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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

Whitaker A. Mothershead

The first mention I've found so far of Whitaker A. Mothershead is in the Jefferson County MO marriage records: Whitaker married Ellen Long on January 2, 1834.

1838, Whitaker assisted Martha "Patsy" Mothershead with the probate of her late husband, Clifton Mothershead,'s estate.

On the 1840 Jefferson County MO federal census, Whitaker Mothershead is enumerated in Big River Township on pg 101, second line from the top. In his household there's one free white male 15-20 years of age and one 30-40. There's also one free white female in the 20-30 age range. Since on the 1850 census Whitaker's age is given as 37, it's possible there's an error on one of the two censuses. I also have no idea as to the identity of the other male shown in Whitaker's household in 1840. It's not a son since Whitaker and Ellen had only been married 6 years at that time. Enumerated several lines below Whitaker on the 1840 census is Clifton's widow, Martha "Patsy Mothershead with her children.

From 1839 through 1848 Whitaker was involved in quite a few guardianships, including those of Clifton and Martha Mothershead's sons.

Whitaker purchased several parcels of land before his death in 1850, including one from Sampson Stewart Wiley

On the 1850 Jefferson Co MO census, Whitaker Mothershead's family is still in Big River Township, enumerated with the family of James and Susan Pounds, family/dwelling #93:

Whitaker went to California shortly after the 1850 census was taken; his estate is being probated in November 1850. Included among the estate items is a bill from John Wiley for tending to Whitaker while he was in California. Whitaker never made it home to his wife and young children; he died in California and, I believe, was buried there.

Unfortunately, I have no clues yet as to who Whitaker's parents were.

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