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Descendants of James Lyle and Hannah Crawford

From Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
To Hamilton County, Ohio; Jefferson County, Indiana; Meigs County, Ohio;
Wapello County, Iowa; Schuyler County, Illinois; Sullivan County, Missouri and beyond

Lyle Land Records

Wapello County Deed Book 22: 634, County Recorder, Ottumwa, Iowa
microfilm no. 2,258,970, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
   Referees 	|  Filed March 25th 1885
         To    	|                 at 1155 O'clock A. M.
            	|             James Houdyshell
Samuel Buchanan	|                              Recorder
     This Indenture, Made the 7th day of March 1885
between W. F. Foster, Ashford McCoy and J. Lanning, Referees
of the first part and Samuel Buchanan of the second part
Witnesseth That whereas, in an action of partition in the
Circuit Court Wapello County, wherein P. A. Dudley et al - were
Plaintiffs and Kate E. Dudley et al, were Defendants: the said parties
of the first part were on the 1st day of November A.D. 1883, duly
appointed by said court as referees to, make partition of the following
described premises situated in Wapello County, Iowa to wit: The
West half of the West half of the North East quarter of Sec. 23.
Twp. 71, Range 13, with other property. And it appearing to said
referees that a partition of said premises could not be made without
great prejudice to the owners, they made their written report accordingly,
to said court on the 7th day of November A.D. 1883. And, Whereas, said
report was approved by the Court on the 8th day of November A.D. 1883
And the Court then caused an order to be entered directing said referees
so sell said premises on the following terms, to wit: No terms specified
as to manner of payment. And Whereas, in pursuance of such orders the
said referees caused four weeks' notice of the time and place of said sale to
be given, by posting up printed notices thereof at three public
places in Wapello County; one of which was at the Court House in
Ottumwa, where the last District Court was held and by causing
two publications thereof to be made in the Ottumwa Weekly Courier
a newspaper printed in said County immediately be fore the day of
sale And, Whereas, the said referees in pursuance of said notice, and
order of the Court did on the 31st day Jany, A.D. 1885 at the hour
of two O'Clock after noon at the Court House Door, expose and offer
for sale at public auction and did then and there sell at public
auction to Samuel Buchanan the following described parcel of said
lands, to wit: The West half of the West half of the North East quarter of
section Twenty Three (23) Township Seventy One (71) Range Thirteen
(13) in Wapello County Iowa, for the sum of Six Hundred
and Fifty Dollars, he being highest and best bidder therefor.
And Whereas the said Samuel Buchanan party of the second
part  has paid to the parties of the first part the said sum of
money so bid as aforesaid, And, Whereas, on the 3rd day of March
A.D. 1885, the said Court approved and confirmed said sale and
by order directed the said parties of the first part to execute to
the said party of the second part a conveyance in due form of law
p. 635
for the said parcel of lands so sold to him as aforesaid.
Now, Therefore, This Indenture witnesseth: That in consideration of
the premises and of said sum of Six Hundred and Fifty
Dollars, so bid and paid by the party of the second part,
in conformity with the law and in obedience to the orders of said
Court, we W. F. Foster, Ashford McCoy and J. Lanning Referees
parties of the first part do by these presents Grant
Sell and Convey unto the said Samuel Buchanan,
party of the second part the following described premises
to-wit: The West half of the West half of the North East
quarter of section Twenty three, Township seventy one (71) Range
Thirteen (13) in Wapello County, Iowa, containing forty acres
more or less. To have and to hold the same to the party
of the second part as fully and absolutely as the said
parties of the first part by virtue of the premises might and
could sell the same. In witness whereof we have hereunto set
our hands the date first above written
                                    W. F. Foster
                                    Ashford McCoy
                                       J. Lanning
State of Iowa.   Wapello County. - SS;
On this 7th day of March A.D. 1885, before me W. D. Tisdale
a Notary Public within and for said County personly [sic]
came W. F. Foster Ashford McCoy and J. Lanning as referees
as stated in the foregoing deed. Personally to me known to
be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the
above instrument as grantors and referees and acknowledged
the execution of the same to be their voluntary act and deed for
the purposes therein expressed. In testimony whereof, I
have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Notorial
seal on the day and date last above written  W. D. Tisdale
{{ seal }}                                      Notary Public

State of Iowa   }} ss.
Wapello County  }}      In the Circuit Court of said County,
Witness the foregoing Deed executed by W. F. Foster  Ashford
McCoy and J. Lanning Referees, ?? as stated therein to Samuel Buchanan
has been by the said Referees this day returned into Court for approval
and it appearing to the court that the said Referees have complied with
all requirements of the law and of this Court in making such sale
and conveyance it is now therefore ordered, that the said sale and the foregoing deed of
conveyance be and the same are hereby approved. Witness J. T. Perdue Clerk of the
Circuit Court of the Second Judicial District of Iowa and the seal of said Court affixed this
7th day of March A.D. 1885. J. T. Perdue  Clerk  C. S. Norton Dpty.
{{ seal }}
transcribed by Jean Hoffman
[with any errors as they appear in the deed book]

© 2009 Jean M. Hoffman, CGSM,

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