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Grand kids!

© 2008-2011 by the proud grandmother

Last update July 2011

Both of our daughters have children now. We will start with our youngest daughter's children which are the oldest.

Link to our older daughter's triplets born at 35 1/2 weeks. Their pictures


Grandsons -Tanner, Caden* Cooper and Gavin

*Caden wants to be called Cade

Latest addition Gavin

Update 2011

Gavin 4dys

Gavin 4 dys old

9 pounds 7.6 ounces


tanner cade

Tanner and Caden at Salem Old Settlers, Salem Iowa August 29, 2009


brother Cooper at Old Settlers


At Grandma's house at Easter time 2009

Tanner, Cade and Cooper


Tanner, Cade and Cooper Christmas 2008

Nov 29th 08

Mommy with Cade, Tanner and Cooper

November 29, 2008

grandkidsthanksgiving 2008

Cade, Cooper, Richard with Kristina and Connor - Jean with Nicole, Tanner November 27, 2008


August 31, 2008

Cooper, Cade and Tanner

four grandsons

Cade, Tanner holding cousin Connor and Cooper

July 2008


Mary Jo holding Nicole, Kurt holding Kristina and Connor

Michelle holding Cooper, Tim with Tanner and Cade

August 31, 2008


Cooper and cousin Connor - August 31, 2008


Tanner, Cade and Cooper - 2 months


Two weeks old Tanner 


Caden - two weeks old.

He is in his Pooh outfit with the Pooh Bear we gave him.


Newborn Cooper


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