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Zacharia Price and Emily Workman Price

Zacharia Price born 05-20-1845, passed 12-09-1917

Emily Workman born 08-23-1846, passing unknown

Married 12-18-1868

Bald Knob, Boone Co, West Virginia

Welcome to the homepage of Jeanne Maschari. It is with great pride that I share with you the journeys of my ancestors. The trails they traveled were long and hard into an untamed territory. Many lost their lives at birth or in birth, tilling the land as farmers, working as loggers and coal miners, giving their life for their country so that we may be here today. Your journey here may have been unchartered or a long one, so please stay awhile and see if you are a descendant to one of my ancestors. Put the coffee on and relax while you're here. Today, it may only be a one cup stop, but if you mark my homepage in "your favorites" , you' re sure to find something new the next time you visit.

~ SURNAMES in my tree from my mothers side of the family who settled in the area of Boone, Raleigh, & Wyoming County West Virginia area:

Acord, Ackers, Alderman, Ash, Bawgus, Bone, Broom, Brown, Burgess, Canterbury, Cantley, Chambers, Clark, Clay, Coleman, C ook, Cox, Daniel, Dempsey, Dickens, Dickson, Freeman, Gallimore, Gunnoe, Harper, Harris, Hendricks, Jarrell, Lambert, Laverty, Linville, Massey, McClung, McMillon, Milam, Peters, Petry, Pettry, Price, Sarrett, Schumate, Smith, Stevens, Stewart, Stover, Surratt, Thompson, Webb, Wiley, Wills, & Workman

~ SURNAMES in my tree from my fathers side of the family in the Boone & Preston County West Virginia area and parts of Ohio:

Feather,Helmick, Jarrell, Keiper, Trump, &Watring


Adkins, Allen, Anderson, Arnold, Ashley, Barker, Bennett, Boone, Booth, Campbell, Carey, Carpenter, Cash, Coffey, Davis, Dumire, Eisenhower, Fauber, Fitzgerald, Gochenour, Groah, Harvey, Hash, Hatfield, Hauck, Hight, Hill, Hollinger, Hollingshead, Huffman, Hunt, Jackson, Jacques, Johnson, Knotts, Lambert, Lewis, Martin, McGuire, Miller, Oliver, Osborn, Palmer, Parker,Patterson, Pence, Phillips, Phipps, Pierson, Pope, Powell, Price, Ramsey, Richard, Roark, Rose, Roten, Rowland, Sayer, Shaver, Shoun, Slagle, Stover, Tague, Taylor, Thompson, Weaver,Williams, Wilson, Wotring, Young, Zink, & Zirkle

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