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Also represented are other relevant surnames in the Hussey and Coles family lines
including Crews, Strickland, Dunn, Ogletree, Turner, Ballam and Farthing.

My Story:

My name is Jennifer Dawn Jenkins (nee Whitten/Hussey), and I never thought I would know anything about my family history. From a genealogical standpoint, the information I had to work with was abysmal at best - almost nothing at all. You see, my Mother was born and adopted in a foreign country (England) after spending her first 8 years in an orphanage, and I was estranged from my Father (who, as it turns out, used an alias) for nearly 28 years.   It always seemed fairly hopeless to me... so much so that I didn't see the point of even starting.  Start I did, though, and with a little help and a lot of digging, I have made great strides in documenting my family's history!

Throughout my research thus far, I have come into contact with many relatives who have been exceptionally accommodating and have provided me with wealths of information. Many thanks to: JoAnn Crews, Glenda Stephens Pate, and Sheldon Whitten (Uncle Bugs) for not only the huge amounts of information they have imparted, but for the priceless, cherished family photos they have given me. And my most sincere thanks to Elizabeth Saunders - her ongoing patience and help have been invaluable, and she has blessed me richly with her friendship as well as with the priceless family photos and family heirloom she has entrusted into my care.

In addition, the time, money, and heartfelt desire to help that my husband Paul, father James Hussey, and sister Breezy Hussey have provided me has been invaluable. Thank you very much!

Since I first opened (and used) my account in January 2008, I have forged a new relationship with my estranged Father, met 5 siblings for the first time, and have been in touch with many family members I never even knew existed. In that same period of time, I have added over 1,000 names to my family tree. For a woman who started with only five names and a vague idea of locations, this is both a huge blessing and a huge accomplishment!

And thus my journey, and the next phase of my story, began.

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**PLEASE NOTE: Not all names included in my surname list are proven definitively - some are being used as placeholders as my research continues. Do not assume accuracy! Be sure to back up anything found with your own research, or contact me for verification.**

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