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Long Family Connections

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One big problem with researching family history, it's easy to think something's true simply because it's on the Internet, in LDS records, or in a book and we end up "adopting" ancestors who aren't really ours. We assume the people publishing the information have done adequate research and verified sources, and that isn't always the case.

Even records found with the Mormons. They do not verify the validity of the information sent to them; they simply publish the data the researchers give them.

There's a wealth of well-meaning but misleading information available, which makes it doubly important to verify sources and not take things at face value. Sorting out what is true, and what can't possibly be is time consuming, but can yield wonderful results.

Few families are harder to keep straight than the Longs in Virginia from the 17th through the 19th centuries. Coupled with the fact that they tended to have large families, they also were really fond of certain names and used them over and over. One of the best examples is the given name Bloomfield, which can also appear as Broomfield, Brumfield or Blumfield and other variations. In any one generation during the 1600s-1800s you could easily have three, four or more different adult Bloomfield/Brumfield Longs alive and conducting business.

Family Group Sheets:

GEDCOM for Bloomfield Long, born ca 1692

Probate Information

Deed Records

Long Miscellany
  • LONG, Bromfield, his acting exor., Bromfield LONG, Jr. of Culpepper will sell all of his estate consisting of a 150 ac. tract on Rapidan River in Culpepper Co five miles above Germanna and a tract in Orange Co [source: "Genealogical Abstracts from 18th Century Virginia Newspapers" by Robert K. Headley, Jr.; originally published in the newspaper, "The Virginia Herald and Fredericksburg and Falmouth Advertiser", on 14 Oct 1796]

  • Living on Bays Fork Creek in Warren Co KY were: Benjamin LONG, Britton LONG, Bromfield LONG and William LONG from at least 1809 through 1819. William MOTHERSHEAD lived in very close proximity to the LONGs in Warren County KY for over 17 years; the tax records list him on Bays Fork from at least 1800 through at least 1817. William MOTHERSHEAD apparently moved to MO before 1819 - but Benjamin, Britton, Bromfield and William LONG were all still in paying taxes on Bays Fork, KY in 1819. [source: Warren County KY tax lists from 1797 - 1817 on microfilm; 1810 Warren County KY Federal Census]

  • 31 July 1806... in Franklin Co KY...Charles MOTHERSHEAD served on a jury for Daniel GRENNON, executor, vs. Hezekiah BROWN and wife, executors, on debt. The jury found for the Plaintiff....and directing the Marshall to levy the amount ($44.36) on the goods and chattels of Brownfield (sic) LONG, deceased." [source: "Kentucky Federal Court Records, District and Sixth Circuit Court Order Books, 1804-1815, Vol II, of the Kentucky Records Series" by Bettie Cumming Cook]

  • 15 August 1809, William MOTHERSHEAD was given a Power of Attorney from Brumfield LONG and Richard LONG to receive any monies, etc, due them in Counties of Culpepper and Orange, VA, as heirs of estate of Benjamin LONG, deceased and of his widow Mary LONG, deceased. [source: "Deed Abstracts of Warren County, KY 1797 - 1812" by Joyce Martin Murray]

  • William MOTHERSHEAD was named Administrator of the Estate of Mary LONG (widow of Benjamin LONG); October 1809 in Warren County KY [source: "Warren County KY Wills and Settlements Will Books A & B 1797 - 1823" by Mary Moltenberry Rabold and Elizabeth Moltenberry Price].

  • The 1810 Warren County KY Federal Census shows William MOTHERSHEAD living in very close proximity to Richard LONG, Benjamin LONG and Elijah BAKER (I still need to re-read the census to see if Bromfield is listed there too; he should be).

  • Bromfill LONG married Margaret MOTHERSHEAD, 1 Jan 1817, in Allen Co KY (my belief is Margaret was not born a MOTHERSHEAD, but is actually the widow of a son of William MOTHERSHEAD of Warren Co KY. If you need to know "why" I believe that, feel free to email :-)

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