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Pierce Vernon Family Ties

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Austin, Elizabeth

Bleiker, Emil
Bleiker, Ross

Caldwell, Jane
Carr, Henry

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Davis, A. Paul
Davis, Douglas
Davis, Martha Arminda
Davis, Mildred

Foster, Elizabeth

Genric, Dorothy
Genric, Helen

Gray, Robert L.

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Huskey, Mark (back to top)
Lemmons, Susannah

Long, Eveline

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McKee, (back to top)
Michaels, Alexander
Michaels, Berta
Michaels, Bessie
Michaels, Boyd Alonzo
Michaels, Cleo
Michaels, Ellie
Michaels, Eunice
Michaels, Fanny
Michaels, Mabel
Michaels, Martha Amanda
Michaels, Mary Ethel
Michaels, Velma

Mitchell,  Ralph
Mitchell, Wallace

Mothershead, Anna Belle
Mothershead, Clifton
Mothershead, Charles
Mothershead, George
Mothershead, Lucy
Mothershead, Minor
Mothershead, Sam (1868-1928)
Mothershead, Thomas
Mothershead, Whitaker A.
Mothershead, William
Mothershead, Willis F. (1840-1906)

Mothershead, Willis (#2)

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Odom, Della
Ogle, George
Partney, Augustus "Gus" (back to top)
Pierce, Eliza (Rogers)
Pierce, Eliza Jane "Janie"
Pierce, George W.
Pierce, Howard Freeman
Pierce, John W.
Pierce, Margaret
Pierce, Martha Emma
Pierce, Matilda?
Pierce, Mary Frances
Pierce, Susan Elizabeth
Pierce, Thomas F.
Pierce, Washington
Pierce, Walter Clayton
Pierce, William. G.
Pierce, William Heenan

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Pounds, Elizabeth (back to top)
Rhodes, Clyde
Rhodes, Guy

Rogers, Alfred
Rogers, Eliza
Rogers, Henrietta (Spohr)
Rogers, Isaac

Simms, Sarah

Stephens, Lester
Stovesand, Helen
Stovesand, Ross

Talbert, John

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Vernon, Absolom
Vernon, Clovis
Vernon, General Guthbert
Vernon, George Whitfield
Vernon, John
Vernon, John Wesley
Vernon, Joseph
Vernon, Lt. Isaac
Vernon, Mary
Vernon, Movelda
Vernon, Nancy R.
Vernon, Nemehiah
Vernon, Neva Hortense
Vernon, Richard F.
Vernon, Ruby Iona
Vernon, Thomas
Vouteau, Elbert
Vouteau, Jewel
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Washburn, Ben

Wiley, Malissa

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