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Probate of the Estate of Henrietta (Spohr) Rogers

On 9 July 1874 William P. Adair, the Public Adminstrator for Jefferson County MO, accompanied by Sam B[can't make out last name] and W.R. Donnell made an Inventory of Henrietta Rogers' estate. The Inventory indicates that Henrietta owned no real estate, so apparently before her death she had sold the three tracts of land she purchased in the 1850s.

Also according to the Inventory there were three notes owed to Henrietta at the time of her death. The first loan, dated 20 Nov 1873 was for $200.00 at 10% interest for one year given to Jno. H. Quin & Frank H. Weber. The same two men on the same date borrowed another $200.00, again at 10%, but this time for two years. The third loan was made to R.M. Whitehead on 27 Dec 1873 in the amount of $100.00 at 10% interest for six months.

There are Heir Receipts for two heirs (signed just over one year apart), though at least three were still living:

  • 16 Feb 1875 Received of Wm P. Adair Administrator of Estate of Henrietta Rogers Fifty dollars in part of my distributive share in the above mentioned estate. Eliza Pierce G.W. Pierce
    [my note: Eliza was Henrietta's older daughter. G.W. Pierce was Eliza's husband. -jm]
  • 18 Apr 1876 Received of W. P. Adair Administrator the sum of Fifty dollars as a part of my distributive portion of my mother's Henrietta Rogers estate. Meliss(sic) Ritcheson

May 1876 the Probate Court issued a Summons requiring Silas Belew and Austin Williams to appear to "...testify and the truth to say in a certain matter of controversy, now pending in our said County, wherein William C. Rogers is Plaintiff, and James Rogers is Defendant on the part of the Plaintiff and herein you are in no wise to fail."

November 1876 Henrietta's son, Alfred, applied to the Probate Court for an Order demanding that the Administrator pay Alfred his share of the estate as an heir.

On December 1, 1876, the Judge of the Probate Court, R. McMullin, issued an order that the Administrator settle with the heirs within twenty days and that he present final settlement of the estate at the next term of the court to be held in January 1877.

Final settlement of the estate (no date listed):
W.P. Adair Public Admr having in charge the Estate of Henrietta Rogers deceased
To Amt of monies $504.00

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