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From Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, the family first followed the Ohio River valley to southwestern Ohio and nearby Indiana. Later Samuel moved to southeastern Ohio also near the Ohio River. Overland moves followed though William's land in Schuyler County, Illinois, was near the Illinois River.

  1. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (seat Norristown, NW of Philadelphia) - James Lyle's son Samuel reportedly born here 22 Dec 1801.

  2. Elizabeth Township*, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (southeast of seat Pittsburgh between Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers) - James lived here from about 1806 to his death about 1839. Sons James, Samuel and Francis Wayne still resident here in 1840 when the land from the estate sold. From 1850 an Elizabeth Lyle was in Elizabeth Borough with four children, probably the wife or widow of Francis Wayne. William's daughter Hannah Crawford Lyle was born here 5 Jan 1830.

  3. Hamilton County, Ohio (seat Cincinnati) - In 1830 James Lyle's sons James and William were in Greene Twp. (William next to Joseph Boyd (see biographical sketch) who married Rebecca Crawford, from Pennsylvania in 1810.) James returned to Pennsylvania. Sons Charles (1837) and John (1838) resided here when they bought land patents in Jefferson County, Indiana (see 4). William's daughters Jane Rebecca (1831) and Rachel (1833), and Charles's daughter Nancy J. (1834) were born in Ohio.

  4. Jefferson County, Indiana (seat Madison) - in 1840 James Lyle's sons John, Charles and William and daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Hall all lived here, two Crawford families among them. William Lyle (21 Sep 1835) bought a land patent and John Hall (28 Mar 1839) bought land from Lyman and Sarah Lathrop here as local residents. The John Hall family continued to live in Republican Twp. Charles Lyle's children Mary S. (1837), Jasper R. (~1842) and Benjamin F. (~1844) were born in Indiana and son Joseph A. was buried there. James and his three sons, James Jr, David and Wilson H. joined brother John by 1850 in Graham Twp.

  5. Wapello County, Iowa (seat Ottumwa) opened to settlers at midnight 30 Apr 1843. The Charles Lyle family lived here in 1850, daughter Martha L. born in Iowa 15 Aug 1848. In 1860 daughter Mary Susan is a school teacher boarding in Polk Twp.; James O. has a family and Benjamin (age 16) is a farm laborer, both in Washington Twp. Benjamin was briefly in the Union army, Mary S. and older sister Hannah E. married. Mary S., three other children and Benjamin were buried in Ashland Cemetery as was their Uncle John.

  6. Bainbridge Twp., Schuyler County, Illinois (seat Rushville), was the next stop for William, Matilda and children born in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. He was listed as a blacksmith in 1850. His daughter Jane Rebecca married Samuel Clayton and lived just north in McDonough Co. Oldest daughter Hannah Crawford Lyle married Jasper P. Farrar in Indiana and moved to Schuyler Co. where they remained. James Jr.'s children, Sidney, Alice and Clara, appear in the county from the 1890s.

  7. Salem Twp., Meigs County, Ohio (seat Pomeroy) - James Lyle's son Samuel bought a land patent here 10 Jul 1844 with James Linch as residents of Allegheny County, Pa. Samuel moved his family about that time, his last son Boyd born here 23 Jul 1845. Samuel and family stayed.

  8. William's married daughter Rachel Springer moved to Missouri and her father followed about 1858 with his second wife to Penn Twp., Sullivan County (seat Milan) where he remained.


* Elizabeth Township was divided in 1869, the northern part becoming Lincoln Township, today the location of the family's land.

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