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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

This transcription is made to the best of my ability, trying to decipher the handwriting and misspellings. No attempt has been made to correct spelling, grammar or punctuation. Any errors are strictly unintentional and if you find any, please email me so I can make the correction! 

This Indenture made the 28th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty nine, Between Humphry Pope of Washington Parish in County of Westmorland & Sarah his Wife of one part and Nathaniel Mothershead of same Parish and County of other part; Witnesseth that Humphry Pope for sum of Ninety pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by Nathaniel Mothershead, the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto Nathaniel Mothershead and his heirs all that parcel of land lying in Parish and County aforesaid, it being all the parcel of land purchased by John Mothershead (Father of the said Nathaniel Mothershead) of John Lord, Gent., by Deed bearing date the Twenty first day of January one thousand six hundred and eighty six, and by him devis'd (amongst other things) to his Son, Nathaniel, in fee tail, and by virtue of an Act of the General Assembly made in the eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second, King of Great Brittain &c., an Inquisition was taken before John Watts, Gent., Sherif of County Westmorland, the nineteenth day of June one thousand seven hundred & forty seven, by virture of a Writ in the nature of an Adquod Damnum to him directed pursuant to the aforesaid Act of Assembly, in such case made and provided, it is found that all the land which John Mothershead, deced., Father of Nathaniel Mothershead, did by his Last Will and Testamt. give in fee tail to Nathl. Mothershead contain'd within the aforesaid Deed is the value of Eighty pounds Sterling money of Great Brittain & no more & that the same are a seperate parcel & not a parcel of or contiguous to other intail'd lands in possession and seizen of Nathl. Mothershead as by said Inquisition remaining in the Secretaries Office of this Colony may more fully appear; which parcel of land Nathaniel Mothershead convey'd to said Humphry Pope by Deed bearing date the Seventh day of October one thousand seven hundred & forty eight, and now remaining in the Secretaries Office aforesaid, which land so conveyed by Nathl. Mothershead to Humpy: Pope & by him, Humpy: Pope & Sarah his Wife now conveyed to said Nathaniel is bounded, Beginning at a corner tree that divides this land from the land of Abraham Field, from thence along the Branch and Swamp unto the Gravilly Hill cross the Path & down the Valey unto the top of said Hill, from thence by a line of mark'd trees South to the land of Thomas Butler's, now in possession of Thomas Claytor to the line of Abraham & Danl. Field, North unto the first beginning tree; and all houses orchards rights members & appurtehances thereunto belonging; To have and to hold to Nathl. Mothershead his heirs and Humphy: Pope for himself & his heirs the premises granted to Nathl. Mothershead his heirs against every person claiming under them shall warrant and for ever defend freely & clearly discharged from all incumbrances; In Witness whereof the parties to these presents first within named have interchangeably set their hands and seals the day & year first within written.

Sealed and Delivered in presence of us
John Claytor, Humphry Pope, Humphry Pope
[her mark X] Bignall, Sarah [her mark X] Pope

Receiv'd of Nathaniel Mothershead the sum of Ninety pounds current money of Virga. being the consideration mention'd in the within Deed to be paid by him to me on the perfection thereof; Witness my hand this 28th day of March Anno Dom: one thousand seven hundred & forty nine
Witnesses   Jno: Claytor  Humy. Pope   Humphry Pope
Mary [her mark X] Bignall

Westmorland Sct. At a Court held for the said County on the 28th day of March Anno Dom. 1749  This Deed of Feoffmt. of Land pass;d from Humphry Pope and Sarah his Wife/together with receipt for consideration thereon endorsed/to Nathl Mothershead, was proven by the Oaths of John Claytor & Humphry Pope, two of the witnesses thereto, was ordd. to be lodged in the Clerk's Office of the said Court for further proof.
Test  George Lee, C.C.W.

Westmorland Sct.  At a Court held for the said County on the 30th day of May Anno Domini 1749  This Deed of Feoffmt. Indented wth: the receipt thereon endors'd being further prov'd by the Oath of Mary Bignal, one other of the witnesses thereto, is order'd to be recorded
Test  George Lee, C.C.W.
Recorded the 5th day of June 1749 pr. G.L., C.C.W.

George the Second by the grace of God of Great Brittain France & Ireland, King, Defendr: of the faith, &c., to John Martin, James Bankhead & Augt. Washington of County of Westmorland, Gentlemen, Greeting. We do hereby authorize and impower you or any to of you at such time & place as you shall appoint (sometime before the next Court to be held for the County afsd.) to take the privy examination of Sarah Pope, the Wife of Humprhy Pope, herein you are not to fail. Witness George Lee, Clerk of the said County Court the 2d day of April in the xxii year of our Reign.    George Lee

Westmoreland Sct.  Pursuant to the within Commission for the privy examination of Sarah Pope, Wife of Humpy: Pope for relinquishmt. of her right of Dower of land by her Husband sold and conveyed to Nathaniel Mothershead, Given under our hands this 30th day of May Anno Dom: 1749

Jno: Martin
James Bankhead
Augt. Washington

Westmorland Sct. At a Court held for the said County on the 30th day of May 1749  This Commission for the Privy Examination of Sarah Pope, the Wife of Hump: Pope, for relinquishmt. of her Right of Dower and Inheritance of in and to the Land by her said Husband sold and conveyed to Nathl. Butler (sic) was returned executed, is ordered to be recorded
Test George Lee, C.C.W.
Recorded the fifth day of June 1749, pr. G.L., C.C.W.

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