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Descendants of James Lyle and Hannah Crawford

From Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
To Hamilton County, Ohio; Jefferson County, Indiana; Meigs County, Ohio;
Wapello County, Iowa; Schuyler County, Illinois; Sullivan County, Missouri and beyond

Lyle Land Records

James Lyle arrived in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, about 1806. His family included his wife Hannah Crawford, and by 1810, seven children: John, James, Charles, Samuel, William, Francis Wayne and Elizabeth. See the descendant narrative for more details about the family and their travels.

Though they lived in Allegheny County before 1810, the first land records I find for the family are a deed for son William who purchased a little over three acres from the original warrant of William Witherow in 1822 and, at last, a purchase by father James Lyle of 57 acres and eleven perches from the warrant of Nathaniel Boyd in 1830. Both of these parcels were in Elizabeth Township, but over the border into what became Lincoln Township in 1869. In early 1830 William sold his small plot before moving to Ohio, Indiana and on. His father's purchase was the next month. Those 57 acres were inherited by James Lyle's seven children in 1839 and were sold in five deeds. [See deed transcripts at the links below.]

Allegheny County 1800

Allegheny County townships as they existed in 1800 are shown above. Elizabeth Township remained the same until 1869 when it was divided into three townships with Lincoln the northern tip, Forward the southwestern portion and the eastern part keeping the name Elizabeth. The location of the land owned by James Lyle is shown by the red dot. Isaac Webb's land was farther north and John McCune's was along the bend of the Youghiogheny to the east.
Warrantee Atlas of Allegheny County

Lincoln Township warrants
click on map for larger image

Below is a detail of the lower portion showing the warrants of William Witherow and Nathaniel Boyd from which the Lyles bought land. Just northeast is "Grassy Fort" which was owned by William Ritchey, grandfather of Matilda (Ritchey) Lyle. Near this location was the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanters) known as "Forks of the Yough".

Warrantee Atlas detail

Lyle Family Deed Transcriptions

1830: William's sale of 3+ acres    1830: James's 57+ acre purchase    1838: Francis Wayne's wife

Sale of the land of the estate of James Lyle
1840: Charles & Elizabeth    1840: William    1840: Francis Wayne    1842: John    1842: James & Samuel

Lyle Family migration to Indiana
Jefferson County, Indiana     William Lyle
80 acres
Sec. 12, 3-N, 8-E
21 Sep 1835
    Charles Lyle
40 acres
Sec. 12, 3-N, 8-E
15 Mar 1837
    John Lyle
80 acres
Sec. 14, 3-N, 8-E
1 Aug 1838
in the
    John Hall
80 acres
Sec. 11, 3-N, 8-E
28 Mar 1839
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Land in Wapello County, Iowa
Wapello County, Iowa     Charles Lyle
2 town lots
8 Aug 1852
3 Apr 1854
    John Lyle
40 acres
Keokuk Twp.
W W NE S13 T71 R13
28 Jan 1857
    heirs of John Lyle
sales of 40 acres
in the
    Lewis G. Turner
& Mary Susan [Lyle] his wife
Samuel M. Wright
& Hannah E. [Lyle] his wife
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