am hoping that this will bring me closer to some answers to the questions I have had in the back of my mind for so long.  

Aug 8, 2003

Well here it is Friday again and I have nothing new on the site.  That is not to say that I have not been extremely busy in my family research.  There has just been an abundance of new information to sort out on a couple of families.  Our Caulder/Watts, family line is really coming along and I expect to have a lot more to add on them in just a couple of weeks.  
I have also received packets of information on the Sallees and Woods family.   I can't wait to share it all with you.  

August 4, 2003
Just a note to let everyone know that I will be going back to work full time this week.  I know that it will slow my computer down to a minimum but, will try to keep things up as much as I can.  If I am slow getting back to you or you don't hear from me for awhile, not to worry, I will be here as soon as I can.

July 25-Aug 1 2003

I am a little late getting this posted this week.  Did not get anything new on the site as I have spent most of the week in research.  

We lost Valley West this week.  She had been ill for several months and went home to be with the Lord on her 87th birthday.  She will truly be missed by her family and friends.  I will try to have her memorial ready by the end of next week.

During her service the night before her death David and I were priveledged to meed many of Valley's family members and hope to get to know them each in a very special way. 

July 19 - July 25 2003

Spent most of the week sprucing up the site.  

Added  Benjamin Woods Descendants Hope to have a whole lot more info soon

July 12-July 18 2003

Have added the Preface to Daniels Gutzman's Book

July 5-July 11 2003

This has been a very unusual week.  Having returned home from the Family Reunion I have been doing a lot of recuperating.  Didn't get as much research done as I would have liked but, did spend a lot of time with my family.  That means everything.  
When I returned home, I had a letter from Donald Delbert Sides' daughter, Debbie.  What a nice surprise.  It included a picture of Donald and spurred me on to get a little more information for her, Maxine and Betty.    I have added the picture on the Gutman Family Site.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

The Descendants of Moses Sides:  Just some preliminary research done in the last few days. I hope to be able to add Christopher Sides as Moses father soon.  Just waiting to get to the North Carolina State Archives to find some proof .

June 28-July4 2003

Sorry, Folks, nothing new this week.  Will be attending family reunion in
Leave June 29, return July 6
With the hope of bringing home even more history.

June 21-27 2003

Have started Part 2 of the Daniel Gutzman Book.  

Have started Albert Gutzman's Photo Album.  Now I know why I have waited so long to do this one.  There are soooooo many pictures to choose from.  I hope it is finished by the time I leave on Sunday. I have spent most of the week on this one project.

June 13-20, 2003

Venita Webb's story of Mom's childhood has just been added to Darlene's History.  It can be found on Part 1, childhood, of her story.
We promise of more to come.  I just can't wait.

GREAT NEWS:  Found new family members.  Betty, Maxine, and Donna. Grandaughters of Jesse and Susie Sides.  I look forward to exchanging information with them as time goes by. Our family just keeps growing and growing.

SAD NEWS:  Dave lost his sister, Vivian Faye, Sunday, the 15th.  Faye had battled lukemia four years ago and won.  But, it left her with many more health problems and her body just finally gave up.  She will be missed by all.

Daniel Gutzman Book: New cover: added part one, Life in Prussia.  Hopefully, by the time I get ready to publish I will have a little more info to add.  I will be using this book as a guide and outline for the actual printed book that I hope to have published by the end of next year.  Please, if you have any suggestions, stories, photos, anything you would like to add, or are good at writing and feel you could take what facts I have and turn them into intersting reading, LET ME KNOW.  If you are part of this family it is your history, too.  It is for your children as well as mine, I am not that great at creative writing.

Photo's of Sallie Odelia Smith, have been added to the Caulders of Robeson Co Photo Album

I believe I have found Arthur Caulder's father, finally.  That would be David's gggrandfather on his paternal side.  His name was Duncan Caulder, there is still some sorting out to do but, I am sure I will get it pretty soon.