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Welcome to our Neeley Family Web-Page



Wes Neeley

212 HCR 1114 

Blum, TX 76627

(254) 350-2807



Jan Neeley Harris

 3406 Candleway Drive

Spring, TX 77388



James Neeley

1005 North 11th Street

Lamesa, TX 79331

(806) 872-5663



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We are proud to be descendents of Scotch-Irish frontiersmen. Those brave and courageous early Americans who explored, settled and fought for the freedoms of our great country. Can you imagine, arriving in this new country; eager to own land, each generation opening a new territory... migrating through New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky to Tennessee, west to Illinois and then South to Texas.  Our family line  continues to farm and ranch and serve as care-takers of the land. We are appreciative of the hardships and sacrifices of each generation and we are very proud of the heritage and the values that we have inherited.   We hope we can meet their standards and improve and protect this country for another generation.

We are  known descendents of:

We believe that Joseph is the son of:

   We would love to add your family files to ours if you find a connection...  or a correction. 


Please share your family information, questions and comments.


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Neeley, Montgomery, Houston, Mize, Meredith, Bledsoe, Harris, Glenn, Thornton, Dexter, Harris, Wilson, Blackmore, Taylor, Bakers, Jackson, McWhorter

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