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This is a transcript of a Deed conveying 25 acres of land from James Mitchell to William Pearce. I have transcribed it as accurately as possible and any errors are strictly unintentional; if you find any, please email me!

This Indenture made this 19th day of September 1825 between James Mitchell of the county of Green and State of Kentucky & William Pearce of the county of Barren & State aforesaid witnesseth that the said James hath this day bargained sold and conveyed and by these presents doth bargain sell and convey unto the said William Pearce a certain tract of land in the county of Barren on the east side of the south fork of little barren containing twenty five acres the one half of a fifty acre tract conveyed to me the said Mitchell by Thomas Pearce of White County Tennessee; the said 25 acres is to be laid off by beginning at the beginning corner of said fifty acre Survey on a line of Swearingin Military Survey running with said line to Skeggs [(sic) - possibly Skaggs?] line thence with said line as far as to include the said 25 acres to have and to hold the said 25 acres of land to him the said William Pearce and his Heirs forever, and I the said James Mitchell doth hereby warrant and forever defend the Title of the said 25 acres to the said William and his Heirs from the claim of me and my Heirs and the claim of all and every other person or persons whatever, In Witnesses whereof I have here unto sat my hand and seal the day and year above written             Ja.s Mitchell [seal]

The interliniations (sic) before signature,

Kentucky Barren County Towit,

I William Logan Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify that this Deed of Conveyance from James Mitchell to William Pearce was this day acknowledged before me (in Office) by the said James Mitchell to be his action and Deed whereupon the said Deed and this Certificate hath been duly admitted to Record in my office given under my hand this 19th day of September 1825       W. Logan Clerk

Picture of Deed

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