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Ancestors of James Lyle

I have documented the family of James Lyle and Hannah Crawford who settled in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, by 1810. Now comes the documented ancestry of James Lyle, son of John Lyle and Elizabeth Wayne of Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. While more research is necessary on these ancestors, the real need is to prove the James Lyle in each case to be one and the same. My reasons for believing that is so are as follows (facts below are documented in the appropriate descendant or ancestor narrative):

  1. The 1883 biographical sketch (H. H. Hardesty, Meigs County, Ohio) of grandson of James, Samuel C. Lyle (1837-1896), relates that his father (4th son of James) Samuel C. Lyle (1801-1886) was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. While this may not be literally true, it provides a link to ancestry in that location.
  2. All indications (such as 1880 census of surviving children of James, bio of grandson, James O. Lyle) are that James Lyle was born in Pennsylvania.
  3. The 1904 biographical sketch of grandson James O. Lyle states that Hannah (Croford) Lyle, his paternal grandmother, was related in some way to General Anthony Wayne. The particulars are not correct, but point to family lore on a Wayne relationship.
  4. Analysis of records of James Lyle in Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, point to his birth being between 1765 -1775, probably in the first half of that period or 1765 - 1770. The James Lyle of Upper Merion appears to have been born between 1763 - 1768 which covers the same time span.
  5. The 1790 census records reveal very few families in Pennsylvania with the surname Lyle which limits the possible origins of James Lyle.
  6. My growing belief that the James Lisle found in the 1800 census in Milford Township, Mifflin County, is the James Lyle who soon moved to Allegheny County, is strengthened by knowledge that a daughter of John Lyle of Upper Merion, Elizabeth Lyle, wife of Robert Woods, lived in that area from about 1794 and had Crawford neighbors.
  7. James Lyle of Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, named his first son John and his first daughter Elizabeth. Based on the naming patterns employed by his children, this implies his parents may have been named John and Elizabeth. It is compelling that he named a son Francis Wayne Lyle. Robert and Elizabeth Lyle Woods named a son Francis Wayne Woods.
  8. John Lyle of Upper Merion leaving his son James $1 as he had already received all that his father intended as his share of the estate while three brothers inherited the family farm is in keeping with James's removal to the west.
  9. In tax lists for Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a James Lyle appears among the single men for the years 1792 and 1793. He is not in earlier lists for 1789 and 1791 though his father and brother, Francis, are. Neither is James on these lists in 1795 through 1800 though brothers Benjamin (1799) and John Jur. (1800) were added. [no list for 1794]
  10. In the obituary of great-grandson Wayne Lyle (James3, Samuel2, James1) of Meigs County, Ohio (1863-1928) descent of the family from Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne is claimed and cited as the reason for his name. Again, this is not exactly correct, but demonstrates belief in the tie of the Lyle family to the Wayne family. [Wayne Lyle's Passing, Pomeroy Democrat, Pomeroy, Ohio, Thurs., Aug. 30, 1928, p. 1]


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