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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

All contents, along with spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar are transcribed as accurately as possible. Any errors are strictly unintentional and the full responsibility of this transcriber.

Source: Microfilmed records of Orange County, Viriginia on file at Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston Texas

Will of Nathaniel Mothershead, of Orange County Virginia; 1781

In the Name of God amen. I Nathaniel Mothershead of Orange County and State of Virginia being aged and Infirm But of sound mind and memory thanks to God but knowing the uncertainity of Life think it fit for me so to dispose of the living which God hath in his providence given me as shall be satisfactory To me and which I do in (unreadable) following after having commanded my soul to God who gave it and my body be buried at the discretion of my friends - -

Item I will that all my Just Debts be paid - -
Item I give unto my daughter Jane Cook a young negro wench named Lucy to her own and her heirs forever - -
Item I give unto my daughter Elisabeth Minor Two negro boys by name Tom and Sam to be hers and her heirs forever - -
Item I give unto my son Nathaniel Mothershed Two negress the one named Judith and a child of hers called Mary to be his and his heirs forever - -
Item I give unto my (sic) Susanna Grifin a negro girl named Dinah to be her property and that of her heirs forever - -
Item I lend unto my loving wife Mary Mothershead all my Estates which at present I hold in possession Consisting of negroes nine little and big male and female together with all and Everything in which I have Property to be hers and during her widowhood and to Impart of the same To any of the residue of my Children namely William, Nancy, John, Charles, Polly, Peggy, George, Fanny, as in Division she shall judge Not Escceiding the sum of Equal Division at the time of their marriage Or Coming of age and demanding the same and that (?) property I Now hold and the Increase thereof and holder of my said wife by Law Till her Intermarrigge (sic) if so be she will only hold a legal portion The residue to fall into the hands of my Executors herein after Named for the Equal Benefit of my Children if she marry and then At the time of her death an Equal division of all my Estate land and personal or all however otherwise Denominated be made to my Then Surviving offspring I mean among my last named Eight Children and lastly I nominate and appoint my loving Wife Already named as Executrix and my soninlaw Jeremiah Minor and Patrick Cochron as my Executors making hereby null and Void any will hereafter by me made and devised and declaring this Only to be my last will and testament In Witness whereof I hereunto set My hand and affix my seal this fourteenth day of march 1781 - -

Nathaniel (his mark) Mothershead {State Seal}

Francis Bourn
William Bourn
Tabitha Bourn

At a Court held for orange County on Thursday 25th Oct 1781 This last will and testament of Nathaniel Mothershead Decd Being presented into Court by Jeremiah Minor one of the Executors Therein Named and Proved by the oaths of William Bourn and Tabitha Bourn two of the winesses (sic) thereto and ordered Recorded.

[note: I believe there's a slight error either in one of the published transcriptions of the above Will of Nathaniel Mothershead, or on the transcription that was used for the microfilm. In: "Will Abstracts of Orange County, Virginia (1778-1821)" , abstracted and published by Ruth L. and Sam Sparacio, copyright 1985, the witnesses Francis, William and Tabitha, are all listed with the surname of BROWN. Reading the microfilm, the surname of all three witnesses is BOURN.]

Photocopy of Will, p1 Photocopy of Will, p2 Inventory of Nathaniel's Estate

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