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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

Locations of Mothershead Families in Census Years

There are, of course, many more Mothershead families than the ones listed here. I have not yet included the ones in Virginia and Missouri, plus I haven't started with the collateral lines! But I'm trying to track the Mothershead families coming out of Virginia to Kentucy in order to find out more about my great-great-grandfather, William Mothershead.

If you know of other Mothershead or allied families than the ones I've listed here, please email me! Eventually I hope to have the page integrate this information with the tax lists, deed records and marriage records.

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Kentucky 1800 - Second Census
(Note: The 1800 Federal Census for Kentucky was mostly destroyed in the War of 1812. This "second" census is compiled from the tax lists.)
  • Mothershead, John - Mercer Co.
  • Mothershead, Charles - Mercer Co.
  • Mothershead, Nathaniel - Scott Co.
  • Mothershead, George - Bullitt Co.
  • Mothershead, Peggy - Bullitt Co.
  • Mothershead, William - Warren Co.
Kentucky Federal Census Records - 1810
  • Mothershead, John - Franklin Co., p.144
  • Mothershead, Nathl. - Scott Co., p.183
  • Mothershead, Charles - Shelby Co., p.207
  • Mothershead, George - Shelby Co., p.219
  • Mothershead, Wm. - Warren Co., p.269

Kentucky Federal Census Records - 1820

  • Mothershead, Minor - Bullitt Co., p.178
  • Mothershead, John - Franklin Co., p.148
  • Mothershead, Nathaniel - Scott Co., p.121
  • Mothershead, George - Shelby Co., p.118

Kentucky Federal Census Records - 1830

  • Mothershead, John - Anderson Co., p.91
  • Mothershead, Nathaniel - Scott Co., p.141
  • Mothershead, Nathaniel - Scott Co., p.140
  • Mothershead, George - Shelby Co., p.224
  • Mothershead, Nathaniel - Shelby Co., p.224
  • Mothershead, Uriah - Woodard Co., p.337
  • Mothershead, Nathaniel - Woodard Co., p.302
  Mothershead Marriages in Kentucky
Grouped by county
  • Charles Mothershead, Elizabeth NEALE..20 Oct 1792 Bourbon Co.

  • John LEWIS, Peggy Mothershead..9 Sep 1800 Bullitt Co.

  • George Mothershead, Elizabeth HOLMES..25 Dec 1805 Shelby Co.
  • Charles Mothershead, Elizabeth FREEMAN (Mrs.) 1 Jan 1806 Shelby Co.
  • George Shingler, Susanna Mothershead..5 May 1812 Shelby Co.

  • Abednego NOWLIN, Mary Mothershead..18 Apr 1813 Spencer Co.
  • Benjamin Mothershead, Lucy MORTON..1 Jun 1815 Woodford Co.

  • Simon HALL, Polly Mothershead..30 Jan 1810 Warren Co.
  • Orson/Austin BAKER, Elizabeth Mothershead..18 Jul 1812 Warren Co.
    [note: Are Austin Baker & Orson Baker the same, or two different men? If you can help me straighten them out, please email!
  • Miner Mothershead, Celia HALL..8 Aug 1816 Bullitt Co.
  • John SARVER, Margaret Mothershead..13 Dec 1816 Allen Co.
  • Thomas LONG, Susanah BAKER..14 Dec 1816 Allen Co.
  • Brumfield LONG, Margaret Mothershead..1 Jan 1817 Allen Co.

  • Salomon VANCE, Mary Mothershead..8 Aug 1816 Franklin Co.
  • William VANCE, Margaret Mothershead..24 Mar 1821 Franklin Co.
  • Jno. DAWSON, Eliza Mothershead..2 Jan 1823 Franklin Co.

  • Elias CORNWELL, Susannah Mothershead..2 Sep 1833 Anderson Co.
  • Elijah Mothershead, Katherine MCGUIRE..24 Apr 1834 Anderson Co.
  • John Mothershead, Alicy BOGGESS..12 Sept 1834 Anderson Co.
  • William Mothershead, Elizabeth READING/REDDEN..11 Sep 1834 Anderson Co.

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