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~ Pierce Mothershead Family Ties ~

Minor Mothershead & Celia Hall

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I don't know much about Minor and even less about his wife, Celia [Hall]. We do know that Minor and Celia met and married in Kentucky. Around 1827 they moved to Jefferson County, Missouri with their three young sons. Minor's father, William was already there with the rest of his family. Sometime after 1832 Minor and Celia moved their family back to Mt. Washington, Bullitt County, Kentucky and lived the rest of their lives there. The information below is what's known from the census records.

Please bear in mind, that all information, though I have verified as much as possible with my own research, is always susceptible to errors. I will cite sources for my information where possible.

  • Minor Mothershead born: ca 1793 [KY census records]
    died: before 1870, Bullitt County, KY
    buried: unknown
    married: 8 Aug 1816, Bullitt County, KY
    occupation: farmer
    father: William Mothershead           mother: Lucy Long
  • Celia Hall born: ca 1797 (KY census records)
    died: before 1870
    buried: unknown
    married: Minor Mothershead
    father: Clifton Hall [KY probate records] mother:


    1. William: born: 1817, KY [1850 Census]
      died: after 1880
      married: 5 Jul 1838, Bullitt County, KY Agnes Harris
      • Sarah E. [1850-1880 Census]
      • Martha S. [1850-1880 Census]
      • Alfred L. [1850-1880 Census]
      • David M. [1850-1860 census - died before 1860]
      • Beverly S. (son) [1850-1900 Census]
      • Delia A. [1850-1900 Census]

    2. David: born: 1819, KY [1850-1880 Census]
      died: after 1880 [1850-1880 Census]
      married: 18 Mar 1847, Bullit Co KY to Margaret Hall
      [note: David and Margaret appear to have had no children of their own]

    3. Alfred: born: ca 1823, KY [1850-1880 Census]
      died: after 1880 [1850-1880 Census]
      married: (1) 16 Nov 1848, Bullitt Co KY, Sarah Ann Gentry
      (2) 21 Oct 1875, Harriet Coe
      • William J.
      • David T.
      • Sarah

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