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~ Pierce Mothershead Family Ties ~

Thomas Emmett Mothershead & Jane Wiley

This is just an online version of a typical genealogical form called a Family Group Sheet. Please bear in mind, that all information, though I have verified as much as possible with my own research, is always susceptible to errors. I will cite sources for my information where possible. The information below is a compilation of Thomas's probate record, census records and records of Mothershead cousin Myrtle Gunderson.

If you're a long-lost cousin, old family friend, would like to share information, photos, or just swap tall tales, we'd love to hear from you. Please be sure to reference genealogy in your subject line. I automatically delete email from screen names I don't know without ever opening it since I get horrendous amounts of junk mail!

  • Thomas Emmett Mothershead born: 24 Nov 1825, KY
    died: 19 Oct 1868, Hillsboro MO
    buried: Jefferson County MO
    married: 31 Oct 1851, Jefferson Co MO
    occupation: unknown
    father: Clifton Mothershead           mother: Martha
  • Jane Wiley born: 15 Mar 1833, MO
    died: 6 Feb 1899, Jefferson Co MO
    buried: Dry Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
    married: Thomas Mothershead
    father: Stewart Sampson Wiley  mother: Hannah Bess


    • Martha Ann: born: 19 Jan 1853, Jefferson Co MO
      died: 13 Aug 1930
      married: 6 Mar 1870, John Samuel McKay
    • Clifton S.: born: 14 Nov 1854, Jefferson Co MO
      died: 17 Feb 1898, Hillsboro, Jefferson Co MO
      married: 1 Jan 1882 to Matilda E. Dearing
    • John C.: born: 28 Feb 1857, Jefferson Co MO
      died: 28 July 1883, CO
    • Hannah E.: born: 31 July 1859, Jefferson Co MO
      died: 4 Oct 1863, Jefferson Co MO
    • Sterling Price: born: 22 Jan 1862, Jefferson Co MO
      died: 10 Mar 1948, Jefferson Co MO
      married: 27 Feb 1884, to Mary Ann Whitesel
    • Joanna M.: born:24 Aug 1864, Jefferson Co MO
      died: 30 Mar 1881, Jefferson Co MO
    • Mary Jane: born:25 July 1867
      died: 17 Dec 1904
      married: 6 Dec 1888 to Orria(sic) Whitesel

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