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Birds in My Backyard and Other Life

These pictures were taken on our patio in the summer and fall of 2005.

© Copyright 2005 by Jean Leeper All Rights Reserved

Pictures all taken by Jean Leeper

A few of these were entered in a contest. I will tell you how that turns out.

Note the sunflower seed in the mouth of the male goldfinch and how far down the seeds have been removed.

A pair of House Finches enjoying their meal.

A young hummer not sure whether to land because of the praying mantis.


A male Baltimore Oriole and one of it's young. They sipped the hummingbird nectar from around the yellow flowers. He visited quite frequently and he is swallowing the liquid in this picture.

A young hummer ready for some nourishment.

A different Praying Mantis the lived in our front yard.

Ever seen a Bubble Bee so close up, that you saw the whites of the eye and its feed tube?

December 15, 2005

He ate upside down like this for quite awhile.