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Michaels Family Reunion 1937

We know, basically, who most of these family members are, but unfortunately not which face goes with which name!
General Guthbert Vernon is in the back row, third from the right; next to him on his right is his third wife, Naomi. The
second woman from Naomi's right is G.G.'s youngest daughter, Ruby Ione (Vernon) Harter. On the row where the
couple is circled (I have no idea why they are circled), the fifth person from the left is my mother, Neva Hortense
Vernon (black dress, lacy white collar, arm-in-arm with some guy who's not my dad! :-)  Her maternal grandparents,
Boyd Alonzo Michael(s) and Martha Amanda (Davis) (Shirley) Michaels are seated just slightly to the left of mom on
the next row (with a toddler right in front of them and an infant being held immediately behind them).