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Descendants of Thomas Franklin Pierce

Contributed by Pierce Cousin, Fran

I. Thomas Franklin1 PIERCE was the first of five children born to George W. PIERCE and Susannah LEMMONS. Thomas was born on 27 October 1850 at Valle Township, outside DeSoto, Missouri; he married Margaret L. BELEW on 25 October 1871. According to a copy of the 1900 Census, Emma S. Remrick, a daughter and her children (Ona, born Oct. 1895 and Charles L., born Mar. 1899), lived with Thomas and Margaret. Thomas Franklin PIERCE died on 23 May 1924 at Springfield, MO, at age 73.

A. Emma S.2 PIERCE was born in July 1872.

  1. Ona3 REMRICK was born in October 1895.
  2. Charles L.3 REMRICK was born in March 1899.

B. Susan2 PIERCE was born in 1873.

C. John W.2 PIERCE was born in December 1875.

D. Silas W.2 PIERCE was born in 1877.

E. George W.2 PIERCE was born in December 1878.

F. Thomas Hardin2 PIERCE was born on 2 February 1881 at St. Louis, Missouri. He married Anna Maria BUK in 1901. Thomas Hardin died 30 September 1963, at age 82, in Lemon Grove, CA, and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetary in San Diego, California, 3MS, SDC, Lot 16 Row 9.

  1. Florence3 PIERCE was born on 9 February 1902 at St. Louis, Missouri. She married Bert LANDUYT on 12 April 1921 at MO, Jefferson Co., MO. Florence died on 7 October 1991 at Bridgeton at age 89 and was buried on 11 October 1991 at Laurel Hill Cemetary, Pagedale.
    a) Ralph4 LANDUYT
    b) Alice4 LANDUYT
  2. Edith Marguerite3 PIERCE was born on 19 March 1904. She died on 15 October 1975 at Phoenix, AZ, at age 71.
    a) Edward4 MANESS
  3. Beulah3 PIERCE was born on 7 February 1906. She married Dale MITCHELL in 1927. She died on 5 August 1992 at Sarasota, FL, at age 86.
    a) Regina4 MITCHELL
    b) Norma4 MITCHELL
    c) Shirley4 MITCHELL
  4. Walter T.3 PIERCE was born on 26 April 1910 at DeSoto, Missouri. He married Mabel Essie LEUTZINGER on 8 December 1928 at Illinois. Walter T. was a foreman at Pittsburgh Plate Glass factory in Crystal City, MO; his interests were farming, fishing and hunting. Walter died on 14 June 1980 at Rose Lawn Cemetary, Crystal City, MO, at age 70.
    a) Irene4 PIERCE was born on 11 November 1929 at DeSoto, MO. She married Glen TAYLOR on 6 August 1950 at First Presbyterian Church, Festus, MO.
    (1) Terrance5 TAYLOR
    (a) Aaron6 TAYLOR
    (b) Ethan6 TAYLOR
    (c) Katie6 TAYLOR
    (2) Sharon5 TAYLOR

    b) David T.4 PIERCE was born on 13 September 1931 at Victoria, MO. He married Frances E. GRAY on 7 January 1956 at 60th St. 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

    (1) Dianne L.5 PIERCE was born on 29 July 1957 at Festus, MO. She married Daniel VRABLIC on 7 December 1979 at Danbury, CT.
    (a) Christine6 VRABLIC was born on 21 May 1980 at Yale Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut.
    (b) Kassia6 VRABLIC was born on 22 August 1981 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (c) Stephen6 VRABLIC was born on 25 November 1982 at Danbury, Connecticut.
      (2) Stephen T.5 PIERCE was born 10 July 1959 at Columbia, Missouri; He married Carol VOORHEES     on 25 May 1985 at Ridgefield, CT.
    (a) Alexandra6 PIERCE was born on 17 July 1991 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (b) Melissa6 PIERCE was born on 3 May 1994 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (c) Samantha Lynn6 PIERCE was born on 7 July 1997 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (3) Elizabeth G.5 PIERCE was born on 10 December 1960 at Columbia, Missouri. She married Jeffrey HACKETT on 23 October 1982 at Newtown, CT.
    (a) Kelly Shae6 HACKETT was born on 15 October 1987 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (b) Ryan Jeffrey6 HACKETT was born on 20 January 1992 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (4) Michael J.5 PIERCE was born on 2 December 1961 at Red Bank, NJ. He married Dorothy DAGROSSA on 30 May 1992 at New Fairfield, CT.
    (a) Rebecca6 PIERCE was born on 1 August 1994 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (b) Michael Thomas6 PIERCE was born on 28 January 1999 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (5) Daniel G.5 PIERCE was born on 7 December 1962 at Red Bank, NJ. He married Karen BEHAN on 12 September 1987 at Newtown, CT.
    (a) Danielle6 PIERCE was born on 6 July 1993 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (b) Timothy Patrick6 PIERCE was born on 17 April 1995 at Danbury, Connecticut; 9# 7oz.
    (6) Jennifer5 PIERCE was born on 2 December 1964 at Red Bank, NJ. She married Joseph LAVORATO on 2 September 1993 at Newtown, CT.
    (7) David C.5 PIERCE was born on 8 November 1966 at Red Bank, NJ. He married Chrissie CORREIA on 19 November 1994 at Millis, MA.
    (a) Patrick Charles6 PIERCE was born on 22 July 1996 at Danbury, Connecticut.
    (b) Kaitlyn Ann6 PIERCE was born on 10 July 1998 at Danbury, Connecticut.

    c) Erma Lee4 PIERCE was born on 9 April 1934 at Tinhouse Rd., Hillsboro, MO. She married Norman W. LUCAS at First Presbyterian Church, Festus, MO.

    (1) Michael5 LUCAS was born on 13 July 1964.

    (2) Deborah5 LUCAS was born on 22 December 1967.

    d) Dolores Marlene4 PIERCE was born on 15 September 1936 at Hillsboro, Missouri. She married Wilfred STOLL on 9 June 1956 at Sacred Heart Caatholic Church, Crystal City, MO and later divorced. She married Robert KOESTER circa 1971. She married Earl DORMAN on 15 May 1977.

    (1) Linda5 STOLL
    (a) Stephanie6 HALL
    (b) Katie6 HALL
    (c) Marissa6 HALL
    (2) Gary5 STOLL
    (a) Veronica6 STOLL
    (b) ?6 STOLL
    (3) Anita5 STOLL

    (4) Dale5 STOLL

    (5) Robert5 KOESTER
    (a) Robert6 KOESTER was born on 28 June 1997.

    e) Charles Henry4 PIERCE was born on 27 September 1938 at Festus, MO. He married Patricia HALBERSTADT on 25 May 1963 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Crystal City, MO.

    (1) Thomas5 PIERCE
    (a) Jacqueline6 PIERCE
    (b) Katherine6 PIERCE
    (c) Abbie6 PIERCE
    (2) Timothy5 PIERCE

    (3) Mary5 PIERCE
    (a) Megan6 MURPHY
    (b) Ryan Patrick6 MURPHY was born on 11 July 1996

    f) James Darwin4 PIERCE was born on 18 May 1947 at Festus, MO. He married (--?--) ELIZABETH on 17 August 1968 at First christian Church, Festus, MO.

    (1) Elizabeth5 PIERCE
    (2) Melissa5 PIERCE

G. James M.2 PIERCE was born in June 1882.

H. Leander F.2 PIERCE was born in January 1886.

I. Pearl L.2 PIERCE was born in April 1888.

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