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~ Pierce Mothershead Family Ties ~

Wayne Varney Pierce & Neva Hortense Vernon

That is mom and dad's picture at the top of this page. They gave me and my brothers and lots of love and attention when we were growing up and tried to raise us to be decent adults; I hope we make them proud. I know we are proud of them.

This is just a "bare bones" listing of our direct ancestors...I make no attempt here to go into collateral lines and other details (perhaps later!). Please bear in mind, that even though I have verified as much data as possible with my own research of original records, all information is always susceptible to errors.

If you're a long-lost cousin, old family friend, would like to share information, photos, or just swap tall tales, we'd love to hear from you! Please be sure to put the names PIERCE or MOTHERSHEAD in your subject line - I delete email from screen names I don't know without ever opening it since I get horrendous amounts of junk mail.