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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

Willis F. Mothershead & Malissa Wiley

Please bear in mind that all information is always susceptible to errors, though I have verified as much as possible with research.

To make things even more confusing in this particular case, another MOTHERSHEAD family in Jefferson County, Whitaker A. Mothershead and his wife, Evaline/Ellin (LONG) Mothershead, also named one of their sons Willis F. "Their" Willis F. was also born only about 5 years after "mine".

It's my personal belief, not yet proven, that Whitaker is related to "my" Willis's father, Clifton Mothershead. Whitaker was named as an Administrator of Clifton's estate along with Clifton's widow, Patsy, when Clifton died in 1838. For a transcription of the probate of Clifton's estate, click here.

Only eight years earlier in 1830, Clifton, along with his older brother, Minor Mothershead, were the Administrators of the estate of their father, William Mothershead (also in Jefferson County, Missouri)

On earlier census records, Willis always listed his occupation as farmer. On the 1900 census, however, he gives his occupation as constable and deputy sheriff. I will eventually try to find out if county records exist for us to verify that with. While I don't know much else about my great-grandfather yet, I do know he took at least a small part in the War Between the States, though so far I've found no indication that either he or any of his brothers enlisted as soldiers for either side.

If you're a long-lost cousin or old family friend and would like to share information, photos, or swap tall tales, we'd love to hear from you! Please be sure to put the names PIERCE or MOTHERSHEAD in your subject line - I delete email from screen names I don't know without even opening it since I get horrendous amounts of junk mail!  

    Willis F. born:  ca 1833, MO
died: 24 June 1905, Jefferson Co. MO [ref: Aunt Blanche]
buried: Cemetary of Mammoth Church?
married:  (1) 8 March 1855 to Malissa WILEY by William McKay, Minister of the United Baptist Denomination
              (2) Margaret SINKHORN
occupation: farmer
father: Clifton Mothershead         mother: Martha "Patsy"
Malissa Wiley born:  ca 1838
died: 13 March 1886, Jefferson Co. MO [ref: Aunt Blanche]
buried: Cemetary of Mammoth Church? [ref: Aunt Blanche]
father: Stewart Sampson Wiley       mother: Hannah Bess/Best
(All attended Mammoth School, just west of De Soto MO [ref: Aunt Blanche]
  • Wm or Willis "Buck"  born:  ca 1858, Jefferson Co. MO
                                married: ca 1890   Julia MORRIS
                                addl: three children; moved to OK ca 1910
  • Anna Belle   born:  27 Sept 1864 (?), Jefferson Co. MO
                       died:  14 Feb 1956, Hillsboro MO
                       married: (2) 25 Jan 1893   William Heenan PIERCE
                                    (1) Frank DASTING
  • Francis Ida  born:  ca 1870, Jefferson Co. MO
                      died:  ca 1906
                      married:  ca 1893   Louis Johnson
  • Samuel Tilden  born: 23 Sept 1872
                     married: (1) Ella Swain
                     died: January 1963
                     Moved to Burns, Oregon (ref: Wayne Pierce's address book),

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