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Kyger Scrapbook - Page 5


     Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Priode wish to express their sincere thanks to their many friends who showed kindnesses to them during the illness and death of their little daughter Evelyn who passed away at Mt. Carmel hospital in Columbus after five days' suffering; also to the ministers, the choir and for the beautiful floral offerings.

[from Cemeteries of Cheshire Township, Gravel Hill Cemetery listing: " Priode, Lettie T. Coughenour w/o E. H. b. 1881 d. 1912; Priode, E. Finley b. Apr. 14, 1907 d. Sep. 21, 1907; and Priode, Evelyn b. Nov. 29, 1908 d. Feb. 7, 1918 [sic]"]


      We present to our readers this week a very true likeness of a somewhat remarkable group picture which was taken at the first annual reunion of the Plymale family and all their connections by blood or marriage near Yellowtown on August 30, 1902. They Plymale family is one of the oldest and best in the county and are noted for their progressiveness and ability. The reunion marked the first annual gathering of this family, but Providence permitting it will not be the last. During the course of the day these persons were grouped and the picture we present in this issue was taken.
     The group, while a five generation one, is broken at one link in the chain of descent, a daughter having been removed by the hand of Death and her place is supplied by her husband.
     The eldest person in the picture is Mrs. Rebecca E. Plymale aged 84 years, who makes her home with her son, James A. Plymale, the produce dealer, living on Third avenue in this city. Her other sons are John A. Plymale, our efficient and capable county treasurer, who is filling his trust with much ability, and Eugene Plymale, a successful business man of Cleveland. A daughter, Rhode E. Plymale, who became the wife of Squire John A. Martindale, is dead.


Plymale family: 5 generations

The next person in the order of descent is Mrs. Martindale, and her place was taken by her husband, Squire Martindale. He is one of our county's best known citizens, a successful farmer and a highly respected gentleman, living about three miles from Addison in the vicinity of Bulaville.
     His son, Hugh Martindale, comes next in the family tree. Mr. Martindale is a pharmacist located at Milton, W. Va., and one of that city's most prominent citizens.
     Fred Martindale, son of Hugh, is, like his father, in the drug business at Anstead, W. Va., and is doing well.
     His son, Irwin Martindale, aged 5, stands for the fifth generation in this remarkable group and we hope he will grow up to equal his line of progenitors in a successful career.
     It is an occurrence somewhat rare when members of one family in direct descent for five generations stay the destroying hand of death for so long a time and we are sure that we voice the sentiments of our many readers in wishing the principals in this picture and all their relatives who saw it taken, a long and happy life, with peace and prosperity at the end and may they live to enjoy many more such happy gatherings as was that of the clan of Plymale on August 30, 1902.


Don't pin your black hat on with a white pin, and don't wear a heavy, flaring, ornate one. It may be the one jarring note in an otherwise pretty toilet.
     Don't buy cheap gloves, or, if you buy them, don't wear them on the street. They always look their quality and price, and they are dear at the cheapest.
     Don't carry the handkerchief in evidence on the street in the front of the bodice or stuck under the belt. Formerly a handkerchief was for show. It is now more generally for use; besides, you might lose it.

[etc.]---San Francisco Examiner.

[loose clipping, not in the scrapbook]

     There was a large attendance at the funeral rites for Emmet Lyle Sunday afternoon at the home of Major O. G. Lyle. The arrangements as announced were carried out.
     Pall bearers were selected from the nephews and the nieces' husbands: Charles and Jason Thomas, Dale and Laude Miller, H. R. Bradbury, David Briggs.
     Among those from a distance were Lew and Carrie Entsminger, Lancaster; Garnet Lutz, Langsville; Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gillespie, Bessie and Myrtle Booth, all of Huntington.
     [Funeral 10 Apr 1938, pallbearers: Charles & Jason Thomas were sons of his older sister Ashtabula (Mrs. Seth Thomas). Laude Miller and H. R. Bradbury (Horace Bion) were husbands of daughters of his sister Laura (Mrs. David Perry Rupe), David Briggs was the son of Anne Eliza (Coughenour) Briggs and Dale Miller the son of Minnie (Coughenour) Miller, nephews of Emmet's late wife. Carrie Entsminger was the daughter of Emmet's aunt Hannah Jane (Lyle) McKnight, Lew her husband. Garnet Lutz was a granddaughter of his uncle James Lyle.]

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