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Compiled by Jean Leeper 1998

Updated Silas #63 and Samuel #65, July 4, 2012

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Some materials that helped me begin my search are Bogue and Allied Families 1474-1945 by Virgil T. Bogue, Bogue Supplement by Hardy Zachary Bogue III, Hinshaw's Quaker records, family records and Bogue relatives.

Note: If you find "They had one child". These words are generated by my genealogical program. There may be more children , but I only entered one. 

Background is Samuel Bogue who lived to be ca 100 


First Generation


1. Thomas BOG, M. Born ca 1420. Thomas died ca 1480; he was 60.


This may be our possible line. Believed a burgess of Edinburgh. First eight

generations from Hardy Bogue's "Bogue-Supplement" 1989



2 i. John, M (ca1445-ca1492)


Second Generation


Family of Thomas BOG (1)


2. John BOG DE BURHOUSE, M. Born ca 1445. John died ca 1492.


Burgess of Edinburgh, later Laird of Burnhouses.


John married Christine, F.


Known child:

3 i. Archibald, M (ca1485-ca1545)

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Third Generation


Family of John BOG DE BURHOUSE (2) & Christine


3. Archibald BOG DE BURHOUSE Laird, M. Born ca 1485. Archibald died ca 1545.


Archibald married Allison HOME, F. Born ca 1495. Allison died ca 1564.


Known child:

4 i. John, M (ca1504-ca1546)


Fourth Generation


Family of Archibald BOG DE BURHOUSE Laird (3) & Allison HOME


4. John BOG DE BURHOUSE Laird, M. Born ca 1504. John died ca 1546.


John married Mariote REDPETH, F. Born ca 1505. Mariote died ca 1560.


Known child:

5 i. John, M (ca1540-ca1603)


Fifth Generation


Family of John BOG DE BURHOUSE Laird (4) & Mariote REDPETH


5. John BOG DE BURHOUSE, M. Born ca 1540. John died ca 1603.



6 i. James, M (ca1565-ca1600)


Sixth Generation


Family of John BOG DE BURHOUSE (5)


6. James BOG (BOIG) Laird, M. Born ca 1565. James died ca 1600.



7 i. Alexander, M (ca1590-ca1657)


Seventh Generation


Family of James BOG (BOIG) Laird (6)


7. Alexander BOIG, M. Born ca 1590. Alexander died ca 1657.


Alexander married Elizabeth COKBURNE, F. Born ca 1595. Elizabeth died ca



Known child:

8 i. ? William, M (?1631-)

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Eighth Generation


Family of Alexander BOIG (7) & Elizabeth COKBURNE


8. ? William BOGUE, M. Born ? 1631 in ? Berwickshire, Scotland.


NOTE: Believed to be our line because all trace of this William Boig ends in

Scotland and at about the time William Bogue appears in Virginia.


William Boig, believed our immigrant ancestor, was born to Alexander Boig of

Burnhouses and Elizabeth Cokburne probably at the Burnhouses estate in

Berwickshire, Scotland. 1650 - William Boig, our ancestor, and his brothers

are believed to have served in the Scots army during the latter phases of

the Civil War. He probably was captured at Worcester, shipped to Virginia as

an indentured servant, changed the spelling of his surname from "Boig" to

"Bogue" which was a common family practice during his generation. With a

natural dislike for the Anglican Church in Virginia he was probably

evangelized by Quaker missionaries who were soon ejected from the colony,

married the Quaker Jane Edwards, fathered three children, and died in

Virginia. His three Quaker children, Robert, William and Margaret migrated

to the Province of Carolina with their remarried mother, Jane Loadman.

Together they settled in a Quaker community near Hertford along the east

bank of the Perquimans River.

The Burnhouse property, one of five original Bogue estates, is

approximately 550 acres, the same size as it was in 1651. A stream runs

through the family estate next to where the houses are located. We visited

the Burnhouse property in May 1995 during a hail storm.


? William married ??Jeane or Jane EDWARDS ?, F, believed daughter of Timothy CLARE, M

& Mary BUNDY, F.


Jane may have married Wm Moore, Richard Byer, James Loadman, William Newby

see "Our Quaker Heritage" p 84


Known child:

9 i. William, M (-1721)


Ninth Generation


Family of ? William BOGUE (8) & ??Jeane or Jane EDWARDS ?


9. William BOGUE, M. William died in Jan 1721 in Perquimans Co NC.


His land lay on the river across from Hertford, running down to Vosses Creek

and calls for "Bar Garden." ...Rent Rolls, Perquimans County, prior to 1700

Winslow Hist. p449. He had 443 acres. In April 1698 he was appointed

constable "from ye Narrows of Perquimans to Suttons Creek and to Mr Lakars

Creek on ye West Side." Winslow p 12


On 5 Jun 1689 William married Ellener PERISHO, F, daughter of James PERISHO,

M & Hannah Phelps, F, in Jona' Phelps Old Plantation Perq. Co NC. Born on 18

Sep 1673 in may be Aug.


"James Perisho was from France born ca 1645 and died at Perquimans 29 March 1678. Hannah was born ca 1654 at Salem Massachusetts. and died in Perquimans ca 1687/89. She had a brother Jonathan Phelps. Her mother was Hannah Baskel who probably was born in England before 1630 and probably died in Perquimans County, NC after 1695. She married first Nicholas Phelps, Hannah and Jonathan's father. She married next his brother Henry Phelps and third James Hill. She may have married again to Joseph Smith."

Summarized from Hannah(Baskel) Phelps Phelps Hill: A Quaker Woman and Her OffSpring by Gwen Bjorkman. 1987


They had the following children:

10 i. Hannah, F (1690-)

11 ii. William, M (1696-1744)

12 iii. Ellener, F (1701-)

13 iv. Robert, M (1702-)

14 v. Josiah, M (1704-1752)

15 vi. Elizabeth, F

16 vii. Jean, F

17 viii. Myriam, F (1716-)

18 ix. Rachel, F

There may be another child by a Judith Henley. Judith Henley's fornication was brought before the men's MM on 5th m 3 1706. She accused William Booge of being her sexual partner. The MM disowned them. William Bogue condemned his prior misconduct and reinstated into membership 12th m 23d 1707/08.

Tenth Generation


Family of William BOGUE (9) & Ellener PERISHO


10. Hannah BOGUE, F. Born on 26 Dec 1690/1691.


11. William BOGUE, M. Born on 8 Dec 1696 in Perq. Co NC. William died in

Perquimans Co NC in 1744; he was 47.


On 15 Dec 1727 when William was 31, he married Sarah DUKE, F, daughter of

Thomas DUKE, M, in Chuckatuck VA.


They had one child:

19 i. Margaret, F


12. Ellener BOGUE, F. Born on 26 Feb 1701/1702.


13. Robert BOGUE, M. Born in 1702/1703.


On 4 Aug 1738 when Robert was 36, he married Rachel PEARSON, F, in

Perquimans N. C. Rachel died bef 1775.


They had one child:

20 i. Lydia, F


14. Josiah BOGUE, M. Born on 21 Mar 1704/1705 in Perquimans Co NC. Josiah

died in Perquimans Co NC in 1752; he was about 47.


Josiah of Perquimans, N. C. can almost be called the father of the North

Carolina Bogues as most of those found today are descendants of Josiah and

Deborah. Josiah was active in his Quaker Society and he and his family

faithfully followed its teachings. "Josiah Bogue of Perquimans. Planter do

sell 50a to a dividing line between my brother William Bogue and me" Deed

Book D # 34 Winslow p 132


Josiah married Deborah NICHOLSON, F, daughter of Christopher NICHOLSON, M &

Mary, F.


They had the following children:

21 i. Joseph, M (1743-1803)

22 ii. Jessie, M (1745-)

23 iii. Job, M

24 iv. Mary, F

25 v. Miriam, F

26 vi. Lydia, F


15. Elizabeth BOGUE, F. Born ? .


Elizabeth married Jacob HILL, M.


16. Jean BOGUE, F. Born ? . Married Josiah Perisho

William Bogue wills land on Wolfpitt Branch to dau Jean Bogue in 1721 and Josiah Perisho, eldest son of John and Jean sells the same land in 1759. So marriage was after 1721.


17. Myriam BOGUE, F. Born on 11 Mar 1716/1717.


18. Rachel BOGUE, F.


No record except found in father's will.


Eleventh Generation


Family of William BOGUE (11) & Sarah DUKE


19. Margaret BOGUE, F.


Margaret married ?Roger KINNECK(H) (KINNEON) KENYON, M. ?Roger KINNECK(H)

died bef Oct 1768.


They had one child:

27 i. Hannah, F


Family of Robert BOGUE (13) & Rachel PEARSON


20. Lydia BOGUE, F.


On 3 Sep 1766 Lydia married Joseph DRAPER, M, son of ? Peter DRAPER, M, in

Perquimans MM N.C.


Family of Josiah BOGUE (14) & Deborah NICHOLSON


21. Joseph BOGUE, M. Born on 14 Jan 1743 in Perquimans Co NC. Joseph died in

Perquimans Co NC in Nov 1803; he was 60.


Joseph also lived in Perquimans North Carolina. He died in November 1803. In

his will he gave son, Stephen Newby, the land and plantation, after wife's

death to go to his heirs forever, unless he dies without heirs, then to the

next youngest son, if no heirs, next youngest, if still no heirs to the

eldest son. After his death his widow and family moved to Elks MM Ohio.


On 4 Oct or 1 Nov 1769 when Joseph was 26, he married Mary NEWBY, F, daughter of

?Samuel NEWBY, M & Elizabeth SAUNDERS, F, in Perquimans Co NC.

Born on 16 Oct 1749 in Perquimans Co NC. Mary died in Preble Co OH in

1822/1831; she was 72.


They had the following children:

28 i. Samuel, M (1772-1871)

29 ii. Josiah, M (1773-)

30 iii. Ann, F (1775-)

31 iv. William, M (1775-)

32 v. Elizabeth, F (1777-)

33 vi. Miriam, F (1778-)

34 vii. Joseph, M (1780-)

35 viii. Newby, M (1781-)

36 ix. Sarah, F (1782-)

37 x. Delwin (Dillon), M (1783-)

38 xi. Job, M (1785-)

39 xii. Mary (Polly), F (1787-)

40 xiii. Anna, F (1789-)

41 xiv. Stephen, M (1790-)

42 xv. Jemima (Jennie), F (1792-)


22. Jessie BOGUE, M. Born in 1745.


23. Job BOGUE, M. Born ? .


In Apr 1775 Job married Elizabeth NEWBY, F.


24. Mary BOGUE, F. Born ? .


25. Miriam BOGUE, F. Born ? .


In 1769 Miriam married Joseph GUYER, M.


26. Lydia BOGUE, F. Born ? .


In 1770 Lydia married John PEASE, M.


Twelfth Generation


Family of Margaret BOGUE (19) & ?Roger KINNECK(H) (KINNEON) KENYON


27. Hannah KINNECK(H) (KINNEON), F.


On 16 May 1770 Hannah married James GRIFFIN, M, son of William* or ? James

GRIFFIN, M. James died on 16 Aug 1778 in ?1798-look at age of dau. Perq. Co



They had one child:

43 i. Lydia, F (1783-ca1846)


Family of Joseph BOGUE (21) & Mary NEWBY


28. Samuel BOGUE, M. Born on 23 Jan 1772 in Perquimans Co NC. Samuel died in

Dudley Twp Henry Co IN on 26 Dec 1871; he was 99. Occupation: in 1811,5,9

was at Elk MM Preble Co, OH.

Samuel was a farmer and was born in Perquimans, North Carolina, he moved to

Pasquotonk MM to marry. Samuel produced a certificate from Suttons Creek MM

to marry. They lived there until 1811, when they moved to Ohio. They

probably moved, to Indiana, after the sale of the land in Ohio in 1821.

Samuel Bogue married Sophia Herrington/Harrington before Sept 1835, as both

their names appear on Madison County, Indiana land records. The first was

from Deed Record Book 5 p100 and involves 30 acres owned by his wife. Some

say Samuel was 108 years old. He was drafted into the War of 1812 and fought

to the close of the war. He has voted at every presidential election since

the organization of the government. Since he was almost one hundred years

old, he made and used a flax break. May have been the oldest man in the



On 26 Jul 1797 when Samuel was 25, he first married Elizabeth MORGAN, F,

daughter of Benjamin MORGAN, M & Sarah GRIFFIN, F, near head of Little

River. Born on 16 Jul 1777 in Pasquotonk Co NC. Elizabeth died in Wayne Co

IN on 28 Jul 1831; she was 54.


They had the following children:

44 i. Benjamin, M (1801-1883)

45 ii. Mary, F (ca1798-)

46 iii. Joseph, M (1803-)

47 iv. Newby, M (1805-)

48 v. Sarah, F (ca1807-)

49 vi. Elizabeth, F

50 vii. Miriam, F


bef Sep 1835 when Samuel was 63, he second married Sophia HE(A)RRINGTON, F.


They had the following children:

51 i. Nancy, F (1836-)

52 ii. Rebecca, F (1838-)

53 iii. Jacob, M (1840-)


29. Josiah BOGUE, M. Born on 16 Mar 1773.


30. Ann BOGUE, F. Born on 20 Jan 1775.


31. William BOGUE, M. Born on 23 Dec 1775.


32. Elizabeth BOGUE, F. Born on 4 Oct 1777.


33. Miriam BOGUE, F. Born on 15 Dec 1778.


34. Joseph BOGUE, M. Born on 16 Feb 1780. Joseph may have died



35. Newby BOGUE, M. Born on 20 Mar 1781.


36. Sarah BOGUE, F. Born on 15 Jun 1782.


37. Delwin (Dillon) BOGUE, M. Born on 23 Nov 1783.


38. Job BOGUE, M. Born on 7 May 1785.


39. Mary (Polly) BOGUE, F. Born on 20 Feb 1787.


40. Anna BOGUE, F. Born on 29 Jan 1789.


41. Stephen BOGUE, M. Born on 17 Oct 1790.


42. Jemima (Jennie) BOGUE, F. Born in 1792, died as an infant.


Thirteenth Generation


Family of Hannah KINNECK(H) (KINNEON) (27) & James GRIFFIN


43. Lydia GRIFFIN, F. Born on 27 Jun 1783 in Perquimans Co NC. Lydia died in

Henry Co IA ca 1846/1850; she was 62. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends



On 19 Mar 1806 when Lydia was 22, she married Enos MENDENHALL, M, son of

Thomas MENDENHALL, M & Phebe(y) RUDDUCK, F, in Springfield MM NC. Born on 14

Jun 1782 in Guilford Co NC. Enos died in Henry Co IA on 14 Feb 1860; he was

77. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery.


Enos and Lydia removed from Springfield MM in North Carolina to Westfield MM

in Hamilton County, Indiana, by certificate dated August 10, 1836 and later

to Salem MM IA, in 1837. His will is recorded in Henry County Iowa and he is

buried in the Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery in Henry county IA.

One hundred and fifty-seven years ago, Enos Mendenhall was building his first

log cabin on the farm that is still in the family. He had entered 80 acres

SW 1/4 of section 36 ca 1838. The cabin stood near the present Maxwell home.

The log cabin burned down, in 1840, before it was entirely completed. The

log cabin was rebuilt immediately and was located where the wood house stood

in 1933. The log cabin had wooden hinges and a wooden latch on the door. To

lock the door one pulled the latch string inside. Enos said "the latch

string was always out."

Enos lived west of Denova for two years and while there cut logs for the

house and for the fence for the farm, which is the current Maxwell place.

Enos attended Salem MM. The home was rebuilt in 1901 and the south barn in

1902. Pamela was 19 when they came to Iowa. She and her sister Asenath worked

at a hotel in Ft. Madison during the winters to help pay for the home place,

where JoAnn Corell and her husband now live. Pamela married Charles Maxwell

in 1846, from whom we are descended. News article in Mt. Pleasant News


They had the following children:

54 i. Ahemar (Ahinaz) (Alimaas), M (1807-1807)

55 ii. Jacob, M (1808-1873)

56 iii. Asenath, F (1811-1849)

57 iv. Hannah, F (1813-)

58 v. Pamela (Permela), F (1817-1896)

59 vi. Emily, F (1820-1822)

60 vii. Enos T., M (1822-1904)


Family of Samuel BOGUE (28) & Elizabeth MORGAN


44. Benjamin BOGUE, M. Born on 26 Nov 1801 in Pasquotonk Co. NC. Benjamin

died in Emporia KS on 17 Oct 1883; he was 81.


For some reason Benjamin and his family moved around a lot. He married

Millie Hiatt in Wayne County IN in 1828. They lived in Indiana until ca

1834, then they were in Michigan from ca 1834 until 1841, possibly Cass Co

near Cassopolis (where some of his great aunts and uncles lived.) From 1841

until 1846 they lived in the Mt. Pleasant and Salem IA vicinity in Henry

County Iowa. They then returned to Indiana and we find them at both Milford

MM and Hopewell MM while there. In August 1851 they returned to Iowa. They

moved to Kansas in 1874.

Update: 2008

Clipped from e-mail I sent to Joel Garretson Novemeber 26, 2007
“I went to the courthouse to check into the Bogue's Jackson twp land and found this:
17 2nd month 1841 Benjamin Bogue purchased from David Wilson and Esther his wife
commencing at the NW cor of NE 1/4 sec 27 Twp 70 range 6, thence S 74 rods, thence E 16 rods, thence N 74 rods thence west to the place of its beginning being 7 acres and 65 rods (on which Bogue is to build a mill.)
27 day of 10th month 1846 Benjamin Bogue and Milly sold to Joseph D. Hoag and Joel Garretson.
It describes the above parcel but says it includes the saw mill.


28th day of May 1842 Benjamin Bogue purchased from Elijah Gipson
Laying north of the creek in the SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of section Twenty-seven, twp 70 range 6 containing 20 acres.
Benjamin Bogue and Milly 8th day Feb 1851 now of Wayne County Indiana sell the 20 acres of land to Pharaba Haworth

This is the first I knew of this mill. Do you know anything about it? Did your ancestor run it for awhile or did Hoag?

My great great grandparents came in ca 1840 to Henry County, Iowa and went back to Indiana in 1846/47. My great grandfather Joseph was born back in Indiana and then they returned to Iowa and Benj. and fam. on to Kansas in 1875, Joseph Bogue who was great grandfather stayed here until his father died and then went to farm his Kansas land. From these records I am sure they attended East Grove Preparative Meeting ca 1841-1846, so am glad your son took me back there.”


Reply from Joel Garretson:
“Yes, I was aware of the mill but do not know too much about it. My ancestor who I am named after, Joel Garretson was said to have operated it. Pat Ross from Mt. Pleasant knew about it and passed some information down to his son in law Bill Garretson. They were milling RR ties for the Keokuk, Mt. P. & Muscatine RR. My dad said that the Bogue Creek valley in throughout that area was known as sawmill bottoms. The location you cite for the mill is on Bogue Creek just south of Salem/Lowell Road on property owned by Russ Cox. That parcel was also to have been a RR siding and depot for the RR and was to be named Lavonia.

The Benjamin Bogue 20 acres is over the hill from us on property owned by Larry Francy. It was owned for many years by Homer Williams. It borders the north side of Joel C. Garretson's original 80 acres.

Thanks for passing that on. Very interesting!”


On *2 Oct 1828 when Benjamin was 26, he married Millicent (Millie) HIATT, F,

daughter of Silas HIATT, M & Anna CLARY, F, in Wayne Co IN. Born on 30 Aug

1809 in North Carolina. Millicent (Millie) died in Emporia KS on 23 Feb 1896; she

was 86. *Hiatt book, Bogue book 29 May 1824. Luticia Sparques says 1825.


She is believed to have been a mother at age 14 years and 9 months. Her

daughter Melinda is believed to have been born 5-29-1824. Quaker records of

Milford MM IN p 60 and 73


3-18-1824 Jessie rpt "being father of illegitimate ch' and mcd

4-15 1824 Milla rpt guilty of unchasity

5-13-1824 Jesse dis

6-17-1824 Milla dis


5-28-1842 the Salem IA MM of Friends recrq. Milla into membership.


I have a copy of a letter she wrote from Emporia KS in 1891 when she was

eighty two years old.


They had the following children:

61 i. Melinda, F (1824-1847)

62 ii. Anna Hiatt, F (1829-1850)

63 iii. Silas, M (1830-1911)

64 iv. Huldah, F (1831-1901)

65 v. Samuel, M (1834-1895)

66 vi. Henry, M (1836-1837)

67 vii. Joshua, M (1838-1880)

68 viii. Allen, M (1840-1926)

69 ix. Asenath, F (1841-1920)

70 x. Edith, F (1844-1844)

71 xi. Newby, M (1845-1924)

72 xii. Mary Ellen, F (1848-1931)

73 xiii. Joseph Dickinson, M (1850-1918)

74 xiv. Benjamin Franklin (Frank), M (1853-1941)

75 xv. Emily (Emma, Em), F (1855-)

76 xvi. Elvirene (Ella), F (1957-)


45. Mary BOGUE, F. Born ca 1798/1799.


Mary married BUNDY, M.


46. Joseph BOGUE, M. Born in 1803.


In 1823 when Joseph was 20, he married Nancy HARRIS, F, mcd.


47. Newby BOGUE, M. Born on 25 Mar 1805.


In 1827 when Newby was 21, he married Hannah PALMER, F, in Centerville IN.


48. Sarah BOGUE, F. Born ca 1807 in Pasquotonk Co.


On 16 Feb 1826 when Sarah was 19, she married Jonathan RATCLIFF, M, in

Milford MH.


49. Elizabeth BOGUE, F.


50. Miriam BOGUE, F. Born in Pasquotonk Co N C.


On 29 Nov 1837 Miriam married Elias RATCLIFF, M, in Hopewell MH.


residence Salem IA


Family of Samuel BOGUE (28) & Sophia HE(A)RRINGTON


51. Nancy BOGUE, F. Born in 1836.


In 1876 when Nancy was 40, she first married Spencer STEPHENS, M.


In 1880 when Nancy was 44, she second married Jacob CHURCHMAN, M.


52. Rebecca BOGUE, F. Born in 1838.


In 1862 when Rebecca was 24, she married Benjamin F. MOON, M.


53. Jacob BOGUE, M. Born in 1840.


In 1862 when Jacob was 22, he married Hannah, F.

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14th Generation


Family of Lydia GRIFFIN (43) & Enos MENDENHALL


54. Ahemar (Ahinaz) (Alimaas) MENDENHALL, M. Born on 3 Jan 1807. Ahemar

(Ahinaz) (Alimaas) died on 2 Feb/May 1807


55. Jacob MENDENHALL, M. Born on 18 Feb 1808. Jacob died on 20 Jan 1873; he

was 64.


Came to Salem in 1839


Jacob first married Susannah MOORE, F.


In 1845 when Jacob was 36, he second married Elizabeth DAVIS, F.


56. Asenath MENDENHALL, F. Born on 27 Sep 1811. Asenath died on 16 May 1849;

she was 37.


Was it the cholera epidemic of 1849 and could that be when her mother died.


57. Hannah MENDENHALL, F. Born on 16 Dec 1813.


On 31 Mar 1841 when Hannah was 27, she married Thomas BELL, M.


58. Pamela (Permela) MENDENHALL, F. Born on 25 Aug 1817 in North Carolina.

Pamela (Permela) died in on farm in Henry Co IA on 31 Aug 1896; she was 79.

Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery Henry Co, IA.


Came to Iowa in 1837.


On 2 Jul 1846 when Pamela (Permela) was 28, she married Charles MAXWELL, M,

son of Jacob MAXWELL, M & Margaret HEAVENRIDGE, F. Born on 3 Mar 1821 in

Indiana. Charles died in gored by bull on farm in Henry Co IA on 3 Oct 1877;

he was 56. Buried in Cedar Creek Friends Cemetery. Occupation: farmer came

IA in 1841.


I have a copy of their marriage certificate they were married in the Friends

church according to the doctrine of the Society of Friends at Cedar Creek

Friends Church, Mt. Pleasant Ia on 7-2-1846


They had the following children:

i. Lydia, F (1847-1920)

ii. Margaret, F (1849-1850)

iii. Thomas C, M (1858-1837)

iv. Josiah, M (1851-1898)

v. Enos Jacob, M (1853-1944)

vi. Hannah, F (1855-1929)


59. Emily BELL, F. Born on 19 Sep 1820. Emily died on 19 Jul 1822; she was



60. Enos T. MENDENHALL, M. Born on 13 Jul 1822. Enos T. died in 1904; he was



On 2 Mar 1848 when Enos T. was 25, he married Rachel Emily MILLS, F.


Family of Benjamin BOGUE (44) & Millicent (Millie) HIATT


61. Melinda HIATT, F. Born on 29 May 1824 in Wayne County IN. Melinda died

in IA in 1847; she was 22. Marriage is recorded in Quaker records of Iowa.


On 30 Dec 1843 when Melinda was 19, she married Abraham WOOLMAN, M, in Salem



They had the following children:

i. Phoebe, F

ii. Oliver, M


62. Anna Hiatt BOGUE, F. Born on 27 Jun 1829 in Wayne County IN. Anna Hiatt

died in IN on 14 Sep 1850; she was 21.


She never married and died in IN


63. Silas BOGUE, GG Uncle, M. Born on 31 Jul 1830 in IN. Silas died in Lyon County, KS, on 17 Mar 1911; he was 80. Buried in Haworth Cemetery southest of Emporia (New information added July 2012)

Silas stone

Silas BOGUE Civil War Vet.


Silas was born July 31, 1830 and died at his home in Kansas Mar. 17, 1911. Mustered in Co K 4 Iowa Cav. Nov 25, 1861. Wounded June 22, 1863 at Bear Creek, Mississippi. Reenlisted Dec 31, 1863. Promoted to Eight Corporal Jan. 1. 1864. Rank reduced May 20, 1864. Served to end of war and mustered out with brother. Buried in Haworth Cemetery, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas. He lived in Knoxville Ia in 1885 and Melrose Ia in 1880 and 1881. He lived in Melrose many years before coming to Emporia KS. He served in Company K-4 1A Calvary during the Civil War. He married three times.

Widowed 1880 Melrose, Iowa census and niece Mary McGill living with him keeping house.

He lived in Knoxville Ia in 1884/5 per letter written by Mary Bogue 11-30-1884/5 to Joseph and Hannah Bogue of Salem, Iowa and in Melrose Ia in 1881 per letter written by Silas to brother Joseph and Hannah on 28 Jun 1881. He lived in Melrose many years before coming to Emporia KS. No mention in either letter of a son Frank.

The 1895 Special Kansas census lists Frank 14 living with him at Emporia, KS. and in the 1900 census when he had remarried Frank Bogue son born Feb 1881 in Iowa age 18, this census in Pike District 70, Lyon County, Kansas. Last census I find Frank in.

On 1 Nov 1861 when Silas was 31, he first married Sarah C. JOHNSON, Spouse of GG Uncle, F in Henry County, IA. (US Vital Records 1998). Born in 1840. Sarah C. died after 1870 and bef 1880; she was 30.

Silas and his wife Sarah are living in Jackson Township Henry County, Iowa in the 1870 census. A Richard Johnson lives with them and is 8. Samuel and family live beside him as does his parents.

They had no children.

ca 1880 when Silas was 49, he second married ? Mary McGILL, F. Born in 1851 in Iowa . 29 by 1880 census of Melrose, Iowa. ? Mary died in Oct 1893; she was 42.

In 1880 Iowa Monroe County, Melrose, Iowa census she is called his niece and 29

They had one child:

i. Frank BOGUE, M (Feb 1881-aft 1900) Born in Feb 1881 in Iowa. Frank died aft 1900.

He is in the Special Emporia, Kansas census of 1895 living with Silas and is 14. The 1900 census says he is the son of Silas Bogue and born Feb 1881 but cannot find him in another census unless he is Thomas Frank who is linked to John Bogue.

Ca 1896 when Silas was 65, he third married Eliza CAMPBELL, Spouse of GG Uncle, F in Kansas. Born in Jan 1850 in KS. Eliza died in KS in Oct 1935; she was 85.

They had no children. She has children Andrew J. Campbell born 1883 and Esther (Stella) born 1890 in 1900 census. In 1905 census, these two children are still living with them but in 1910 they live still in Pike and Stella is married to Jessie Williams and they have a baby daughter.

64. Huldah BOGUE, F. Born on 3 Oct 1831. Huldah died on 4 Dec 1901/1902; she

was ca 70.


On 26 Nov 1861 when Huldah was 30, she married Major FOSTER, M.


Three children died young


They had the following children:

i. Sadie, F

ii. Frank, M

iii. Daniel, M

iv. Edgar, M


65. Samuel BOGUE, GG Uncle, M. Born on 3 Jan 1834 in MI. Samuel died in Leavenworth Kansas Soldiers' Home, on 10 Apr 1895; he was 61. Occupation: He was in the civil War. (Updated July 4, 2012)


Samuel BOGUE Civil War Vet




1859 a child died in infancy with his third wife he had children but all died as infants but a girl. 

He was in the Civil War.  Samuel born Jan. 3 1834, died in Leavenworth, Kansas Soldier's home on Apr. 10, 1895. Buried in Leavenworth National Cemetery.  He like his brother lived in Henry County, Iowa, when they enlisted.  He enlisted on Jan. 1, 1862, reenlisted Jan. 1, 1864 and served to the end of the war, being mustered out on Aug. 8, 1865 at Atlanta, GA.


In 1858 when Samuel was 23, he first married Elizabeth RUCKER, Spouse of GG Uncle, F. Born in 1835.


They had one child:

                  i.        Child BOGUE, ? (1859-) Born in 1859. Child died in in infancy.


ca 1865 when Samuel was 30, he second married Mary E DRAKE, Spouse of GG Uncle, F. ? after War. Born ca 1837/40. Mary E died in Lyon County, Kansas, on 27 Dec 1883; she was 46. Buried in Cottonwood Cemetery, Emporia.



Stone of second wife Mary on other side is the data for their son, James N. Bogue



They had the following children:

                  i.        David A BOGUE, M (1866-) Born in 1866 in Iowa .

                 ii.        George F BOGUE, M (1869-) Born in 1869 in Iowa .

                iii.        Laura B BOGUE, F (1870-) Born in 1870 in Iowa .

                           On 3 Mar 1889 when Laura B was 19, she married Alva MOON, M in Lyon County, Kansas. E 390.

                iv.        Newton (JAMES N.) BOGUE, M (1872-13 Dec 1883) Born in 1872. Newton (JAMES N.) died in Lyon County, KS, on 13 Dec 1883; he was 11. Buried in Cottonwood Cemetery, Emporia.

                 v.        Fred BOGUE, M (1878-) Born in 1878 in Kansas.

                vi.        Essie May BOGUE, F (16 Oct 1883-) Born on 16 Oct 1883. (some say child of third ife.)

                           Essie May married BERRY, Spouse of 1C2R, M.


On 13 Jan 1885?, (Maybe 1883 but second wife died in Dec 1883), when Samuel was 50, he third married Mary Jane STUBBS, Spouse of GG Uncle, F, daughter of Elijah M. STUBBS, M & Beulah Ann TAYLOR, F, in Lyon County, Kansas. D 200. Born on 9 Mar 1856 in West Elkton OH. Mary Jane died in Marysville KS, on 12 Nov 1928; she was 72.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Homer BOGUE, M (1885-1885) Born in 1885 in Kansas. Homer died in Lyon County KS, in 1885; he was <1.

                           Three months old in 1885 census  of Chase County, Kansas.


                 ii.        infant BOGUE, M (1886-1886) Born in 1886 in Lyon County KS. infant died in Lyon County, Kansas, in 1886; he was <1.

                iii.        Anna BOGUE, F (1891-) Born in 1891 in KS.

                           Anna married HATFIELD, Spouse of 1C2R, M.

                iv.        infant BOGUE, ? (ca 1894-Feb 1894) Born ca 1894 in Lyon County KS. infant died in Lyon County KS, in Feb 1894; he was <1.



66. Henry BOGUE, M. Born on 25 May 1836 in MI. Henry died in MI on 3 Oct

1837; he was 1.


67. Joshua BOGUE, M. Born on 3 Jul 1838 in MI. Joshua died in KS aged 42

on 8 May 1880; he was 41. never married


68. Allen BOGUE, M. Born on 1 Feb 1840 in ? MI or IA. Allen died in Emporia

KS in 1926; he was 85.


Never married, farmed for his parents on the Kansas homestead for many



69. Asenath BOGUE, F. Born on 27 Nov 1841/1842 in Henry County IA. Asenath

died in Labette County KS near Montana on 19 Jan 1920; she was 78. Buried in

Mitchell Cemetery.


Asenath graduated from Whittier College at Salem IA in the spring of 1870,

at the 5th annual commencement. She taught school in MO in 1877. She married

Nelson Phillips in 1879, he was mean to her and beat her and they divorced.

Buried in Mitchell Cemetery across the road from which she lived.


On 1 Oct 1879 when Asenath was 37, she first married Nelson W. PHILLIPS, M,

in Emporia KS. He was first married to Catherine May Boggs Ch: Jessie, Zachariah, Willis, Emma, Millie, Charlie, Riley and Amanda.

In 1882 when Asenath was 40, she second married William Oliver COOK, M, son

of Zachariah COOK, M & Dinah BUNDY, F, in spring of 1882 in Kansas City KS.

Born on 6 Feb 1836 in Moonville Madison County IN. William Oliver died in

Montana KS on 15 May 1917; he was 81. Buried in Mitchell Cemetery.


He died of sugar diabetes and a heart attack. He never married and was 89

years 5 months and eleven days old when he died.


They had the following children:

i. Silas Allen, M (1881/82-1972)

ii. Wright Robert, M (1883/84-1977)

iii. Millie Elma, F (1886-1949)


70. Edith BOGUE, F. Born on 8 Feb 1844 in IA. Edith died on 20 Feb 1844 in

IA lived 12 days and died of pneumonia.


71. Newby BOGUE, M. Born on 14 Oct 1845 in IA. Newby died on 18 May

1924/1925; he was ca 78.


He is said to have married two more times. His first wife had been married

to a Frisbee(y).


In 1873 when Newby was 27, he first married Ann Elizabeth OHL, F, daughter

of Frederick OHL, M. Born on 26 Jan 1848 in in PA. Ann Elizabeth died in

Johnston County IA on 12 Mar 1904; she was 56.


They had the following children:

i. George Milton, M

ii. James Phillip, M (1880-)


Newby second married Alice COTTON, F.


72. Mary Ellen BOGUE, F. Born on 15 Jun 1848 in Milton MM IN. Mary Ellen

died in Lyon County KS on 11 May 1931; she was 82. Buried in Maplewood

Cemetery Emporia KS.


On 17 Jan 1871 when Mary Ellen was 22, she married James A. SPRAGUE, M, son

of William Henry SPRAGUE, M & Caroline DRAKE, F, in ? IA another source says

Emporia KS. Born on 3 Nov 1847 in Lottonville, Staten Island N. Y. James A.

died in Lyon County KS on 6 Nov 1928; he was 81. Buried in Maplewood

Cemetery, Emporia KS.


They had the following children:

i. Francis Edwin (Eddie), M (1871-1950)

ii. Alice Emma, F (1873-1963)

iii. Albert Emerson, M (1874/79-1965)

iv. Lutecia Georgia (Tish), F (1891-1976)

v. Winifred (Winnie), F (1901-1980)

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73. Joseph Dickinson BOGUE, M. Born on 20 Apr 1850 in Wayne Co., IN. Joseph

Dickinson died in Holly, Colo on 8 May 1918; he was 68. Buried in Holly

Cemetery. Occupation: Farmer - lived in IN, IA, KS and CO. Religion: Quaker



Joseph Dickenson was a farmer and a Republican and he came to Iowa when he

was a year old in a Prairie Schooner. He purchased and moved to his parents

40 acres near Emporia KS in 1896, following his mother's death. The farm was

too small to support his large family, therefore they rented other land and

the family lived in both Lyon and Chase counties KS. They moved to a diary

farm near Holly CO in the spring of 1907. They moved by rail on an immigrant

car, leaving Bazaar KS one evening and arriving in Holly the next evening at

midnight. In 1910 Joseph D. homesteaded 320 acres 22 miles south of Holly,

on the prairie. Walter Bogue and Charlie Thompson (Neva's husband) each had

320 acres, almost adjoining. Joseph injured his hand on the farm in CO April

30, 1918 and was taken to the hospital in Lamar on May 2, and died there in

May 8, 1918 of blood poisoning. His wife Ida died of cancer 05 Nov 1920. His

first wife Hannah Roberts died after being hurt in the stomach while

carrying their fourth child. The baby died and rotted inside of her killing


The Joseph D. Bogue children used to have a round robin letter, that usually

made a trip around the children, once a year. I know that the four living

children by Ida and Minnie and Walter were in it. I am not sure if they had

it when Royal was still living. I think Fritz may have been in it, but don't

remember. I used to read some of the letters and when grandmother died, Lois

(mom) took over writing in it. After my mother's death all contact was lost

with his family, until 1992.


On 21 Mar 1875 when Joseph Dickinson was 24, he first married Hannah

ROBERTS, F, daughter of David ROBER(D)TS, M & Phebe BOND, F, in Hnery County,

Iowa by Justice of the Peace W. T or F Jones.

Born on 5 Jun 1853 in IN. Hannah died at her home near Salem, IA on 11

Jul 1887; she was 34. Buried in Salem Friends Cemetery, Salem, IA.

Occupation: Housewife. Religion: Quaker "Friends".


The family lived near Salem IA. Hannah was pregnant with her fourth child

when she was injured and died. She was in the barn and got hit in the

stomach. Her baby died and rotted inside her killing her.

Back: Minnie and Royal Front: Fritz Valeen and Ida his mother, Joseph holding Neva and Walter

They had the following children:

i. Royal Prince, M (1877-1933)

ii. Minnie Viola, F (1878-1961)

iii. Walter Roberts, M (1885-1969)


On 1 Sep 1888 when Joseph Dickinson was 38, he second married Ida Marie NEIS, F, daughter of Henry NEIS, M & Mary HANSON, F, in Hnery County, Iowa, by C. W. Shepard minister. Ida was born on 25 Dec 1865/1866 in Richland IA. Ida Marie died in Valley Hosp. in La Junta CO on 5 Nov 1920; she was ca 54. Buried in Holly Cemetery. Ida had married Victor Valeen on 5 July 1885 who died leaving a child Fritz Leonard, born 17 April 1886.

They had the following children:

i. Nevada Irene (Neva), F (1889-1976)

ii. Beda Ellen, F (1891-1988)

iii. Henry Benjamin, M (1892-1985)

iv. Rose(e)anna M., F (1894-1909)

v. Lee Owen, M (1901-1985)


74. Benjamin Franklin (Frank) BOGUE, M. Born on 1 Mar 1853 in IA. Benjamin

Franklin (Frank) died in Tacoma WA in 1941; he was 87.


In 1881 they lived near Earlham, IA and attended Bear Creek Friends Church.

In 1944 Lida lived at 6808 S Warner St in Tacoma WA. Most of the family

moved to Washington and lived there.


On 1 Mar 1877 when Benjamin Franklin (Frank) was 24, he married Lida (Lydia)

Margaret NICHOLSON, F, daughter of James A. NICHOLSON, M & Rachel SMITH, F,

in Earlham IA. Born on 1 Mar 1860 in Salem IA.


They had the following children:

i. Oscar Augustus, M (1878-)

ii. Herman Benjamin, M (1881-)

iii. Oliva Rachel (Ollie), F (1883-1974)

iv. Virgil Estis, M (1995-1938)

v. James Arthur, M (1887-1909)

vi. Earl(E) Wordsworth, M (1889-)

vii. Martha Pearl (Pearle), F (1892-)

viii. Nellie Florence, F (1894-)

ix. Bertha Milley, F (1896-)

x. Raymond Ward (Ward Ray), M (1898-)

xi. Ethel Marie, F (1900-)


75. Emily (Emma, Em) BOGUE, F. Born on 24 Dec 1855 in Henry County IA.


Residence in 1944 Emporia Kansas Rt 2


On 13 Mar 1879 when Emily (Emma, Em) was 23, she married Thomas Harmon


F. Born on 23 Jun 1855 in Lyme County KS.


They had the following children:

i. Theodore Delwin (Dilly), M (1880-1898)

ii. Harry Monroe, M (1882-1966)

iii. Franklin Earl (Earle), M (1884-)


76. Elvirene (Ella) BOGUE, F. Born on 26 Jul 1957 in Henry County IA.


Residence in 1944 Emporia KS 1107 Washington St.


On 20 Oct 1881 Elvirene (Ella) married Carydon (Cora) IRELAND, M.


They had the following children:

i. Charles, M

ii. Raymond, M

iii. Ernest, M

iv. Kenneth, M

v. Ethel, F

vi. Bertha, F




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