Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Franklin Co., Ohio; Descendants of James LYLE and Hannah CRAWFORD

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Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg
In Franklin County, Ohio
visited by the author on 26 June 2013

marker for Archie Spires

marker for Archie Spires
MAR 15 1932 - SEP 7 2007

Block H, Section 3, #2

 Archie Ray Spires was a great-grandson of Boyd Lyle, youngest son of Samuel C. Lyle of Meigs County.

Other members of his family are buried at Glen Rest.

Spires, Leland Boyd
Buchanan, Carolyn Agnes (Bradley) Spires

Rhoda S. Lyle was a daughter of Samuel Lyle, another son of Samuel C. Lyle.
She was married to Barton Lewis Darst. They and other DARST family members
are also buried at Glen Rest.

Darst, Barton Lewis
Darst, Rhoda S. (Lyle)
Darst, Marion H.
Darst, Paul Lyle
Darst, Warren H. [Havens]
Darst, Elizabeth A.
Darst, Belle H.
Porter, Gertrude H. (Darst)
Porter, James Avril, Jr.

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